Swasan trust me episode 6

Hey guysss thanks for liking my story soo much….
But After Reading this Part you all wana kill me hahahhaha??
So lets start….
Flashback starts….

A girl is sleeping peacefully she was dreaming about her prince charming…she was smiling during the dream but her broked by a voicee….

A lady entered in her room n was shouting at her…

Lady: shona shona(yeah guys she is noneothter then swara ak shona)shonaa (shaked her from shoulder little bit) shona wake up na you have to go collage..

Hearing the collag name shona Got up n went towards washroom while shouting on the lady….

Sw: maa you r very Bad…(yeah guys is noneothter then sharmishta ) you should wake me early na..

Sh: ufff shona I was waking you from since 30 mins..

Sw: fine fine dont start again

Sh: ufff this Girl na..saying she went..

Swara was getting ready for her collage she looked herself in mirror n a smile appeared on her face…

Swara pov..

Wooooow shona you r looking absolutly stunning…Laksh will Fall for you more n more hahahahha ( she Checked her phone there was no Calls nor msg she gets sad) huh today also didnt he called me nor msg what happend to him He is changing we were 3 years in relationship but one month ago we Got engaged but After our engament he changed he is soo posessive about me sometime I hate that fact…but what I can do I love him na..Papa n dad both r buisseness partner n they decided that we will get married After my collage..i try to Talk laksh about this..i dont wana marry him After collage I love him but I want to be indepandent I want to do something by myself but laksh didnt listen me..from that day I didnt try to Talk about this topic..bec He get very angry n i dont him to be angry with me…Oh shitt shitt I am late..

Pov ends..

Swara Run down n greet everyone..n start having breakfast…

Sw: good morning Papa Dadi dada g

Trio: good morning shona

Then she Kissed everyone on their cheek and left for her collage…

In collage xyz (guys I dont know about college bec..I am living in germany n here the collage are very different)

Swara went to their friends( swara friends niti Piya Vicky nikil n rahul..n one more thing swara is sweet caring…)

Sw: hey guysss

Frinds: hey swara

Nik: swara where is lucky

Sw: I dont know even he didnt picked me up..

Vicky: dont be sad na i am with you na (swara looked at him in confuse) I mean we are with you na
(Vicky has Bad eye on swara He just want her that why He is laksh best friends n laksh trust him Most more then swara..)

Sw: hmm

Someone hugged swara from back and kissed her on her cheeks…Swara smiled n she knew who is the Person..

Sw: lucky ( she broked the back Hug n hugged him) where were you han ?

Luk: why did you missed me

Sw: yeah I missed you very much you were about to pick me up na..

Lak: Baby I Got some Work

Sw: hmm

They Broke their hugged and went to their classes…days passed like this swalak enjoyed their life but swara didnt felt Comfortable with laksh closeness soo that why she allowed him to kiss her only laksh didnt like that bec..he wanted to mark her as his but he dont wana loose her so accepted that…

One Day swara was talking with someone and loughing loud n Holding his hand..When laksh saw that He couldnt control himself n parted them..

Sw: laksh what happend

Lak: what happend han I am waiting for you n you r loughing with him (looked towards person) n was Holding his hand

Sw: laksh He is my classmate ajay

Lak: so what ( He held her wrist thigtly n Took her from there forcefully)

Sw: (while walking) leave my hand Laksh you r hurting me..

Laksh throw her forcefully n she Fell down her Hand Got hurt their were some scratches on her hand..she looked at him shockingly Tears start fowlling from her eyes…

Sw: laksh..

Lak: shhhh…how many (held her chin thigtly n made her look into his eyes. ) how many time I have to tell you dont Talk with anyone..even if they r my friends or your classmate…(Tears start fowlling from eyes again n again???????) Baby dont cry na and you know if you Do this what I will do( she Got scard hearing that she remember when she made mistake laksh try to force hisself on her she numb..looked at her n smirked like He Got know what was she thinking) so Better keep distance from everyone  okey (saying this he left her)

Swara was crying n thinking: laksh how can you change soo much After our engament you changed you are not my laksh ??????????????but I love you n i can do anything for you n i know my love will change you again ( hahahahahah stupid Girl she dont know i wont let him change hahahahahahhaha????????)..thinking all that she also left…

Epi ends…

I know guys this is short Part but what to do na i have to write you all are waiting na…

Okey so how was the part n from next Part prologue will start…

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