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Here is an two shot and i am very happy that you all liked my other os and after part 2 of this two shot i will try to write a ff ❤


Every relationship have their own share of ups and downs. They do fickle. But what matters at the end is whether your relationship is still standing strong after the storm has passed

Ever since Laksh has been exposed as the kidnapper, Swara had been extra cautious in trusting anyone, even if that meant trusting her own family members. After being broken so many times, she had no guts left for her to be able to trust someone again. Definitely not her sister Ragini and her so called “Ex-BFF” Mr Laksh Maheshwari. But she was craving to trust someone. Someone who was very close to her, someone who she now craved to be with. Yes, that someone was no other than her husband Sanskaar.
Laksh was arrested and bailed out and was later punished by the head of the family Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari to continue his marriage with Ragini since there was no difference left him and his wife. He wasn’t allowed to divorce Ragini and was asked to mend his ways and his relationship. Laksh, being the rich spoil brat and liar that he is, he faked to agree but was determined to throw Ragini out of his life and get back Swara in his life at any cost. After all, Ragini was successful in turning him into herself.
Even though Ragini was happy with the punishment that Laksh received, she realized that her happiness will be short lived since Laksh has completely changed and would even harm her again if needed and if she comes in his way. She started hating Laksh and her hatred again over powered her judgements and her love for sister Swara. She wanted to revenge Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh again. Reason: known to hers.
Swara was yet again completely broken. She was fooled again. Her trust was broken again. And this time it was her “Ex BFF”. She had actually believed him when he had said he wanted to give his relationship with Ragini a chance and just have friendship with her. But she was wrong in believing all that. And she knew, it was her foolishness and her blind faith that had got her into this mess. She kept questioning herself, “Why did she believe him?” How could she believe someone so easily who had few moments ago cut his wrists so that he could blackmail her to stay back in the house which she desperately wanted to leave. She blamed herself for not trusting the only person who was right in the entire scenario, her Sanskaar. The momentary doubt situation had brought a lot of distance between them. Sanskaar was hurt, very hurt. Swara knew that she had messed up big time and she had to make amends and do anything and everything in her power to earn his forgiveness. He definitely didn’t deserve what she did to him and she was determined to fight for his forgiveness oblivious to her actual feelings.
Sanskaar was also hurt and broken. Yes, he was hurt. Deeply hurt. And the person responsible for that hurt and sorrow was his love, his life and his wife, his Swara. Yes, he never expected her to love him, reciprocate his feelings. But there was one thing he definitely expected was the same amount of trust and friendship from her. Whether you call it her distress or her foolishness, or the situation itself, she didn’t trust him when all he did was to trust her and support her. She wanted an explanation from him regarding the kidnapping issue when all he did was to support her without asking for any explanation. Had it not been Ragini, he might have already been arrested for something he didn’t do. Sanskaar wasn’t able to take the fact that his best friend doesn’t trust him enough to even think that if he had committed a crime, he would never ever frame her but instead could save her by falsely accepting the blame. He was hurting and wasn’t ready to forgive her easily.
Swara had decided to stay back at MM until she gains forgiveness from her best friend and tried her level best to convince Sanskaar. Since Ragini and Laksh were aware of the tension brewing between Sanskaar and Swara, they both used that for their own advantage. Ragini used it to first make Swara realize her feelings for Sanskaar and confess it to him and make Laksh jealous. Since Swara was aware of Laksh’s intentions, he need not had to now fake his intentions and created MU between Swara and Sanskaar which irritated and frustrated both Swara and Sanskaar. They both couldn’t do much to stop Laksh because of Annapurna’s health condition.
Even after the realization and confession, things weren’t yet sorted between Swara and Sanskaar. Swara understood Sanskaar needed some time to accept, digest and understand Swara’s new found feelings for him. And with Ragini’s and Laksh’s day to day interference in their lives were making things even more harder for them. But Swara had decided that she would win Sanskaar’s trust, friendship and more his love. And she had decided to follow the number one Sanskaar rule: No Force. She had decided that she would in no case force Sanskaar to accept her. Yes, it would now be Sanskaar’s decision on whether or not he wants to give their relationship and her love a chance. Yes, the ball was in his court now and she didn’t mind it at all. Because she knew that she could trust Sanskaar’s decision more than she could trust her own.
Sanskaar was still maintaining his distance from Swara. Its not that he didn’t trust Swara, or her feelings or her genuine apologies, but he needed some time to actually accept all this. What he wanted was to make sure that Swara wasnt doing all this out of guilt. He wanted to make sure that Swara wasnt terming her guilt and sympathy as her love and trying to make him happy. He had already lost his love once. He didn’t want to lose it again. And hence was trying his best to not to keep his expectations high on Swara. The usual Sanskaar that he is. The constant interference of Laksh was making it frustrating for Sanskaar and unclear to see everything through. He wanted to forgive her but he still wasnt able to. He had his inner turmoil to deal with. So what if he is a man, he was a human too. He has his rights to feel pained. And hence, they were still staying in different rooms until things get sorted and a final decision is taken. Unintentionally, he was trying to push her away
Few weeks went by this way. Since Uttara was done with her studies, her parents were now thinking of getting good alliances for her wedding. Sanskaar wasnt home at that time because he had a business conference to attend and was expected late at night. When the discussion was going on, on the dinning table between the elders, Swara noticed Uttara’s happiness for the same. But she didn’t say anything. Uttara left the dinner table too soon. While others thought that the reason to be her shyness and approval, Swara knew it was something else. She went behind Uttara to talk to her.
Swara: “Uttara, are you ok?”
Uttara: “Huh!! Yes bhabhi. I am fine.” Trying to hide her eyes and tears.
Swara: “Uttara, I know you are not ok. Please tell me whats wrong?”
Uttara: “Why should I tell you bhabhi? As if you are going to understand. And plus, even if I tell you anything, you won’t be able to do anything. You are only a guest here for few days. So it shouldn’t matter to you”
Swara felt pained but still controlled herself. “You are right Uttara. I might be a guest of few days here now. But it still does matter to me. You might not be considering me as your family but I do. And above all, you are Sanskaar’s sister, that makes you my priority especially when your brother is not around. Whether you agree with this or not, I am still his legally wedded wife. Uttara, please tell me whats wrong? Maybe I can help. Are you already dating someone?”
With this approach, Uttara finally opened up to Swara and said “No Bhabhi, I am not. But bhabhi, I am not sure if I am ready for marriage right now. I just finished my graduation.”
Swara smilingly: “Uttara, that is normal. This means you are just nervous.”
Uttara: “No bhabhi. I really don’t want to get married right now, right away. I wanted to work and join Bade papa’s business and gain some professional experience. But you know how our elders are. They won’t ever let me work.”
Swara: “How can you be so sure Uttara that they won’t let you work. You just cannot decide the consequence even before taking the risk of voicing your own opinion. Things have changed here. Bade papa has changed. I am sure if you will talk to him, he will understand. And if not, we have Sanskaar. He will definitely support you for this and make sure you can work for sometime.”
Uttara: “Bhabhi, its not that easy. The moment, my mom will know that I want to work, she will bring 1000 alliances in front of me and make sure I get married as soon as possible given her misconceptions. Don’t you know her bhabhi?”
Sujata who is passing by Uttara’s sees them talking and listens to their conversation.
Swara: “I understand Uttara. But Uttara, even if they bring the alliances, you can definitely reject the ones you don’t like. I am sure they are not going to force you to get married to someone whom you don’t even like.”
Listening to Swara talk, Sujata misunderstands her and thinks that Swara is giving non-sensical ideas to Uttara to get away with the wedding. She wanted to talk to both of them but then she decided to leave with huff.
Uttara: “But bhabhi”

Swara interrupted: “Listen Uttara, don’t be scared. If mom forces you to meet her alliances, then go ahead and do that. Maybe you would be able to find someone who would actually support your dream and desire to work and would even let you work after marriage. We will make sure that we can find such alliances. And if we don’t, I and I am definitely sure Sanskaar will also make sure that you are not forced to do something you are not ready for. How about we do one thing? Let Sanskaar come tonight and we will discuss this with him and let him give his suggestion. I am sure he would come with a better plan to talk to bade papa about this. Yah?”

Uttara feeling little relaxed nodded in yes and said “Thank you bhabhi for understanding me. And I am sorry that I was rude earlier. I didn’t mean to..”

Swara: “Its ok Uttara. Don’t worry about it”

Sanskaar who had just got back from his conference was stopped by Laksh mid way. He was already tired with the loads of work and meetings and was in no mood to talk to his cousin. But Laksh wanted to talk.

Laksh: “You don’t trust her right? She has left the decision of your relation on your shoulders. If you don’t trust her then you aren’t you letting her go.”

Sanskaar gave an irritated look to his cousin. Laksh continued: “You all lectured me very well indeed Sanskaar. That how I was the reason of the end my relationship with Swara because I didn’t trust her enough. You are not trusting her either. She didn’t trust you either. Then why are you both still together”

Sanskaar just had to give it back to him. No matter how angry he was with his lady love, he still couldnt bear a single word against her or his own feelings for her. “Laksh, I know the tension between is much evident amongst us. But you know what the great thing is, we know how to handle our tensions and not make a public mockery out of it.” Laksh rolled his eyes. Sanskaar continued: “And don’t even for once compare my trust on Swara with yours. I still trust her with my own life and I can vouch she does too. And Lucky, even though we are having few issues regarding trust amongst us, we didn’t use that as an excuse to break a relationship and jump into matrimony with someone else. And I know you are so worried for my and Swara’s relationship. Don’t worry, we will get through this and whatever will happen, will be the best for both of us. And regarding love lucky, my love wasnt selfish to force, manhandle, and emotionally blackmail her to come back in my life. My love wasnt selfish enough to let her character get assassined by our family members. My love wasnt selfish to frame and punish her for the crime she hasn’t committed. Its very clear between us. She still has a way out. She can leave whenever she wants to. My love would never be forced on her. Never.”

Laksh was fuming but he still wanted to mess with his elder cousin and :”You are talking about love. Don’t even try Sanskaar. You forgot your first love Kavita so easily and gave her place to Swara. I am sure when someone else will come in your life, you would do the …” Before he could finish, Sanskaar held his by his collar and said “Don’t you dare try and drag Kavita into this. You will see the worst of me” Seeing the death glare, Laksh got scared but knew that it was his time to stop because he was successful enough to instill fury in Sanskaar. Laksh left immediately. Sanskaar was still angry while walking to his room which supposedly was the guest room and when he was stopped by Sujata. Sujata, in her usual manner started complaining about the bangali chori is filling weird ideas in Uttara’s mind to get away with the marriage and how Uttara is agreeing to that. Sanskaar was already too annoyed with his confrontation with Laksh and Sujata was just adding more to it by her constant ramblings. He asked her to stop and leave him alone.

Swara who knew Sanskaar was back had just came to his room to talk about Uttara when Sujata was still there. Unaware of the conversation going on between the son and his mother, she said “Sanskaar, if you are not busy, can we talk? I actually wanted to talk to you about Uttara…”

Before she could say any further, Sanskaar lost it and said “What? Why are you giving ideas to Uttara?”

Swara: “What ideas? Sanskaar, what are you talking about?”

Sanskaar: “Really!!! About how to avoid marriage and say no to all the alliances that she would be shown”

Swara: “No.. No Sanskaar. You are misunderstanding me. Thats not what I meant”

Sanskaar: “Please Swara. Stop it. I don’t want to know what you meant or what you did or do all day. I am not interested. I already had enough drama today and I don’t want anything else. And please, stop worrying and taking decision about my family. I will deal with it myself”

Swara had tears with this and asked him whether she wasnt a part of his family. He was still angry and looking away from her and she quietly walked out of his room with Sujata following her.

Before going towards her room, Sujata taunted “Bhulna mat chori, tu kuch hi dino ki mehemaan hai yaha pe”

Swara got to her room and sat on the bed crying thinking why was this happening to her? The more she was trying to make things right for her and Sanskaar and her family, the more messy it was getting. She started questioning her ownself? Was it her bad luck that she will never get to experience a happy life with someone she loves to death? Did she break him that much that he is not even ready to listen to her right now? Where was she lacking? Did he really not consider her as a part of his family? Sobbing and constantly thinking, she knew it was going to be one un peaceful sleepless night.

Sanskaar was not at peace in his room as well. Yes, he was upset with her but he didn’t want to hurt her. He was feeling guilty of the way he talked to her by not even giving her a chance to explain. “Explain, Really Sanskaar? When did that come between you and Swara? You know your mom is such a drama queen. How can you just believe her. You idiot you didn’t even let her speak”. He knew his spur of the moment anger and frustration was responsible for his act. But could he use that as an excuse? He kept changing sides on his bed with the endless thoughts in his mind. His heart asked him to go to her right away and talk to her and apologize but his brain asked him to wait. He finally decided to talk to her and left for his room which was her room right now. As soon as he entered, he found the room was empty and she was no where to be found. The bathroom was empty as well.

He kept wondering as to where did she go?

To be continued.

Credit to: An unknown swasan lover

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