Swasan ( trust and feeling)


After today’s episode I feel annoyed with laksh, I mean before ragini was evil I used to love laksh and now I just hate even seeing him. But I feel so sorry for sanskaar as he alway thought about laksh and what did laksh do, he was thinking of getting his bhabi back. But the good news is swara to has fallen in love with our sans??♥️ So I thought of writing one short ff on how Swara tells sanky about her love for him. WARNING THIS NEXT LINE MAY SPOIL THE UPCOMING EPISODE. This starts from after deepika and ranveer make Swara realise that she loves her. So here we go, I hope you like it.

Swasan room

Swara is getting her clothes from the wardrobe and is putting it in her luggage when a picture falls out of the wardrobe. She bends down down and picks up the picture. She sees her n sanskaars picture of when they did the pooja together. She closes her eyes out of pain and a tear of sadness rolls downs her eyes. As she stands up she sees the divorce paper lying on the bed and she goes and picks it up, she sees sanskaars signature on it but a blank space on her name.
Swara: why why am i feeling so much pain to leave you? What’s wrong with me? What magic did you do to me? I don’t know why I’m feeling so upset to go, I mean we’re both friends we can still talk to each other when I go home. But why do I feel an empty space in my life? Is it that I’ve fallen in love with you? No what am I saying, he’s only my friend
She goes back to putting her clothes into the luggage when she sees the dress sans gifted her on Diwali. She clutches the dress and pulls it towards her chest and cries her heart out.
Swara: yes sanskaar I do love you, I love you sanskaar, I love you
She wipes her tears and stands up and smiles and says
Swara: why am I crying I should be happy that I’ve realised I love sanskaar, I should go and tell him.
She’s just about to go when she hears laksh yelling Swara, maa, sanskaar and etc.

Everyone goes downstairs even sanskaar is present there he sees Swara keep on smiling at him, he’s confused but smiles back at her.
Dg: what is this laksh
(Laksh is in a drunkard state) laksh drags Swara into the centre and holds her hand.
Laksh: I announce in front everyone I still love Swara
Swara: laksh I don’t know why but it seems like I’ve heard this 1000 times
Sujata In her head for the first time this girl has said something correct
Laksh: Swara but I really love you, and I can even prove it to u I’ll marry you right now
Swara: your not I your senses right now
Laksh: but why, I know that sanskaar has filled your ears against me but Swara don’t listen to him he’s a cheap , disgusting etc. Person.
Swara gets and and angry n slaps laksh. Laksh then holds both of swaras arm tightly, sanskaar is about to come n help Swara but sumi stops him
Laksh: now you’ll have to answer me tell me Swara why
Swara: because I love
Laksh: I love what
Swara: I love sanskaar
She runs to her room, whereas the whole family is happy apart from laksh
Sujata: sanskaar y r u standing there go to your wife
Sanskaar runs upstairs and sees Swara sitting on the bed, he enters the room and locks the door.
Sanskaar: Swara
Swara: sanskaar
Swara runs to him and hugs him, but sanskaar does not reciprocated.
Swara: I love u sanskaar
Sanskaar: what so does that mean whatever u said downstairs was true
Swara: yes sanskaar I said the truth even the part where I said I love you
Sanskaar is so happy and he hugs her back.
Sanskaar: I love you too
He then lifts her up and swings her in the air.

I hope you enjoyed the one shot of Swasan

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Its really nice but it will not happen now in the real serial as sanskar signed divorce papers and sent it to swara and ragini who is going to celebrate sanky’s birthday.. but i hope it will happen one day

  2. Itss very Gud dr plz continue it yr plz plz plz

  3. awsome mumina…
    i wish writers unite swasan soon

  4. Nice ff……….. hope in serial also should happen same

  5. superb episode

  6. Niceeeee… I like both swalak nd swasan. Both are superbb.. After yest epi I hate swara very much. Actually first time I started to feel pity for laksh. Frm d beginning he s d nly person not happy , sacrificing everything. First he sacrificed his intrst nd agreed to his parnts to marry ragini. Thn he sacrificed his love for sanskar nd agreed again to marry ragini for his brother’s wish. Again he lost his love and sacrificed his life for saving ragini from committing suicide. After that also he neither couldn’t forget swara nor move on with ragini. He was under gr8 stress. He was pained to see his love wid his brother. Aftr knowing truth also he couldn’t get ragini out of his life. Though his desire to get back swara is wrong as she is his bhabhi, atleast he couldn’t free himself from ragini. Under lot of stress burden pain and shame to his lover , he decided to kill ragini out of rage. Actually he is also a pitiful person. This is just my thought. Sorry yaar…
    your fiction is niceeee ??

  7. super I loved ur ff this awesome but if writers of swaragini original see means they don’t unite swasan so urs super…….

  8. Good episode… Anyhow its not gonna happend in real story… Sans giving divorce to swara… N ragini is after sanskar now… N I decided not to watch this rubbish anymore… We swasan fans were mad to wait for swasan unite… But writers Oly show Wat they want… They never consider audience wish… Let them do Wat they want… But am really fed up…I can’t tolarate anymore… I lost my patience…n mumina … thank yo so so so so so much for giving such beautiful episode…

  9. Plzzz update the next part as soon as possible

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  12. Awsome

  13. If it happen i never see this happen 1st love never forgot

  14. Awsome….hope it comes true in d serial also.

  15. Awsm…hope real serial also mk swara reals her luv for sanskar soon??…lyk ur stry ctn if u cn..u r good wrtr? keep wrtng?

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