Swasan trust me epi 21


Dont know guys what is happening but wanted to write soo I am writing…

Saying this she left n swara felt on knee with thud crying…she was guilty for hurting him badly without knowing his truth n without listing him…she was crying badly when she felt someone hand on her shoulder she looked up n found arjun…

Sw: (crying) bhei I didnt know that that..

Ar: (knelt down infront of her) shhhh dont cry (whiping her tear) I know u will never hurt sanskar in ur dream even

Sw: but I hurted him na

Ar: yeah u hurted him but swara if any girl were on ur place would have done this also it was our mistake that we didnt told u that He was sanskar maheshwari laksh brother

Sw: but i should try to listen him na he saying this but what I did i didnt listen him n just slaped him

Ar: no swara u were right on ur place now stop crying…
(Saying this hugged her thigtly )

Sw: (while hugging him) bhei even purvi is angry on me

Ar: (Broke the hug cupped her face) I know she is very angry on u but dont worry we will make her understand ur pov…U know swara she loved sanskar more than me if sanskar say to her leave me without questioning him she will leave me u know I felt very jolous seeing Purvi n sanskar bond whenever I shouted on sanskar na purvi didnt talked to me for one week (loughing) she is mad for sanskar first I thought she love him but then hearing from her bhei word sanskar na I became very happy that she think him as bhei n dont worry my dear sis she will understand n will ask sorry…

Sw: (smile sadly) what about sanskar will he forgive me

Ar: ofcourse he will

Sw: and what if not then

Ar: then we will make him to forgive u

Sw: (happy) thanks bhei

Ar: u welcome (cupped her face ) u love him na

Sw: (looking down n blushing) hmm

Ar: hahah ok stop blushing infront me hahahahha

Sw: bheiiii (hugged him ) thanks

Ar: u are my sis so dont need to thanks me ok (nodded in yes) come lets go we have to Talk with purvi…

When They turned they saw purvi standing there Tears were fowlling down from her eyes she Came near swara n hugged…

Pur: I am sorry swara I am relly sorry I know I behave rudly with u but seeing sanskar broken I couldnt control myself he is my everything like arjun n i couldnt see tears in his eyes I am really sorry swara plzzz forgive me…

Sw: (broken hug whiped purvi tears) no need to be sorry being a sister even I had done this

Pur: so I am forgiven

Sw: (hugged her) yeah

Ar: plzzz stop this emotional Drama guys I am fed up

Sw: hahahah ok

Pur: go sleep even u have to Talk with bhei

Sw: (sad) hmmm

Arjun plced his hand on her head: dont worry everything will be fine (kissed her forehaed) come…

Next morning

Everyone were sitting on breakfast Table waiting for sanskar…When he came down swara looked at him with teary eyes but he didnt looked at her n without having breakfast left for office making swara sad….the whole day  swara was trying to convice him but he ignored even arvi were helping swara to convice sanskar….but our sanskar tooo much stubborn that He avoided arvi also…

At night when sanskar returned home He found the lights of suddenly lights came he was shocked speechless finding the whole house beautiful decorate n in the middle of hall a Table decorate with his Favorite food n two chairs it was just like candle light dinner…seeing this he felt happy overhelmd light smile appeared on his lips…he looked here n there to find someone but he heard a beautiful voice singing for him…

Tum bhi tanha thay
Hum bhi tanha thay
Milke rone lage (x2)

You were lonely
So was I
We met and started crying

He turned n found swara singing for him while coming down from stairs looking very beautiful wearing Red gown…

Ek jaise thay dono ke gham daga hone lage
Tujhme muskurate hain
Tujhme gungunaate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain
Tere hi khayalon mein
Doobe doobe jaate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain

Our grief was alike and it started acting like medicine
I smile in you
I hum in you
I leave myself with you

She looked at him with teary eyes n walked towards him…coming near she start walking around while looking at him…

Thode bhare hain hum, thode se khaali hain
Tum bhi ho uljhe se, hum bhi sawaali hain
Kuch tum bhi kore ho, kuch hum bhi saare hain
Ik aasmaan par hum do chaand aadhe hain
Kam hai zameen bhi thodi, Kam aasmaan hai
Lagta adhoora, tum bin har jahaan hai

I am a bit filled and a bit empty
You are a bit confused and even I have questions
You are a bit blank and I am a bit plain
We are two half-moons on the same sky
Earth is not sufficient, nor is the sky
Every world feels lonely without you

She Reste herself on his back while singing tears were fowlling down…she made turn him n looked at him with teary eyes while he whiped her tear nodding no…

Apni har kami me hum ab tujhe hi paate hain
Khud ko tere pass hi chhod aate hain
Jitni bhi viraani hai tujhse hi sajaate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain

I found you wherever
I myself lack I leave myself with you
I decorate you wherever it is deserted
I leave myself with you

She hugged him thigtly feeling him even he hugged thigtly both were feeling happy…she Broke the hug he cupped her face n kissed her forehaed feeling his kiss she closed her eyes…

Do raaz milte hain, Humraaz bante hain
Sannate aise hi aawaaz bante hain
Khamoshi me teri, meri sadaayein hain
Meri hatheli me, teri duaayen hain

Two secrets meet and become confidants
This is how quiet gets it’s voice
Your silence contains my calling
My hands have your prayers in them

He exstand his hand for dance which she gave happily smiling at him…he twirled her n back hugged her placing his hand on her belly….

Ik saath tera ho toh sau manzile ho
Tanhaai teri, meri mehfile ho

if I get just your companionship,
It’s like a hundred destinations
Your loneliness is my party

Both were moving slowly slowly…he Broke the back Hug n looked at her with teary eyes beliving himself that she is his now….

Hum teri nigahon se khud me jhilmilate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain
Tujhse apni raaton ko subah banate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain

I sparkle with your eyes
I leave myself with you
I turn my nights to day with you
I leave myself with you

After singing swara kneel down infront making him shocked n surprised…

Sw: (teary eyes) I am sorry sanskar for comparing u with laksh but hearing that u are also his brother I thought even u cheated me but I didnt thought about u being khanna I was soo stupid i should had listen u but being already once broken I didnt had strength to Face again I am sorry (she looked at him n foward her hand) today I wanted to confess something sanskar I LOVE U I dont care who u are maheshwari or khanna but I only know that u are my sanskar I LOVE U SANSKAR will u accept me (she looked at him while he had Tears in his eyes)

Seeing her waiting for his answer he knelt down n hugged thigtly n confessing his love

San: I LOVE U TOOO swara even I am sorry I had should told u before I am sorry…

Sw: (happy) no need to be sorry but plzz (hugged him more thigtly ) dont ignore me ever ur ignorance hurt me alot…

San: (teary thight Grip more on her) I am sorry n i promise I will never do that which hurt u alot…

They Broke the hug n looked at eachother lovingly soon sanskar gaze Fell on her lips he looked at swara permission seeing this swara overhelmd she closed her eyes giving him positiv sign…soon without wasting time sanskar placed his lips on her feeling his rough lips swara felt diffrent feeling this feeling she also didnt had for laksh…soon their sweet kiss turned into passionate kiss both were Kissing eachother n were fighting with their tounge…duet lack of oxygen they Broke the kiss…

Swasan: I love u

After their confession they spend time with eachother n shared this news with arvi making them happy…from here the journy of swasan started they were in 1 year relationship after that sanskar proposed her for marrige n they did court marrige…

Flashback ends….

To be continue…

So guys from now on prasentation track will start..
Only 5 or 6 epi then trust me will end…
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