Swasan trust me (epilogue pt 1)

Hiiii guys this 1part of epilogue I couldn’t complete this episode one soo I am giving u two epi….
I hope u will like…

Swara woke up screaming sanskar name making other worried who were with her she was sweating badly and was shivering in fear and look here and there to see sanskar but he was nowhere to found…first swara thought it’s her dream but on not finding him she thinks it was not her dream but reality her sanskar had left her thinking that she start crying badly making other worried…

Pur: (cupped her face) swara swara (made her look) what happened why are u crying

Sw: (while crying) sans..sanskar

Pur: what bhei han swara happened tell me na

Sw: (pushed little purvi aside run out of room screaming sanskar name) sanskar sanskar (reached in hall look around to find him but he was nowhere) sanskar sanskar (fell on the floor and was crying badly) sanskar please come back I am sorry sanskar please mujhe maaf kardo wapas ajao (arvi came to her runingly even karag came they were shocked to see swara like this ragini run to her hugged her tightly) ragini please call sanskar na I kknow he is angry that why he left me na tell him how much I love him please call him back I will never shout him nor I will slap him just tell him to came back I know said him to leave me but I was angry ragini just call him back I can’t live without him pleaseeeeee

Rag: (confuse on her behavior) shhhh swara nothing happened to jiju he will come back

Sw: (pushed her stood up and start shouting) nooo he won’t come back he said me he is leaving me he left me he left (sceard) that laksh killed him he took my sanskar away (looked at her hand) I hold him with my hand but still he left me (thinking about laksh word earlier) he said he will destroy my life he did it (looked at other who were completely in shock and didn’t know what is happening) he killed my sanskar he killed him I won’t my sanskar back (start feeling dizzy) call my sanskar back pleaseee call him (get unconscious murmuring something) sanskar please come backkk

Other were still in shock they don’t know what is happening why is swara saying that laksh killed sanskar how can this happen when they talk with him few minute before….

Arj: swara (went near her and picked her up walk to her room made her lay on bed) what heppend to her why is she talking like this

Pur: (worried) don’t know arjun just call bhei ask him where he is and call him back immediately

Rag: (while caressing her hair) I think she saw bad dream that why she is behaving like that just call jiju ask him to come back I can’t see my shona like this

Kar: don’t worry nothing will happen to bhabi (side hug her)

Arj: I will call him (he called sanskar but his phone was switched off) his phone is switched off (worried for swara) where the hell he is

Other were looking him in tension because if sanskar didn’t came their shona won’t be fine without sanskar she is nothing they know this very well purvi and ragin were caressing her hair… purvi looked at ragini made her lay in his lap both sister were suffering their problem one lost her everything and other is waiting for her sanskar who is nowhere to find….

Pur: ragini nothing will happen don’t worry

Rag: hmmm

Karan and arjun were calling sanskar continuously but he didn’t picked now they were also worried for him they don’t know what to do one side swara is calling sanskar in her unconscious state and here they don’t know where he is….

Its been 2 days since sanskar is missing and here swara state getting bad she woke up only screaming sanskar name and searched him everywhere while screaming his name and asking for forgiveness for slapping him and saying him to leave her on not finding him she get unconscious but still murmuring his name seeing her state nobody could control themselves they cried with her they could see how madly she is in love with sanskar she was out control for them she didn’t eat and drink but somehow on doctor  advice she got infusion bottle but it didn’t work on her because she always took that infusion away…. She was getting weak and her face turned pale her beautiful eyes had dark circle….today again arjun try to call him thinking maybe he will pick up and to his luck he picked the call…

On call

Arj: sanskar where are u are u fine why is ur phone switched off han do u know sceard and worried we are for u han where the hell are u

San: realx arjun I am fine I was just searching laksh and today I found him I won’t leave that bustard

Arj: but why didn’t you came home

San: I wanted to come back but without laksh not and I couldn’t see hatred in swara eyes for

Arj (hearing swara he realized her condition) sanskar come fast home we need u please (tears welled up in his eyes) swara need u

San: (shock) swara arjun what happened to her (worried) tell me arjun how is she (didn’t get any answer) arjun telll me what happened (arjun was crying how should he tell what is happening with swara but soon they heard swara scream) swaaraa (angry worried) arjun tell me damit what happened to her

Ar: come back saying this he cut the call…

Hearing swara screaming his name he got worried what not tears were fowling his eyes how much he was missing her in those 2 days how much he wanted to take her in his arms  but thinking how he should face swara after what happened with ragini it was all his mistake to involve her in their plan he start driving fastly to get back to his swara his jaan his love he was driving while all their beautiful moment which they spend together were coming back to him…he was driving fastly soon he reached ss mansion without wasting anything run inside the mansion but seeing the scene in front he was shocked his life his shona was crying bitterly while sitting in the middle of the hall and everyone trying to console her…

Arj: swara plzz sanskar is coming don’t worry he will with u I just talk to him

Rag: shona jiju is coming please stop crying na

Sw: no no he left me I know u all are laying he left me (saying this she stood up went near dining table picked the knife) he left me here alone na I am also leaving I can’t live without him ha I am going to my sanskar (saying this she was about to cut her wrist but before someone held the knife she looked at him and smiled at him) sanskar (and got unconscious before she could fall he held)

San: (cryingly) swara swara (patted her cheek) shona shona jaan please wake up na look I am back (looked at others) what happened to her (nobody answered him but they were looking at swara with teary eyes) I am asking u guys what happened to her

Pur: (angry) where the hell were u bhei do u know how swara was leaving without u han she was crying for u we try to call u but u didn’t picked our call where the hell were u

San: (guilty on seeing swara like this) I was searching laksh without finding how could I face her

Rag: (teary) but jiju it doesn’t u will go like this

San: I am sorry guys what I did was wrong but should I face swara without finding laksh

Arj: its ok now u are back na everything fine

All: hmmm

San: but what happened to her

Rag: don’t know jiju I think she saw bad dream and on not finding u she think its not her dream

San: (teary) hmm (picked her up in bridal style walk to their room made her lay properly on bed ,kissed her forehead and looked at ragini) ragini laksh is in jail now go give him the punishment I wanted to kill but u have the right which punishment u wont to give him…

Rag: (think) hmmm (looked at karan) shall we go

Kar: han lets go

Arj: u take rest now (looked at swara) please now take care of her

San: HAN (closed the door went near swara caressed her hair) I am sorry princess now I won’t go anywhere leaving u (kissed her forehead) I love u (laid beside her took her in his embrace) 
In jail

Karag came in jail to meet laksh seeing laksh ragini held karan hand tightly laksh looked at ragini and smirked she took a long breath and went to laksh…

Rag: now get ready mr laksh maheshwari for ur punishment (she looked at him with anger) don’t worry I wont slap because I don’t wane make my hand dirty (he smirked at her even she smirked ) u loved hearing my painfull voice na u wanted me scream in pain na I was pleading u for mercy u didn’t paid heed na   (controlling herself) for ur blody revenge u raped me must be feeling happy na by raping na today I will show u how it fell being raped even u should taste the same thing (called someone) come in (few mans came seeing them laksh get confuse but hearing he became shock) so guys enjoy with him I hope he will satisfy u guys (smirked) today I wane hear his scream (looked at mans) for what are u waiting go enjoy

Lak: (panick) no no ragini u cant do this

Rag; ofcourse I can do this

Lak: I am sorry ragini please forgive me

Rag: even I am sorry laksh please forgive me

Saying this she left and hugged karan immediately start crying

Rag: how can I do this karan (crying) I I I am not bad karan he made me do this (heard his screaming and pleading) how i

Kar: shh what ever you did is great every girl should fight for the right and u did it (kissed her forehead) I am proud of u

Rag: thankyou

Both left after hearing laksh screaming now ragini felt happy….

Precap: swasan ❤❤❤❤❤❤

So guys how was laksh punishment?

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