Swasan trust me episode 7

Hey guys…the last epi was flashback scene about swalak…about their relationship…I know you all guys waiting for sanskar reaction but flashback scene is very important now bec..After swara flashback I want write swasan romance..but soon you all get also now about sanskar past life….n also how swara sanskar came toghter…soo now I am starting with prologue…n one more thing ragini isnt living with their parents she is in abraod…if there is any confusion plzzz tell me…

And yeah dont worry this ff is only on swasan not swalak…

And more thing should I Post my ss on swasan current track or trust me? ?????

Soo lets start…

Days passed like this but laksh didnt changed his behaviour towards swara was the same..she cried almost every night..soon her college going to be finish n Party was held in college…Swara was getting ready..

Swara pov..

I dont know why He is changed but I know He cares for me a lot..today is the last Day of college…n I can spend time with my friends n classmate I know After college I am getting married..I should be happy that I am marrying laksh but still I wanted to be indepandent even I talked to dad about this he also didnt said anything…bec dad doesnt want her dil to Work ufff…Swara why are you spoiling your mood lets enjoy the Party infact your last party..
Pov ends…

Swara got ready went down she looked at laksh who was waiting for her..both said bye to everyone n left for party…

At party…

Swalak friends were waiting for them..When swalak arrived they greet n hugged eachother happily when swara about to hug Vicky and nikil…Laksh looked at her with anger that why she steptback…

Piya: omg swara you are looking Amazing

Sw: thanks Piya

Vicky: Amazing n hot.. (smiled evily)

Lak: I know Vicky thats why I choosed her

Vicky looked at laksh with a smirk..

Vicky pov..

Yeah laksh first time you did a great Job by making swara your gf…but let me tell you today I will make her MINE…
Pov ends…

Niti: guys lets dance..

All: yeah…

Everyone was dancing,loughing n drinking swara Got tierd so she was about to go to the bar before that Vicky came towards her with two Glas drink..n foward her one while smiling swara took the Glas n start drinking…n Vicky was smiling at her evily..

After sometime swara start feeling dizy so she went outside..Vicky followed her…

Vic: swara Swara

Sw: yeah

Vic: where are you going

Sw: I m not feeling well thats why I came out

Vic: oh come I will help you…

He held her from shoulder n Took her to a room while he was taking her to room rahul saw this n went behind them…
Vicky placed her on Bed n start touching her..

Sw: what are you doing leave me

Vicky: swara you r so hot I wanted you from First day..

Sw: Vicky leave me Lak (before she could complete she went  unconsciousness)

Vicky smiled at her evily he start undressing her….but stopped by rahul..

Ra: Vicky what r you doing ( he looked towards swara n understood everything he held Vicky color n start shouting at him..) you Bustard what were you trying to do with swara han I will tell laksh..

Vic: no you want

Ra: yes I will

Rahul turn to go but hitted by Vicky on his head..he also get  unconsciousness..vicky made him also laid beside swara..he made their Position like if someone see them like this they will think that they had intercours..he went out of the room n start talking with his friends…

After few hours…Laksh was searching for swara here n there..Vicky was seeing all this n smirked he went towards laksh..

Vic: lucky whom are you searching

Lak: swara

Vic: swara why

Lak: she is not here since few hours

Vic: but I saw her with rahul

Lak: what with rahul where

Vic: Come i’ll Show you

Both lucky n Vicky went towards the room were swara n rahul was..Lucky open the door n Got shocked to see swara n rahul toghter on the bed….he get hell angry seeing this…Swara got little bit consciousness she Got up looked towards laksh n Vicky then she remember what Vicky was about to do with her…

Sw: Lak.. (before she could speak laksh slaped her hard..Tears start fowlling from her eyes..then she feel someone moving on Bed she look towards n was shocked to see rahul there shirtless..then she notice she is wearing rahul shirt…Swara looked twards lucky n was about say but again he slaped her…he took her forcefully while she was pleading him to listen her…he throw her in car n start driving harshily After reaching home He called everyone n throw swara on the floor…Everyone get shocked but When laksh told them what He saw they also get angry on her even her on family…

Swara start crying bitterly asking Everyone to trust her

Sw:(while crying) maa plzz trust me i dont remember anything

But her Mother turn her Face to other side… swara is shocked to see that her Mother is Not beliving her she look towards laksh and plead him to listen her but nobody listen to her, her Dadi slaped her many time and accused her for that crime which she didnt have done……

She went towards her Papa n plead him but He also slaped her…n He throw her out of house…

She looked once again to her family and then to her in law but nobody trusted her again she try

Sw: crying papa trust me plzz dont Do this to me where will I go papa you know how much scard i am in darkness papa plzzz dont push me in darkness plzzzzz

Shek: get out you are no more for US go to hell and He closed the door

She breakdown completly After listing his fathers Word After a while she stood up and Walk lifeless like a deadbody without a soul on street..

Swara was walking n walking she didnt knew where she is going…
While she was walking without caring anything she Got hitted by a car..

3 people came out of looked at swara she was lying in Pool of blood…

Girl: sanskar bhei (she start crying)

San: shhhh purvi nothing will hapen to her arjun lets take her to Hospital…

Arjun took swara n sanskar start driving..They reached at City Hospital n they axpalin the situion to doctor n doctor took her to operation theater..

Sanskar n arvi were very tensed they were walking here n there..soon doc came out Trio rushed to doc..

San: doctor what happend is she fine na ?

Doc: yes mr sk she is fine you all can meet her After when we hav stift her in normal ward

Sqn: thanks doctor…

Trio hugged eachother happily that she is fine…

Epi ends…

So guys in next epi I will write present track…but also in present Track there will flashback scene..like their first meeting in Hospital n all that…..

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  5. Waiting for swasan scene . sanskar should punish laksh for molesting swara . both the gadodia and maheshwari’s should be scared of SK .plsssssssssssssssssss. If u don’t like my comment pls ignore it .sorry

    1. Rabia0032

      Aree dear dont be sorry in next there will be swasan scene

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    Is all the flashback a conversation between swasan and arjun purvi ???

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