Swasan-TRUST (episode 1)

Swasan- TRUST

Her pov
I hear my name and know it’s my hallucination. Here there’s none who can call my name. I m here in a new place leaving everything behind. Apart from that old landlord who keeps messing my name no one knows it. Perhaps its just two days i have been here. The first night i spent on the Station itself. I have put on my phone which was dead and after putting it on i realize the amount of messages i got “where are you Swara?” But i don’t want to open them so i just deleted them just reading one. I ke0t the phone on the table and looked out of the window and again it buzzed..
The screen flashing “mom” then it stopped in few seconds and started again “dad”and “ragini”it went on till the phone vibrated and fell of the table. I removed the sim card and cut it into pieces and went to sleep i had gone for my college admission today which i got and tomorrow was my first day along with it i needed a job. There are many vacancies which i applied today itself and got a call for an interview which i had tomorrow. All i need is to sleep.

Next day
I don’t know what life has kept to do with me now. All the while it just sucked. I hope now it doesn’t do anything more. I quickly dressed up and went for my interview first and then to the college. Luckily i got the job. I was so happy about it but forgot that my happiness comes with a expiry date which is just in minutes. Where ever i go i have problems surrounding me. They’re my best friends…. joining the college in mid semester and coming to know that in next two days are your exams is a good thing? But it has always happened with me so i do care a darn about it now.

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