Swasan trust me Maha epi 8

Hey guys thanks for liking my story soo much????and yeah today you all wana see sanskar reaction After knowing truth na…so lets see…
And yeah you guys asked me the flashback is between arvi n swasan no guys swara is remembering her past…and arvi n sanskar know about her past how ? You will know…
And yeah today all for swasan fan I hope you guys like this epi….
And yeah soon I will Post next epi on wattpad but May I know who asked me ?
And now I am starting with present track…

The episode start with sanskar entry…

Shona what do you want to tell me sanskar said from behind while coming in…Trio looked at him…Swara looked at him with teary eyes she Run to him hugged him thigtly like there is no one in the world for her…Sanskar was shocked seeing her Tears…

San: shona what happend

Swara didnt answered him but she was crying bitterly????sanskar rubbing her back to console her…Sanskar looked towards Arvi for answer but They singeled him that they are leaving…Sanskar nodded his head in yes while crassing swara back..Arvi left for their mansion…
Sanskar try to braek the Hug but swara didnt let him do..

San: shona what happened ?

But still she was crying sanskar get more worried He knew by now something big happened with her so He forcefully Broke the hug..Swara again try to hug him but sanskar cupped her Face. …

San: shona look at me

But still she was looking down…

San: shona plzzz

Swara looked at him with teary eyes Tears were fowlling down from her eyes..she couldnt hold anymore she want to be in his embrace she wanted to feel him…she didnt want laksh touch on her so again she try to hug him but before she can sanskar picked her in bridel style and she hide her in his neck..He could feel her Tears on his skin…he was so worried what happened to her suddenly…he cried her to their room…

Swasan room…

Sanskar sat on Couch n swara on his lap still hugging him…Sanskar somehow Broke the hug and looked at swara with full love, concern and tension….
But still swara couldnt look at him into his eyes…Sanskar cupped her Face and whiped her Tears with his thumb…and kissed her forehaed lovingly…Swara looked at with full love…

San: now tell me what hapoend to my bacha han ?

Sw: sanskar( with Broken voice)

San: hmm (saying this sanskar moved her hair to other side of her neck lovingly n swara closed her eyes to feel his touch…while sanskar was moving her hair to other side he Got shocked to see there bite Mark like an animal hast bitten her…he looked with shocking Face at swara while she was lost in his touch) shona who did this to you (swara looked at him in shock then she remember laksh has bitten her there…)tell me who did this to you

Sw: sanskar wo woh
(Sanskar held her shoulder n she gapsed in pain) ahhh

Sanskar got worried heraing her in pain He remove her clothes from her shoulder he was shock to see someone hand Mark on her her shoulder…

San: (in anger) tell me damit who did this to you ?

Sw: laksh… (she told him what happend in parking what He was saying n how He touched her she was saying all this by crying…but hearing laksh Name sanskar anger rised and what He did with her life he clenched his fist in anger…After telling him Swara hugged him thigtly…Sanskar didnt consoled her he let her cry….Swara got tierd of crying n slept in sanskar lap….When sanskar didnt her snob..he Got to know she is sleeping again he picked her up made her sleep on Bed….he covered her and kissed her forehaed…….

After kissing her forehaed sanskar left the room He closed the door carefully without disturbing her…Sanskar went to his Personal room….

Sanskar Personal room
(Guys nobody is aloud to go in his Personal room even swara)

Sanskar Personal room is filled with his family picture…even swara picture are there…..

Sanskar went towards mirror He looked at mirror…he could see laksh loughing face..touching swara He is anger rised n rised…he punched in mirror out of anger…his hand start bleeding but he didnt care bec..his life was in trouble and he was not there..his life was Calling him for help but he was not there..he was touching his life but he was not there… he start throwing things here there in anger…


Swasan room

Swara was sleeping peacefully but she start moving here there to find sanskar..she needs him by her side..she need his warmth embrace she want feel protective…she need his touch to feel her safe…while she was moving from here to there finding sanskar she opened her eyes she only see no one was there and the room was dark that why she start screming…

Sw: sanskar sanskar…

Hearing her screm sanskar Run to their room..When He entered he could see swara was sitting on the floor..Sanskar turned the Light on and Run to her hugged her tightly….

San: shona see I am here na soo stop crying…

Feeling sanskar touch swara stopped crying…and hugged him

San: (while hugging her) what happend to my Bacha han ?

Sw: sanskar

San: hmm

Sw: you wont leave me na

Hearing this question sanskar Broke the hugged cupped her face..

San: no shona you r my life how can I leave my life

Swara looked at him lovingly sanskar made her stand they both sat on Bed toghter infront eachother…
Then suddenly swara remembered laksh touched then she looked at sanskar…

Sw: sanskar can you Do something for me..

San: you know na i can do anything for you even I can give my lif..(before sanskar speak swara kept her Finger on his lips and nodded in no) okey tell me what you want..


san: I am here na

Sw: no sanskar I am feeling disgusting by laksh touched I want you to remove laksh touch from mee plzzz

San: but shona

Sw: plzzz sanskar I need you (saying this she hugged him thigtly)

Sanskar understood what she want from him but he know that she is Not in her sense…its not that He doesnt want her he also want her badly but he is controling himself for her…and today when she herself asking still He cant Do bec..he want take their relationship happily foward not like that when she dont know what she is talking…but still he cant let her go like this he have to do something for her…

He picked swara up in bridel style while she was hugging him……went towards washroom…he made her stand in shower swara looked at him in confuse sanskar saw this..

San: do you trust me

Sw: more then myself

Hearing this sanskar smiled at her…
He turned the shower on…both were dranching in water but Stil both were looking into eachothers eyes…

Iss tarah se khudse aa mujhko jod tu
Thoda bhi mujhme na mujhko chhod tu
Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Aa tujhko odh loon main

Sanskar cupped her Face still looking at her…he start crassing her cheeks..Swara closed her eyes to feel his touch….Sanskar Kissed her forehaed lovingly…then He kissed her one by one swara opened her n looked at him with full…

Katra katra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun

Sanskar Kissed her cheek sensually n she was blushing hard…Both had cute eyelock swara also cupped his and kissed on his cheek…Sanskar pecked her lips n was drinking water on her lips…Swara held his color n pulled him….

Dariya tu khaali kar de
Mujhme saara tu bhar de
Tujhko aa main pee jaaun, pyaas bujha do..

Swara start kissing him madly sanskar also respond her….Swara bite his lower lip its start n she was sucking…she was taking revenge from when He kissed in office n didnt let her to kiss him back…she was biting sanskar mouned during taking as Opportunity swara start exploring his mouth with her tounge…

Laana kuch baadal laana
Unko mujh par barsaana
Boondein teri ho jinme, unse bhigaa do…

Sanskar was enjoying her each touch him…he couldnt hold more he start crassing her back sensually n opened her Dress zip…he start crassing her bare back…Feeling his touch on her bare swara Broke the kissed…she couldnt look into his eyes so she hugged him….

Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Aa tujhko odh loon main

Sanskar Broke the hug n moved her hair to other side his neck…

Katra katra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun

He leaned to her neck she closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her neck n held his shirt thigtly in her Hand n pulled him more on her…

Khud se khaali ho jaaun
Aaja tujhse bhar jaaun
Tinka tinka jal jaaun
Aise jalaa do.. ho..

He start kissing her neck first sweetly were laksh had bitten her but then He bite on her neck to replace laksh Mark on her…

Tarun main tan pe tere
Thehrun angon pe tere
Gehari jo khawahish teri
Unme duba do..

Sanskar bring swara out of Washroom to their..he went towards wardrobe took their clothes out..
He took swara dupatta tied on his eyes..Swara was now overhelmd with concern n care…

Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
tujhko odh loon main

He start undressing her he could touch her…Swara closed her eyes Tears start fowlling from her eyes…thinking how lucky she is to get him…he made her wear her dress…he took her dupatta from his eyes he looked swara she was smiling while crying…Sanskar Kissed her forehaed n went towards washroom to change..Swara was still standing there…

Qatra qatra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun (x2)

Sanskar came out washroom he saw she was still standing there…he picked her in bridel style made her lay on Bed He covered them self…n hugged thigtly….n they sleep in eachother embrace…

Epi ends…..

So guys tell me did you liked….
From next epi sanskar will to make laksh life hell…..

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