Swasan trust me Maha epi 5

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Lets start. ..

Swara was walking here n there in their cabin…Sanskar came n saw her walking here n there He smiled at her..Swara looked him in anger….
Sanskar went towards n was about to Touch her…but stop by swara…

Sw: dont try to Touch me (she Walks away from him n He Followed her she turned to him He was standing very near her They few distance gap between them..Swara start breathing heavily..Sanskar smirked at her he knew his closeness affected her..Swara looked at him again Got angry n Walk few Step back…) what I said na dont touch me…

San: who said I m touching you (sanskar walking towards her while she was walking back…)

Sw: sanskar dont come near me

San: whyyyyy

Sw: I am angry at you na

San: oh you are angry na thats why I came here na to convice you…

Sw: but this not a way na to convice..

San: really so what should I do to convice you…bec..this only one way which I know how to convice you…

Sw: sans.. (before she could speak sanskar pinned her to Wall..)

Both were looking eachother swara started breathing heavily..n sanskar smiled at her noughtily…They were so close to each other…He was about to Kiss her but she pushed him..she was about to go sanskar held her wrist..n pinned her to Wall again…now both were angry…Sanskar came close to her…Sanskar start crassing his cheek with her
Due to his closeness swara closed her eyes to feel him fully on her she
could feel his heart beat and his hot breath near…he kissed her cheek romanticaly….
Sanskar looked at her n was lost in her beauty..
Sanskar saw her pink lips which was
inviting him to taste without any further thought
he pressed his rough lips on her soft rosy lips it…he captured her lips and was carressing it with his tongue with love and her hands automatically reached to his hairs he started biting her lower lips due to which she
gasped in pain which made his tongue to get inside her mouth he was exploring her mouth with his tongue….he was kissing her madly with lots of love…swara was melting in his kiss she also wanted to give respone to his kiss but he didnt let her do..both were lost in the kiss but due to lack of oxygen they both parted away…

Swara looked at him again angrily she also wanted to kiss but He didnt let her do…Sanskar smiled at her noughtily..she held his color was about capture his lips…When arvi enterned in the cabin..Both parted away from each other…Both were embrassened swara was blushing hard…

Arvi: sorry sorry we didnt saw anything…

Both swasan couldnt look to eachother sanskar turned his to Face other side…Swara was also about to turn other side but she was hitted in wall..seeing that Arvi start loughing..

Sw: ouch (start rubbing nose.)

San: shona.. (first concern for her then He looked towards Arvi they both were loughing sanskar also try to control his lough..)

Swara looked at Arvi with anger soon they control their lough then she looked at sanskar who was controling his loughing…she Got more angry she Took from Tabel full Glas water and throw thr water on him…

Sw: go to hell mr sanskar khanna (she went from their angrily..)

Sanskar was shocked He came back to sens when Arvi again started loughing at him He looked at them then He relize swara Got more angry on him..He went towards purvi..took her dupatta whiped his face..He was about to go behind her but stopped by arvi…

San: what

Pur: bhei did you forgot you have a meeting

Arj: I know yaar she is angry but plzz attend that meeting its very important

San: I know yar but shona

Pur: dont worry bhei she was just teasing you now go

San: okey but plzz take care of her

Arvi: yeah we will

Sanskar smiled at them then He left for his meeting….Both arvi went behind swara…

Swara was walking in parking area angrily…she dashed with someone she looked at the Person he was noneothter then laksh…
Swara try to Walk away when He held her wrist…

Sw: what the hell mr laksh maheshwari leave my hand

Lak: swara plz listen to me na

Sw: leave my hand

Lak: swara plzz lets Talk

Sw: I said leave my hand or else you know about sanskar

Hearing sanskar Name laksh got angry on her…He held her wrist more thigtly swara gapsed in pain..

Sw: ahh laksh you are hurtig me leave my hand

Laksh didnt listen her he start walking to a corner were nobody can see them He took her forcefully…soon He pinned her to Wall swara looked at him she had Tears in her eyes…Laksh left her wrist n held her shoulder tighly…

Sw: ahhh you are hurting me laksh leave me if sanskar Come to know na (intrupedt by laksh)

Lak: what will he do han he can only shout on me nothing more…

Sw: you dont know him

Lak: I know him very well…

Sw: leave me laksh

Laksh thight his Grip more on her…

Lak: I want Talk to you I love you swara Come back to me

Sw: no never I love sanskar you r nothing infront my sanskar

Lak: sanskar sanskar I hate him…n i know you still love me..

Sw: I love my husband…

Lak: swara lets see then I promise you I will make you mine you r only mine..

Swara Got sceard hearing this and laksh start touching her…Swara was feeling now disgusting on her self where ever he touched her…n how could she love him..Swara struggelt to get out of his Grip but was helpless..soon laksh start kissing her neck..Tears came out of her beutiful eyes she think about sanskar and their beutiful moment…He bited her neck very hard….Swara kick him on his Main Part and pushed him with full force he Fell down n she runaway…while runing she collied with arjun without seeing him she start screming..

Sw: sanskar sanskar plzzz save me (while crying)

Arjun n purvi Got shocked seeing swara like this n shouting for help..Arjun held her shoulder and made her look at him..

Arj: swara Swara look at me i am arjun..

Hearing arjun Name she looked at him n was happy she hugged him n start crying…Arjun let her cry After sometime They Broke hug..

Arj: cupping her Face shona what hapoend…

Sw: bhei wo woh laksh

Hearing laksh Name arjun Got angry he looked towards swara then He was shocked to see biting Mark on swara neck..He looked towards purvi even she was shocked both were looking eachother…Arjun Stepback purvi came near her hugged her…After hugging she looked swara with teary eyes made her wear dupatta..

They both took her to car made her sit in back seat..purvi also sat with her to console her…Arjun start driving…

Pur: swara( she looked at her ) what happend there…

Sw: (hearing her question she started crying..purvi console her her..After composing herself she start to tell her) he he touched me n n He start kis kissing me….

After saying that she again started crying…Hearing all that arjun Got more angry he clenched his fist…

They reached at ss mansion…Swara went to towards her room..both arvi were sitting with eachother…After changing her Dress she Came down and sat with them…. Trio were looking at eachother swara broke the silence…

Sw: bhei plzz dont tell sanskar(intrupedt by arjun)

Arj: but swara

Sw: bhei dont worry I will tell him by myself..

Shona what do you want to tell me sanskar said from behind while coming in…Trio looked at him…Swara looked at him with teary eyes she Run to him hugged him thigtly like there is no one in the world for her…Sanskar was shocked seeing her Tears…

Epi ends….

So guys tell me did you like this epi And yeah this is the longest I have written….

So what will sanskar reaction After knowing truth…..

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