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I knowwww I am toooooo late sorry guys really sorry for being late but I will try to post soon as possibel like I said before I will only Post on weekends…this short update but Next epi will be long sooo dont be angry it will be MAHA EPISODE ? sooo chill I will try my best to Post on sunday if u guys will give more coments only ?

Swara Pov

Its been 2 week since we got the news of purvi being pregnant more then purvi my lovely husband Sanskar Kahnna is happy and excited…the way he is caring for purvi full filling all her wish n pampering her I sometime became jolous I know they brother n sister but still…if u see ur love giving someone more important then u might also feel jolous and that’s happening with me..not only even arjun is jelous seeing their love n bond…seeing him happy i am soooooo happy I just wished that our happiness shouldn’t be faded away…I still remember the day when purvi announced that she is pregnant to him…

Pur: (nervous) bhei

San: hmm

Pur: I wanted to tell u something

San: (cupping her face) what happened to my sis

Pur: (nervous n closed her eyes) bhei u are going to be soon mamu

San: (shocked) whaaaaat (cupped her face) really (she nodded he hugged her thigtly tears out happiness start fowling down) I am sooo happy (kissed her forehead)


From that day he became more possessive I mean seriously he didn’t let her do any work me n purvi tried to explain him that there is lot of time but nah he is the sk poor purvi she had to bear my cute lovely hubby posessiveness…which she is also loving I know how much happy she is seeing sanskar care n love…
But Don’t know I am sceard that something gona happen because from few days I am seeing sanskar is tensed about something when I try to ask him he divert the topic..but whatever happened I wont leave my sanskar or let anything happen to him he is my life my heartbeat without him I cant be able to live….its been 3 years since me and sanskar are toghter I just cant belive that one incident changed my whole life…thinking all that I am very thankfull to Vicky and laksh because of them I got my sanskar such a loving caring person who loves me more then himself…
Pov ends…

Sanskar was working with arjun but he was lost in his deep thought n was thinking about that incident which happened few days back…

Sanskar pov…
Few days ago I took my revenge on laksh for hurting my swara and for molesting her on that day…seeing her in pain it hurted me a lot that I couldn’t save my jaan from that bustard now he is sitting in jail seeing him begging from me…I was relieved that I made him cry n begging the way he made my jaan huh…but now I am scared not of that cheap but of my jaan…I didn’t told her anything because she will be angry on me and mostly for involving ragini with me…she doesn’t want to get in any trouble but how can I let him go easily whatever he did with my swara my jaan I can’t forgive him…after taking revenge from him I took over the maheshwari company and mansion now its all on my jaan name…everyone is angry on me as if I care about them except my sis and mother they should be thankfull to me that I didn’t throw them out for hurting my jaan huh…

Pov ends…

Both swasan were in their deep thoughts thinking about their happiness n revenge but soon their thoughts were disturb by respectively by arvi…soon swara and purvi were busy making arrangements for ragini birthday which was tomorrow…both couple were busy in their respectively work after tearing day both couple slept in each other embrace…

Next day…

At sunshine hotel sanskar n arjun were busy checking the arrangements while swara n purvi were making ragini ready for her surprise…

Precap: ragini surprise ??

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