Swasan trust me episode 9

Hey guys for liking my story n giving me coments…

Lets start….

Swasan were sleeping hugging eachother…the Sunray disturb sanskar sleep..actually IT didnt disturb his bec…he couldnt sleep last night After seeing something n that made him angry???…


After making swara sleep…Sanskar called arjun..

Arj: sanky how is swara

San: fine (looked towards..she was sleeping peacefully n He was crassing her hair) she is sleeping

Arj: hmmm know tell me

San: I want cctv..from parking area…right now

Arj: okey you will get it now…
(Guys dont get confuse while thinking how can arjun get cctv….bec..he have the Programm at his home..he can see what all is happening in office..through all camera..)

Sanky: hmmm

Sanskar cutted the Call he looked at swara n kissed her forehaed…Feeling his touched swara smiled in her sleep…seeing her smile sanskar was happy..but soon his smiled vanished when He Got Video from arjun…
Sanskar looked at the video..how laksh was hurting n how He was touching her…seeing all this sanskar anger boild…his eyes were Red now by his anger…he listened all thing what swalak spoke..how laksh was saying her that she was HIS…Hearing all that sanskar couldnt control anymore…he was about to go to kill him…but swara hugged him thigtly in her sleep…n sanskar looked at he controled himself for her bec..he know He have to make her more strong…while thinking all that sanskar closed his eyes n made Plan to destroyed laksh completly…

Flashback ends…

Sanskar went to washroom n Got ready for office…he again looked at swara she was sleeping peacefully…he kissed at her forehaed…n went down were arvi was waiting for him..

San: purvi

Pur: yeah

San: take care of swara n if you need anything Call me

Pur: I know bhei dont worry I am here na for bhabi

San: hmm arjun lets go


Sanarj..went to office leaving swara with purvi…

At office..Sanskar cabin..

Arj: I wont leave him

San: relax..

Arj: what relax han n how can you leave him like this

San: who said I am leaving him..n what He did with my shona na After that I wont leave him..

Arj: then what will you Do

San: (smiled evily?) do you know the Situation in maheshwari instudry..

Arj: (confuse) yeah I know they are in loosing Position n you also CANCELD there projekt…n I think After that noone will do any Deal with them…

San:yeah so there is nobody who will help them write…

Arj: yeah Bug why are saying this..

San:bec..I will help them..

Arj: WHAT you will help them n what He did with swara how can you sanskar…

San: shhhh I know what r you thinking n yes I will help them…

Arj:but sanskar

San: listen arjun I cant forgett n forgive laksh what He did with my swara..n He made her cry..n made her feel herself disgusting with his touch…
Soo I want to make him cry…It will make me happy to See him begging n crying infront like He did with my swara…(sanskar was all this in anger n was smiling like a devil???were arjun was still confuse bec..of him helping the maheshwari..)

Arj:sanky I am still confuse plzzz tell me clearly…

San: hmm okey  so listen I will help the maheshwari but They will Not know about me bec…for me someone else will help them…I will BUY there company n house everything will be on SWARA name…After that I will Start to take my revenge on laksh…bec of laksh his family member will suffer..n I know how much laksh love his family…seeing his family crying n suffering bec..of his deed he will come to US…for asking help but but I will Not help him…I will made him to ask swara to help them…he will beg infront of swara…like she was begging him…she will give him punishmant not me…but I will make sure he will pay for his deed….??????

Arj: (hearing sanskar Plan arjun was shocked n happy…shocked bec…he will made his own family to suffer…happy bec..to see how much he loves swara..) hmmm but what about your family. …

San: what my family listen arjun…u n purvi n swara are my one n only family…n maheshwari family is Not my family except mom uttra…

When sanarj..were talking sanskar phone Ringes???it was purvi call..Sanskar picked at first Call…

San: what happend purvi I swara fine…

Pur: dont worry bhei bhabi is fine but(intrupedt by sanskar )

San:but what purvi say fast na

Pur:bheiiiiii relax everything is fine n bhabi but bhei come home or else

San: or else..

Pur: you will face the worst of bhabi bec..she is hell angry on you leaving her alone…


Pur: yeah come fast..

San: oh I am coming…(After cutting the Call he looked at arjun who was smiling at hlm) what han

Arj:nothing I think swara is waiting for you

San:hmm lets go (he was scard what she will do know n how He will control her)…

Sanarj left to the sk mansion were purvi was waiting for them…purvi looked at sanskar n said all the Best n left with arjun to their mansion.. (guys arvi mansion is conected with swasan mansion…)

Sanskar went towards his room…When He entered he was shocked to see the room..n looked at swara she was throwing thing here n there…

San: shonaaaa

Swara looked at him in anger n start throwing her saree on him n coushion…Sanskar catched everything n was walking towards her…n was smiling seeing her back to normal…

Sanskar held her wrist n pinned her to Wall n she start prosting herself to get out of his Grip but he didnt let her do…

Sw:let me go you idiot duffer

San: why what happend

Sw: what happend how could you go leaving me sleeping..

San: bec..I didnt want to disturb you..

Sw: huh I dont wana Talk with you leave me alone…

San: really you want me to leave you alone..

Saying this sanskar came close to her..Swara looked at him then she turned her face to other side…she didnt want to look at him..bec..he has the magic to control her..Sanskar went near her neck..Swara closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her…Sanskar start giving her sweet kisses on her neck..First right then left..Swara had still closed her eyes..n she forgott that she was angry on him leaving her alone…Sanskar bited her neck hard n she mouned his name..

Sw: ahhh sanskar..

Hearing her moun sanskar start biting her softly…bec He didnt want to hurt her or wont to give her pain…he stoped kissing her on her nevk n looked at her…with full of love eyes n desire which he has for her…Swara opened her eyes n looked at him with Same love n desire…she know how He is controling hisself…n she know that how much he love n He Proving his love for her everytime…but know its her turn to Prove him how she loved him…n she know when n how she will Prove him…thinking that all she captureed his lips n start kissing him with full love n He also respond her…They Broke the when They were out of breath…After break Ing kiss swara hugged him thigtly…

San: sooo

Sw: sooo what

San: are you still angry…

After hearing snskar question looked at him n hugged him again thigtly nodding her head in no…

Precap: New entry….

Sooo guys whom you think sanskar will choose to destroye laksh ?

Will sanskar be able to destroye laksh or not

Soon will be ragini entry should I then make raglak as pair or not….

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