Swasan trust me epi 24 MAHA EPISODE

Guyss this the biggest epi I ever wrote…Hope u will like n yeah one more thing this is 3RD LAST EPISODE OF TRUST ME I will to end this ff till the end of week…so lets start the story…

Swara n purvi brought to hall she was looking beautiful and stunning in Black gown with matching Accessoires…purvi was wearing purple gown she was looking beutiful…

Seeing them coming down sanskar smiled but soon his smile vanish seeing swara she was looking beutiful hot he was totally mesmorized seeing her…Feeling his gaze swara blush little she was avoiding his look…

On the other hand Ragini really felt happy seeing their love for her she didn’t know to express her feeling…after Cake cutting ragini wanted to say something when suddenly lights went off and spotlight on ragini shocking her soon she heard someone voice or someone confession for her….

So: the day I saw u fell for u…I know u think me as your friend only…but I can’t think about u like this ragini…your innocents made me fall for u…your love for swara made me speechless…I don’t know what will u think but I control myself for confessing (saying this he went near her and kneel down) I LOVE YOU (the spotlight felt on him revealing him n forward his hand to her) WILL U ACCEPT MY LOVE

Rag: (shocked) Karan

Karan sanskar best friend he knows each n everything about sanskar and he is also sanarj patner in business till know he was in abroad n came few months back there he only met ragini  

She was looking at him in shock tears make the way through her eyes beacuse somewhere in her hearth she still has feeling laksh..she know he did bad with her sis but she loved him truly seeing her tears he stand up to go but ragini held his hand and turn him towards her…

Rag: I LOVE U as my friend…(he turned again to go but she held not letting him go) but I don’t want to give u false hope karan I don’t know about love but yeah I LIKE U (he smiled to hear honestly) u are true friend karan seeing ur friendship sanarj I was really to have u as my friend..n coming to ur proposal I don’t know but I am sure that I will be really happy with u…n coming to love like I said I like u soo just give me little time to fall in love with u (looking straight into his eyes) will u give me a chance to fall in love with u

Hearing her karan felt blessed to have her without saying anything he hugged her tightly even ragini hugged him back…

This was all heard by someone who was already spying them his hatred n ager increased more n wanted to take revenge from them badly for destroying him…(and I know u guys already understood who that person is right 😉 )..

They broke the hug hearing clapping sound sanarj hugged karan were swara n purvi hugged ragini…sanskar was still looking at swara making her blush…soon He start singing to express his feeling to her…

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam

Just because I love you so much,
Will you take away my life?

(He walk to her even the other couple joined…he pulled her towards himself)

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham

(Even she joined him singing expressing her feeling to him the way he is doing)

Hamaare dil ki tum thodi si kadar kar lo
Hum tum pe marte hain thodi si fikar kar lo
Fikar kar lo

Give some imporatnce to my heart
I love you,do take a bit care

(He made her turn n was now back hugging her…he moved her hair a side n start leaving his hot breath to make her shiver)

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham

Tune o jaana deewana kiya hai
Deewana kiya is kadar
Deewana kiya is kadar
Chaahat mein teri bhulaaya jahaan ko
Na dil ko kisi ki khabar
Na dil ko kisi ki khabar

Beloved,you have turned me mad such that
I have forgotten the world in your love
My heart has no idea about anybody else

(He twirled her now both were looking at eachother with full of love and Passion…)

Ragon mein mohabbat ka ehsaas zara bhar lo
Ham tum pe marte hain thodi si fikar kar lo
Fikar kar lo

Fill the feeling of love in your every part
I love you,do take a bit care

(He kissed her forehaed n she closed her eyes feeling his touch…)

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham

Tumse hain saansein tumse hain dhadkan
Tum hi se hai deewangi
Tum hi se hai deewangi
Rabb ne hamein di hai tumhare liye zindagi
Tumhare liye zindagi

My breathing and heartbeat is by you
My madness in because of you
God has provided me this life for you

(She looked at with love and crassed his face lovingly…while saying those line for him)

Vaada sang jeene ka tum jaan-e-jigar kar lo
Ham tum pe marte hain thodi si fikar kar lo
Fikar kar lo

Promise me to live together,my life
I love you,do take a bit care

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham

Both were lost in eachother eyes n forgott their surrownding..but soon came hearing clapping sound…
Both were enoying party getting a Call karan left the Party…

(Note guys I will write both side so for swasan ss n raglak rl)

The guest were start leaving because its was getting late…getting as Opportunity sanskar dragged swara to the hotel room making swara shocked first but then she start blushing like hell seeing her husband eagerness to have her….

On the other side ragini was walking to her room when someone grabed her in other room and pushed her on floor making ragini shocked and angry n little sceard…he locked the door n turns towards her while smirking…she turn to see who was but seeing him her eyes winded and start sweating little which was notice by him n smirked his effect on her…

Rag: (shocked sceard) Laksh

Yes guys He is noneothter then laksh who is escaped from jail and came for taking his revenge..

Laksh came towards ragini in anger n slaped duet to which she again Fall on floor little blood came from corner of her lips n tears make their way from her beautiful eyes he held from her hair n made her stand hurting her more

Rag: (pain) ahh laksh plzz leave me

Lak: (angry) haha do u really think I will leave u huh

Rag: (crying??) plzz leave me

Lak: did u hear me when I was saying no na then how can u think I will leave u

Saying this he pinned her on Wall n captured her soft lips and was kissing her roughly..she was prosting but he was Holding her hand thigtly not letting her go out of grip…

Ss side..

While entering in room sankar captured her soft lips with his rough lips 1st they were sharing sweet kiss which turned soon in hungry kiss both were Kissing eachother madly n were exploring each corner of his n hers…both didnt want break the kiss but duet to lack of oxygen they both parted away n were breathing heavily n were looking in eachothers eyes which were full with love n desire…

Rl side..

Ragini was strugling to get breath but he didnt leave her n was making more Difficult to breath but After sometime getting out of breath he left her…
Tears were fowlling from raginis n was feeling disgusting on herself how could she ever love this Person who was now blind in taking revenge from her..by destroying her life n most importantly her dignity… she pushed him with full force to run but he pulled her duet which Fall on bed…

Making ragini Fall above him she try to get up but he Rolled over her n held her hand…

Rag: laksh plzz leave me

Lak: no way u n sanskar destroyed me now its my turn

Rag: plzzz laksh noo u ca..couldnt complete when he placed his rough lips on her soft lips n was biting her lips continusly…

Ss side…

Both were looking eachother with desire being out of control sanskar picked swara in bridel style making her blush more..

He placed her on bed n came above her feeling his gaze on her she turned giving her back to him…
He smiled seeing her blushing and her hair a side open the zip of her dress…Feeling his finger brushing on her bare back she shivered with plasure…she mouned in plasure when he start giving her wet kisses on her bare back…


Laksh Tored ragini clothes shocking her she was pleading to to leave her but he didnt paid heed to her words n was kissing n biting her neck leaving his Mark on her making her feel disgusting on herself…

Ss side…

Sanskar turned swara to him n she closed her eyes in plasure..he kissed her forehaed..cheeks sensually n her nose to tease her he kissed her near her lips making her turned on…now it was her turn had enough of his torture she captured his lips…n shared passionate kiss..After kissing her lips he leaned to her neck n start kissing her n biting leaving his Mark on her…she was moaning in plasure which made her feel special n most happy woman in the world…

Rl side..

Ragini was trying to Protest but whenever she tried he over Powered her..she was loosing all her strenght she tried to save herself for the person who loves her..who have the real right on her…on her body on her soul on her each n everything but laksh was killing her all his right… A lone tear of pain escaped from her eyes remembering karan love confession which he did only few hours back..again a lone tear escaped remembering her love which she had for laksh…she was hating herself for loving for leaving her family beacuse of him…for not moving on him she was hating that heart which had love for him…she was hating that brain which was full with his thought…she was hating her herself like she never did…she wanted to die soon the lights went of..but the pain n screm were getting louder n louder nobody was there to her scream pain…but soon the silence took over her scream….

Ss side…

Their clothes were laying on floor n our heavenly couple were busy making love…moaning eachother name in plasure again they became from swara sanskar SWASAN they were feeling happy being out of World to Mark eachother again his n hers…this feeling was special for them whenever they made love to eachother they couldnt describe in word how they felt being with eachother like this in their love’s embrace which can u make feel protective n safe from everything…A lone tear of happiness escaped from swara eyes being again sanskar’s…

One was moaning in plasure n the other one was moaning in pain…One felt blessed being loved, having him as his  soulmate…and the other one felt disgusting being love no no this cant be love she never dreamt whom she loved from soo many years will snatch her dignity n will kill her soul…..One was feeling special whenever he touched her with love n other one wanted to die on the Spot whenever he touched her making her feel disgusting….

One was giving love n plasure marking her as his…n other one was playing with her leaving his Mark on her…One was feeling blessed having her as his soulmate n was happy Hearing his name…other one was destroying, killing her soul n was getting roughly with her to hear her screaming which made him happy he was now satifyed by taking his revenge, hatred on her….

Swasan side…

After their love making both were looking eachother lovingly but soon their eyelock was broken by a phone call…At 1st sanskar cut the call but its start ringing became g irritate he switched his Phone off…he looked at swara who already was looking at him with love he leaned to captured her lips but was disturb by knock..he Rolled his eyes being disturbed seeing him swara start loughing..

San: who is this

Ka: sanskar its me karan plzz open the door its very important

Hearing his tens voice swasan quickly Dresses up n made themself presentable…n soon opened the door n saw karan n arvi tensed…

San: what happened

Ar: (tens) sanskar woh (looked at swara 1st tensed) laksh escaped from jail

Swasan: (shocked) whaaaaatttt
Swara looked at them in shock n confuse..

Sw: (confuse) why is laksh in jail (hearing her question Trio looked at her ) what why is He in jail (gets angry on not getting answer from them) I am asking u why is laksh in jail n u guys knew about that (trio looked down) why the hell u guys didnt told me (Trio were looking eachother how to explain) sanskar what’s going on

San: (tens) woh swara

Sw: han tell (before He could speak something strike in karan mind)

Ka: (shocked looked here n there before coming here he also Checked her room even called her) guys where is ragini (Trio looked confusingly) I Checked her room but I didnt found her where is sh..(he looked towards sanarj) Nooo ragini oh shitt we have to find her

To be continue….

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