Swasan trust me last episode

Hiiii guys soo here is the last epi of trust me…Thankyou guys for bearing this ff till know…I am happy that u guys liked my ff it made me always happy so thankyou once again guys ???…

Karan and ragini were hugging each other n she was letting her pain out… and was feeling feeling blessed having karan as her lover whom she had once loved he raped her and whom she tought as friend gave her life time happiness… not every Girl is lucky like and no boy is like karan who stood for his love and gave her his suport which means alot…

After checking ragini again doc discharged her… They went ss mansion all the way swara didnt found sanskar she was feeling bad for saying him so much but she was concerned for her sister who went trough so much just few hours back…

Karan was still suporting ragini seeing his care n love swara smiled at him she felt soo happy that her sister got so much loving and caring life Partner but she was missing his sanskar he didnt showed her his face till know…she wanted to call him but didnt had any strenght …

They all reached ss mansion karag went in one room as karan wanted to be with ragini whole time and didnt wanted to leave her for one minute…

Swasan room…

When swara entered in the room she found only darkness there was no light not a glimps of Light….
She walked into room and was feeling dizzy she somehow switched the light and looked around in room to see sanskar but he was no where feeling dizzy she got uncoussion….

After few hours swara opened her eyes she try move her hand but got shock of her life she was tied on the chair in unknown place she tried to move her hand but they were tightly tied with the rope even her leg were tied… she looked around to be found herself in someone car seat and saw a man sitting on the in front seat…she was getting sceard and was sweating but only one thing came in her mind and that was only sanskar her sanskar does he know where she is…will he save her will he come to know where she is and how she is….how will he react on not finding her… start shouting for help…

Sw: (sceard) who are u and why I am here plzzz leave me (crying) I want to go to my sanskar plzzz leave me

The man turned and look at her with his lusty gaze making her feel uncomfortable

Man: finally u are wake

Sw: who are u why u brought me here

Man: u have to ask this my Boss

Sw: Boss (looked at him) plzzz leave me I want to go to my sanskar

Man: hahhaha dont worry he is already here

Sw: (shocked n confuse) here

Man: han wana see him (she nodded called his boss) she is wake hmm ok (looked at swara) come I will Show u ur sanskar (Saying this he took her out of and untied her hand and feet) dont try to run away or ur sanskar have to pay (making her sceard) now lets go…

She nodded in yes and wenn with him  but was hell worried for sanskar her sanskar is here how why did He came for her thinking all that She was walking with that man when She reached there She Found herself on cliff she looked here and there found few man were standing or beating someone seeing that she got fear..
But to her shock when she saw the face of man who is beaten tears start fowling her eyes she screamed his name

Sw: (shock) SANSKAR (he looked at her while other man were beating him he smiled sadly seeing his love she was about to run when someone hold her hand she looked at person and was shocked) LAKSH (who smirked at her)

San: (screamed in pain) ahhhh

Sw: (looked at him try to run again but lash held her) LAKSH please leave me

Lak: (smirked) I told u na I will destroy u

Sw: (still looking at sanskar) please laksh leave him please don’t beat him
(Pulled her hair) ahhhh

Sw: sanksaaar ahhhh

San: (looked at swalak hearing swara scream) swaraaaa laksh leave her..

Lak: wah what a love she can’t see u in pain and u also can’t see her pain but one of u will get pain for whole who should be that person Han

San: (try to beat but couldn’t as he lost all his power) laksh leave her

Lak: hahahahah no u all made my life hell now pay…

Sw: why are you doing this laksh

Lak: revenge your lovely husband destroy me for u na so for u I destroy his life (he pushed swara taking as opportunity she run to sanskar and hugged him tightly)

Sw: sanskar

San: shh swara nothing will happen

Lak: wrong sanskar anything can heppen (saying this he took gun out and pointed at swara sanskar looked at him in shock) now say good by to her

Saying this he shoot before it can touch swara sanskar turned while hugging swara and took the bullet making swara scream his name…

San: swaaaraaaa

Sw: sanskaaaaaaarrr

He shooted at sanskar 2 3 time till the police reached there and shoot laksh…sanskar fall on swara being unstable….swara was in shock she looked at sanskar who tried to touch her face…

San: (pain breathing heavily) swara (touched her face she looked at him) I.. i.. i wane slee…sleep in ur lap plea…please

She made him lay on her still not getting what is happening here soon it start raining heavily his blood start following with water..

Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam
Na huyi.. Ek adhuri
Si humari kahaani rahi

She came in sense duet rain and looked at sanskar who was looking at her she cupped his face and start panicking….

Sw: (caressing his face) nothing will happen u Han ur swara won’t let anything happen u Han sanskar u promised me na we will always be together then how can u broke ur promise u want na say na

Aasmaan ko zameen
Yeh zaroori nahi
Jaan le.. jaan le..

Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi
Manzilein manzilein..

San: u..u sa..said na leave u soo I am leaving u swara I…I  leav..leaving uuu

Rang thhe noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha
Yeh jahaan…

Sw: sorry na sanskar maaf kardo na please forgive me I promise from now on I won’t say like this I will be always with u but please don’t leave me sanskar please (crying) please listen me sanskar

Waqt ke reet pe
Kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya
Tu kahaan..

Swara was shaking him requesting Jim not to leave her but for sanskar it was getting difficult in breathing he was trying hard to be with her but the time was getting out of his hand…

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..(2x)

Khushbun se teri
Yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte
Dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

San: pro…promise me swa..swara u will ta..take care of u..u will live for me pro…promise u won’t hurt ur…urself promise me…ple..please try…try to mov…move on pro..promise me

Jannatein agar yaheen
Tu dikhe kyun nahin
Chaand sooraj sabhi, hai yahaan
Intezar tera, sadiyon se kar raha
Pyasi baithi hai kab, se yahaan

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x)

Sw: (crying) nooooooo sanskar no I won’t promise u anything how dare u say me to move on if there is no sanskar there won’t be swara also

Pyaas ka yeh safar
Khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa joh tha
Pura ho jayega

San: Jaan please

Sw: no sanskar I am only urs..

San: can I fill ur maang swara

Sw: sanskar ??????

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mil gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka sama
Doliya hain saji
Khushbuein har kaheen
Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan

He tried to fill her maang with his blood before he could fill duet to rain it washed away making him close his while taking his last breath he confesses his love for her making her scream his name out of pain….

San: I love u (with he closed his eyes)

Sw: sanskaaaaaaarrr  (cupped his face) sanskaaaaaaarrr  (rest her forehead with his then looked at sky scream his name again) sanskaaaaaaarrr

Even the sky was crying with her for her loss…the story of love ended here today and their love washed away with rain also….
Swara was crying while sanskar was sleeping in her lap..

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..


Epilogue at weekend…

So guys how is the epiiii…last epi of trust me plzzz give me ur lovely coment and love for last time?

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  1. Swarna01

    Bad. Sad ending dat too 4m rabia. I never expected dis bt yaa dere is epilogue so lets see. N sry. Amazing bt sad epi

    1. Rabia0032

      Awweee u never expected from me ? So sad na

  2. Simin

    Nau na h making me cry
    how could u
    how could u separae them

  3. ARs

    ?????????? don’t separate then rabia…..Waiting for the epilogue…..

  4. Simi

    Plz save sanskar

  5. Sweeta

    Very bad…???? why this sad ending! ???????? its make me cry dear…..
    Very touchy nd emotional ?????
    Waiting for epilogue

  6. awesome.. sad ending dont end it with sad bring him back in epilogue and update soon

  7. Awesome…… Waiting…

  8. Tamil

    Sooo emotional….????

  9. Kaynatk01

    rabia hate u…..am crying like hell and u made sad ending too jao am never gonna talk to u katti……

  10. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sad ending??.. Noooooo..It’s so emotional??… Loved it.. Waiting for epilogue..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  11. Scooby

    Stupid idiot laksh.. Im going to kill the author for playing with my feeling??? and song selection was best??
    Amazing chapie loved it?.. With pain…?
    Epilogue i need full of swasan ????

  12. pls come back with another ff

  13. AnuAnn

    Don’t kill sanskar

  14. Shibil

    i hate tis epi …. y can’t u save sanskar …. felt heart broken ….

  15. I think its her dream

  16. Wow loved but such a sad ending waiting for the epilogue

  17. Awesome part but dont kill sanskar yrr…

  18. sad ending..

  19. crazy princess

    ????????????????? sad emding plzzzzz nooooo dontvket sanskaar die plsssssss…….??????

  20. Mica

    huh! bl*ody killer !!!!! who is that ? between Laksh and the author!!!!!!
    i should investigate this… hmmm….

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