Swasan trust me epi 25

So guys this is second last epi…this maybe be boring I had no intress in writing but wanted to complete soo hope u like it…

Ka: (shocked looked here n there before coming here he also Checked her room even called her) guys where is ragini (Trio looked confusingly) I Checked her room but I didnt found her where is sh..(he looked towards sanarj) Nooo ragini oh shitt we have to find her

Sw: (shocked confuse) ragini why what happend to her (she looked at Trio who were looking down went near sanskar) sanskar what is happening here

San: Woh swara I woh

Sw: (angry) tell me sanskar

Ka: swara we will tell u before that we have to find ragini

Sw: but

Ar: plzzz swara 1st let us find ragini

They all start searching ragini every corner but didnt found her…
Now they were tensed where can she go…its been hour they were searching her but soon they heard a sound of breaking something so they went on that way….
Soon they reached near a room their heart start beating fast they were hell sceard what if something happened what if laksh did something to ragini oh no they dont but start sweating with the fear little…They stood like Statue didnt moved little bit seeing this swara Got hell angry first they didnt told what is happening and now ragini is missing which is scaring her like hell…

Her lovely sister is missing who always was there when she needed her… who became her reason to be Strong… who left their parents only for her ….she looked at them then tought open the door herself..

When she opened the door She got little sceard the room was filled with darkness she walk little inside Tread on the shards making her sceard soon she switched the light on but got shock off her life…

Seeing her lovly sister laying on bed her body was full with nails scratches and biting Marks and there she was laying uncoussion tears made her way trough Her eyes she was shocked what not…how can this happened few minutes ago her sister was celebrating her birthday and got her love now here she is laying…while screaming her name she Run to her cryingly badly…fowled by purvi who was also shocked seeing ragini like this… Swara hugged her lovly sister while crying mean while purvi covered her with blanket…

Sw: ragini raginiiiiii (looked at her) wake up na plzzz raginiiiiii ?????raginiiiiii…

Soon they took her in Hospital all the way to Hospital swara was Holding her lovly sister hand cryingly she never tought that like this can happend with her sister…After reaching hospital the doctor took ragini to ot…

Karan was standing in corner being in shock the Girl whom he loved is raped now…Tears were fowlling he whiped his tears to be Strong for ragini he will never leave her he loved her truly then how can he leave her in critical condition no never…

Arvi were still in shock how can this happened that to with ragini…

Seeing swara crying sansjar went near he was also in shock ragini whom he tought as sister is in this condition because he was feeling guilty for involving her in their plan…he went near placed her hand on her shoulder she looked at him n whiped her Tears…

And start asking her question she wanted to know who can do this to her ragini and why the hell was laksh in jail she had soo many question so she asked him… he couldnt deny anymore so told her truth how they plan to destroye laksh and how ragini helped him…hearing this swara was angry on sanskar how can he involve her sister After knowing how laksh is…

Sw: to take ur blo*dy revenge u involved ragini how can u do this (Pulled him from colar shocking n everyone)

San: swara woh

Sw: how can u forget what he did to me after knowing u still send her

San: I am sorry

Sw: beacuse of u my sister had paid sanskar

San: swara I didnt knew that will happen

Sw: (slaped) u didnt knew that u pushed my sister into beast cage..

San: I am sorry…

Sw: what will ur sorry do han can ur sorry bring my sister back han (start hitting on his chest) tell me (try to hold her) dont touch me sanskar dont u dare

San: (shock) shona

Sw: swara only swara (pushed him) get lost sanskar  (he was about to Touch her) get lost I said goooooo

He looked at her with teary eyes and left karan n arjun were about to go behind but that time doc came they left to meet ragini as she has gain her coussion…

Inside ward…

Sw: (went near ragini crassed her face) ragini (she turned her face feeling disgusting) wont u look at me (still didnt turn) I am sorry it all happened because of I am the blo*dy for all problem I am sorry I wished I died on that day when I met with accitend I am sorry it all happened because I am sorry maf kardo

Now she turned and saw her sister condition soon she also start crying both hugged each other ragini was letting her pain out the pain…

Rag: ???let me die I cant live anymore I wane die

Sw: ragini I am here na plzz dont say that

Rag: no he took my everything he made me dirty

Before swara could speak karan intrupedt her

Kar:can I Talk with ragini alone

Rag: no

Kar: plzzz

Rag: goo from here (They all left them alone) I said na go plzz go

Kar: why dont u love me anymore ragini

Rag: what u want han I have nothing to give u anymore

Kar: u have ragini u have that u can give me

Rag: no I dont have

Kar: u have raguni and its ur love (she looked at him) yes ragini ur love is enough for me I dont need ur body I just need ur love

Rag: why are u doing this

Kar: bec..I love u plzz ragini marry me

Rag: no I am Not anymore pure plzz karan u will get someone

Kar: u are pure for me I dont need ur body I need u only plzzz and i dont need someone else when I have u

Rag; how can u karan

Kar: just say yes or (looked at knie picked up) I will kill myself

Rag: u wont are u mad

Kar: yes in ur love plzz ragini I love u

Rag: I love u dont Do anything

He hugged her and she start crying putting her pain in front of him…

Precap: hamaari adhuri khaaniiiii???

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