Swasan trust me episode 4

Thank youuuuuu so much guys for liking and giving me coments its meana alot gor me lets start….

Swasan were sleeping peachfully hugging each other……the Sun Ray felt  on sanskar He opened his eyes a smile appeared on his Face looking at her beutiful wife Swara…..Swara cuddiling herself more him while sleeping sanskar was about to close his eyes again when his Phone beeped…He looked msg it was from arjun..

Arjun: sanky where are you? Did you forgott we have very important Meeting..? Come fast you hav only 1 hour left

Sanskar looked at time it was 9 am He totally forgott about Meeting He slaped his forehaed and Release hisself from swara went washroom…by now Swara also woke up she looked for sanskar here and there the she heard shower Sound she understood that sanskar is in washroom….After few mints sanskar came out washroom and swara was about say something but she was shocked her eyes went wide open..her mouth in ?looking at sanskar…Sanskar wearing one towl on his waist while other towl He was drying his hair….He was looking sooo HOT♨ and HANDSOME…

Swara: (monlog) omg He is looking sooo hot???I didnt knew my dear hubby is Hot in bare chest I knew He is handsome and Hot but looking at bare chest omg I cant stop looking???????while swara was talking to himself and was looking at sanskar without blinking…

Sanskar felt someone gaze on him He turned and saw swara staring at him with wide eyes open mouth He was confuse He looked at her were she is looking the he looked down himself and relise that He was wearing only around his waist He was shocked He looked towards swara and…

San: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (swara jumed on place hearing sanskar screming she Run to him she worried what happend to him suddenly)

Sw: sanskar what happend (cupped his face )

San: shona what were you doing han ?

Sw: (confuse) han ?

San: what were you staring han ?

Hearing sanskar question swara eyes went wide opened she looked at him in shocked..and she was blushing blushing…looking at her Face sanskar smiled went near her wisperd to her…

San: stop blushing my dear lovely wife bec..I cant control myself then…and yo…before sanskar could complete his sentence swara ran to washroom she closed the door went Near mirror and blushing more and more????…..

Sanskar shouted from behind: shona get ready we are going to office…

Sanskar was ready by now Swara came from washroom and she was trying to avoid eye contact…Sanskar smile at her…Swara set infront of the mirror and was about to tie her mangelsuter When sanskar stopped her and tied for her then He took pinch of Sindoor Filled her hairline….Swara smile at him He made her stand and Kissed her forehaed and she Kissed his cheek lovingly…

San: Come lets go…

They both held eachothers Hand and Walk out of the house and sat in their and drove to office…

In maheshwari mansion..

Everyone having breakfast…When laksh spoke..

Lak: Papa you know na how important this Präsentation is Papa we have to win this contract…

Dp nodded his head in yes: I know laksh there will be many big buisseness man dont know what happend but we have convice SK
( guys as I said nobody have Seen sk but in the Party the Media was Taking pic of sanskar bec..there was a buisseness Party soo that why dont get confuse okey)

Shek: you are dp we have to convice for this Deal ..
(Maheshwari and gododia family live toghter)

Lak: Papa uncle lets go we dont have much time…

Trio left for meeting….

SK office…

Swasan came in the they were walking towards confrance hall…all the Girls were looking at our Hot and handsome hero while waking He didnt pay attion to them which make swara happy and with she hold him more tighly showing all to Girl that He is her…Sanskar looked at smiled bec..He knew she was jolous….Swara looked him like what…He nodded his head in nothing swara smiled at him and They in confrance Hall Everyone was present there even maheshwari and gododia….They looked at swasan in shock like what are they doing here…They even didnt understand when everyone was standing greeting sanskar…Sanskar looked towards dp Lak shek…and smirk at them….He held swara Hand made her sit naht to him and himself sit on infront were He can watch everyone…Sanskar was about to greet them when laksh spoke..

Lak: sanskar what are you doing ?

San: excuse me

Lak: oh plzz just Shut up and why are you here han dont you have enough of yesterday Party han…

Mr gupta:shocked mr laksh what are you saying dont you know him

Lak: mr gupta I know him very well and how cheap this man..and..before could complete


Everyone was now shocked even swara and she knew she cant control sanskar when He is angry but she tried..

Sw: sans…


Swara looked at him in shocked then she looked down everyone looked at her swara and then they also keep quite…but duffer laksh cant be quite na..??

Lak: what will you Do han

I dont think mr laksh maheshwari you want to mess with sk a voice came from behind all look to him He was none other the arjun

Lak: what do you mean ?

Arj: huh dont try to mess with sk you will see the worst…and yeah its your first Meeting with sk na ?

Lak: yeah

Arj: poor boy I dont think you want this Projekt…

When arjun spoke about Projekt sanskar smirk at them…
Arjun went near sanskar..

Arj: mr laksh maheshwari let me introduce you the great SK… (Lak dp and shek looked towards him) so He is the great SK the head buisseness World in India and in London..(they looked at sanskar they were shocked they never thought sanskar will be great buisseness man)


Lak dp shek were shocked and They left without telling somthing….

And sanskar continued his meeting…After Meeting when everyone left sanskar looked towards swara she was still looking and had Tears in her eyes then He relised that He shouted at her….

San: cupping her Face SHONA i am so..intrupedt by swara

Sw: no need to be sorry I shouldnt have interfere na trying to control her tear..

San: no shona I am i was angry

Sw: yeah right sanskar when you are angry you can shout on anywhere na and infront everyone..

San: shona i..

Sw: no no need sanskar and why so suddenly shona han I am swara na so let me be swara…..

She stand up went out from confrance hall…Sanskar looked at her….

Recap: swara manao swasan office romance…

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  6. Wow loved it plz post soon and why you wrote Präsentation cause it’s a German word did you wrote it by mistake or can you speak German?

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  12. Just now read your story l. By reading this part,couldn’t stop myself from reading the other parts. Awesome plot. But can you just give me a brief as to when will the story be completed….

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