Swasan trust me episode 3

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So lets start guysss….


Sanskar was standing near window and was thinking something…


Lak: bhei how can you trust me so much han ?

San: bec…you are my brother cum best friend with whom I can Share anything…

Lak: thanks bhei for trusting and I PROMISE I will never braek your TRUST….and i will always TRUST you…

Sanskar smiled at him and hugged him…

Flashback ends….

Sans: (to himself) you promised me laksh you promised me that you will trust me han….you Broke your promise you Broked me….????Tears start fowlling down from his cheek..??

Swara came out of Washroom she looked for sanskar….there she found him standing Near Window watching outside….

Sw: sanskar..(sanskar didnt listen her bec…He was in his deep thought or remembring is past….Swara went Near him placed her Hand his shoulder made hin turn her side she looked into his there Tears she whiped his tear and cupped his face) sanskar what happend ?

San: (looked at her with Broken voice) shona  I loved them they were my life my family they didnt trusted me..When I saw my family I was happy seeing them but When I looked into their eyes they had only hatered for me Shona how can They think that I try to…di you also think that I was trying to.. (intrupedt by swara)

Sw: shhhh….I Trust you I know my sanskar cant Do this….

San: but..(keep her Finger on his lips)

Sw: listen we are maried since 1 month and you never tried to force yourself on me bec…you want to give me time na ? (Sanskar nodded his head in yes but still her Finger on his lips)we are leaving from 3 years toghter in this house did you ever try to Come Near me did you try do anything wrong with me (nodded his head in no) then how can you think I wont belive my sanskar my love my life han? ( a smiled appear on his Face ) I love you sanskar you are my everything you were there I when I needed my family Most but They never care about me… (while crying )they left they also didnt trusted me…but you know I dont care about them bec..I have you with me the Most important Person in my life…and one more thing you are not SANSKAR MAHESHWARI you are SANSKAR KHANNA the great Business man you are Rule the Business world…and now stop crying i want my sk back..

Sanskar smiled at her she also smiled at him He whiped her Tears….

San: than..before He could complete his Word swara placed her soft lips on his rough lips sanskar was shocked 1st but later He responded her she was pulling him more on her and He was crassing her back and with other He was Holding her waist thigtly not leting her go they were Kissing eachother hungerly but soon they Broke their Kiss bec..of Lack oxygen….They both looked into eachother eyes and was catching their breath….Sanskar took her in bridel style made her lay on Bed He came on top of her…Swara was still looking into his eyes she dont whats going to happen but before she think something sanskar Kiss her forehaed and hugged her tighly…..and wisperd to her…

San: good night shona

Swara smiled at him hugged him also thigtly and said : good night jaan

Both hugged eachother tighly didnt let eachother go and slept…..

Precap: Sanlak face off

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