Swasan trust me episode 1

Thank you sooooooooooo much guys for liking my proglog and for waiting I am sorry I couldnt Post Early but I try na……

Hope you guys liked it as i said I will Show this story After 3 years….

After 3 years…..

A big mansion is showen the lighting  shining very beautifuly…….there are big buisseness man and madia also waiting for someone…….

A girl is talking with someone or we can say fighting over the phone…

Girl: idiot stupid arrrgh where are you

Op: ….

Girl: just stop buttering me where the hell are you


Girl: listen if you are not here in 5 mins I’m gonna kill you


Girl: shut up I hate you (with that she cut the Phone )

Another Girl came And tap on her shoulder the Girl turn she is none other then our lovely beautiful SWARA..

O Girl : bhabi what happend and where is bhei

Sw: dont ask me about him purvi He is sooooooooooo anoying ?I am gona kill him

Pur: bhabi what happend ?

Sw: dont ask me what happend to your stupid idiot monkey donkey bhei…..Swara keep blabbring

Hearing all this purvi burst out loughing bec..that is Not New for her she knows her bhei & bhabi always fight with eachother….
Swara looked at purvi in anger purvi stopped loughing and Made an excuse went from there….

After 30 mins a man entered in the mansion  looking very Hot handsome every Girl can Fall for him…..every Girl is looking at him but He was searching for someone special while Media was talking and Taking his picture……

After talking with Media he went inside the Hall and was still searching for was someone….someone tap from behind He turned and smile at her

Man: purvi

Pur: yes bhei where were you know bhabi was Calling you

Man: I know I am sorry but I had important Meetings okey let it be where is she

Pur: there she is( turned and smile widely looking at her ) SWARA BHABI

He smiled at purvi and went towards swara……Swara looked at him and left from there ignoring him He followed her every where and was asking her to listen to him

Man: plzzzzz shona listen (still she ignored him and Walk away)

The man was now frustrated by now bec. Of her ignoring He held her wrist and pinned her to Wall in a coner where nobody can see them

Sw: what the hell is with you

Man: yeah right what the hell is with you han why are you ignoring me han

Sw: so what han I was waiting for you and you came now

Man: I am sorry na plzzzz

Sw: no go away

Man: why are you so stubborn han

Sw: what I am stubborn you know what go to hell…….

Saying this She started hitting him and he leaned to Kiss her someone saw this and mistunderstood the Situation……

He went towards them and tap on the shoulder…..the man turn and is shocked…..

Infact trio are shocked seeing eachother…

Precap: Face to Face fight

So guys who is the man ?
And who is another man ?
And why are they shocked seeing eachother ?

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  1. Khushiii

    Amazing continue soon

  2. Wonderful

  3. Vyshu10

    awesome…loved swasan nok-jhok….swara ignoring him and sanskar trying to plead her. Interesting….

    Guess the other guy is laksh….who left swara years ago

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear I will

  4. Next part

  5. Ayonti(swasan)


  6. Interesting pls update the next part

  7. Kaynatk01

    oh my god am damn waiting for next

  8. Waiting for next one
    plz dear can u post big ones

  9. Crazy

    Reading again bit still loving it…
    Shall I tell answer t ur question Han ?
    Chod mahi boltiii
    Hope u guessed me who m I ?

    1. Rabia0032

      Ok you also are on wattpad but I couldnt guess tell me na who you are….???plzzzz

      1. Crazy

        u dint guess ur alll time cmmnter very bad rabia well me @CrazyVyshu

      2. Rabia0032

        Sorry vyshu

  10. Love it,update soon

  11. Mahjabeen

    Loved it dear

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