Swasan trust me epi 19


Hey guys thanks for the lovly coment…
So lets start with the teaser …?n yeah one more epi then swasan flashback scene is end…

Days were Passing swasan were coming close to eachother..with each Passing day swara was falling for sanskar more n more…yap swara has relized her feelings for sanskar she wanted to confess him but still is sceard what if sanskar is like laksh…she had fear of loosing him she has fear of breaking down again which may destroye her complete n this time she cant stand again…

Even sanskar has relized his feeling for swara he shared this with arvi they were really happy for him that He is moving on…today he wanted to confess his feeling for swara…

Swasan and purvi was held in a conference and this is one of few times Sanskar attended bussines men conference as he don’t like many puplic…. He was in his dashing black tuxedo with little beard while swara was in beatifull pink anarkali… purvi headed to hall first then swasan followed them, they walk side by side when a man dashed in swara shoulder coz her to stumble and soon to fall and she closed her eyes ready for the thud when she felt two tight arms holding her from falling she slightly open her eyes and got lost in the brown eyes orbits gazing her

Swara: sorry

Sanskar bit lost: its seem to b ur habit…

Swara: kya…

Sanskar back to scene: nothing …. Lets get in…

Both swasan get in not noticing pair eyes that gaze them with hate….

The conference included several business men chatting and press where there too then purvi notice some one there… someone she knew it ll sad Sanskar to see…. The same one whose gaze didn’t leave Sanskar for a second and purvi got tension… purvi searched for swara

Purvi: swaraaa

Swara: haan

Pls go bring Sanskar I cant find him… we gotta leave…

Swara: what happen purvi?? What is it???

Nothing yaar, just I don’t feel ok… pls find Sanskar fast and I ll find my husband… com on swara

Swara moved quickly looking for Sanskar and they found a waiter talking to him and Sanskar to main door… swara stopped waiter and asked him where Sanskar is heading and he informed her that he have a phone call and will attend it on conference cabin… swara starting to march there

Same time at Sanskar was heading to phone cabin he was grabed by stwo hands and pinned to wall and someone crush his body

Sanskar shocked: kavita

Kavita: haan kavita … hw r u Sanskar I really missed u

San: What the f**k? Stay away from me

Kavita crush herself more into Sanskar body: hmm I wont…. Tell me hw u been sankyyyy

Sanskar disgused: don’t call me that u low… now away com on… hmmmmmmm

Kavita crush her lips to Sanskar rough once in force

By that time swara head close from their place and heard some moan voices but then followed by a tight slap

Sanskar voice: stay away from me kavita… we r over…

kavita: I wont Sanskar…. U still love me…

Sanskar: ur married for god sake… don’t u shame…

Kavita try put her arms around Sanskar neck: u don’t know Sanskar, he is boring old business man.. he cant match my needs as u did baby….

Sanskar pull her away: I never knew u r so shamless just get lost…

Kavita angry: y Sanskar .. u don’t love me anymore ah… I’m sure I’m still in ur mind and heart….

Sanskar: ur not… surly not after what u did… and.. and.. haan I move on my life and found a woman to love toh pls…

Kavita: whos is she haan, that bhenji I saw u holding in the hall…. Really Sanskar ur taste….

Sanskar: DON’T u dare say a word against her…

Swara felt so emotional by all this, Sanskar ex gf and his words, kavita calling her a bhenji, the Sanskar defending her… she crushed in..

Swara: Sanskar darling, why u take so long? Ohh who is she Sanskar/

Sanskar was confused and shocked, calling him darling and in such voice…

Swara: heloo miss… I’m swara .. Sanskar fiancé and u??

Kavita: u??? bhenji?? His fiancé!! Yea right…. I’m kavita the woman Sanskar ever loved

Sanskar: just shut up kavita…

Swara smiled and got close then holding Sanskar arm: I think u got ur answer k-a-v-i-t-a … this bhenji wasn’t pleasure to meet u at all… challo Sanskar.. purvi feel tired we gotta go home

Kavita got angry by all this and point her index to Sanskar: this is not over Sanskar… ur mine only… got that Sanskar Maheshwary… u r only mine Sanskar Maheshwary and no one else

By that kavita left angrily from there leaving confused Sanskar about swara behavior and shocked numbed swara for the name she heard

Sanskar; I don’t know y u do that… but I’m really hap…

Swara: is ur name Sanskar Maheshwary??

Sanskar: not any more I’m a khanna now…

Swara: do u know do u know laksh Maheshwary??

Sanskar: what??

Swara shouts: ANSWER ME DO U KNOW HIM????

Sanskar also shouts: haan vo mera bhai hai….

Swara was fully numbed…. She turned to leave immediately but Sanskar try to hold her elbow ( what is it swara??) but swara gave him a tight slap ( don’t u dare touch me… MAHESHWARY)


San: (confuse) whaaaaatttt

Sw: dont try to act infront me I was fool really fool to belive u After knowing that I was laksh fiance u didnt told me..

Hearing this now sanskar relized why she is angry..

San: swara listen to me

Sw: you know what you all man are same there is no diffrent between you n laksh…

San: shut up swara dont you dare to compare me with laksh

Sw: whyyyy shouldnt I…I cant belive sanskar you are soo cheap….

San: swaraa..

Sw: I hate you (n left leaving sanskar broken)

Sanskar left office immediately without noticing arvi…purvi was hell angry on swara seeing his bhei broken…Arjun try to follow sanskar but sanskar has already  left even they left behind swara to Talk her…

Sanskar is driving car fastly tears were fowlling down from his eyes he was remembering their moments….even swara was broken After knowing that sanskar is laksh brother she went to her room..start Packing her things when Arvi entered…

Seeing this purvi is hell angry on swara she held her arm thigtly n turned her towards herself..

Pur: what do u think about yourself han how dare u to hurt my bhei

Sw: leave me

Pur: no u have to answer me


Pur: damit answer me

Sw: u wont answer na After knowing that I was laksh fiance u guys still didnt told ne about sanskar being his brother han…U guys betrayed me…

Pur: we didnt… did u thought for 1 sec..why sanskar bhei has changed his surname…Did u

Sw: (confuse) no..but he knew that I was laksh fiance his brothers fiancé

Pur: we know everything swara but u dont know about sanskar past

Sw: past…

To be continue….

Thanks noor for helping mean really love u???

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