Swasan trust me epi 14

Hey guys thankyou so much for liking and giving me coment…
At ss mansion

Swasan came home Holding eachother hands they were feeling really happy and why not they Marked eachother as his and her…..

At swasan room…

After changing their clothes they laid on Bed hugging eachother thigtly they were tierd……while sanskar was crassing swara back lovingly…They both had closed their eyes to feel eachothers love and warmth…..
Swara thight her Grip on sanskar more thigtly somewhere she had fear of loosing him she will die if leave her bec..he is her everything and she cant imagine her life without him…

Sw: sanskar

San: hmmm

Sw: never ever leave me I will die without you (hearing this sanskar got up n held swara tightly from shoulder )

San:(angry) dont you dare to speak anything like this

Sw: sanskar i…

San: shut up swara you very well know na I can loose anything but I cant loose you…you are my life my breath (placing her hand on his heart) and my every heartbeat is only yours I am living for you only… sanskar without swara is nothing…

Sw: and swara without sanskar is nothing beacuse they are..

Swasan: swasan

Swara smile and sanskar cupped her Face and Kissed her forehaed lovingly?? (guys I am gona miss this forehaed kiss in serial )

San: I will never leave you the Day I will leave you will be my last day…

Sw: sanskar (with teary eyes) I am sorry I will never say this again plzzz stop saying this…

San: good girl (whiped his tear) dont cry…

Sw: I love you

San: I love you more

Sw: no I love you more

San: I said na i love you more

Sw: nooooo I love you more

San: acha you love me more


San: (with a smirk) then Prove it

Sw: han (confuse) how

San: like this (saying this sanskar captured her lips and start kissing her lovingly it was sweet and passionate kiss…)

Sw: idiot is this a way to Prove love

San: then Show me na how to Prove (saying this he went to her neck and start giving her wet kisses)

Sw: sanskar you became shameless

San: (looked at her in shock) huh thank god tunhe pata chal gya

Sw: what

San:yes my dear I am very shameless but only with you… (saying this he captured her lips and start kissing her..he bited hard on her lower lip its start bleeding swara gapsed in pain taking that Opportunity he entered his tounge her mouth even swara also responding him in his way biting his lips hard sucking them both were Kissing eachother madly After sometime both Broke the kiss…

San: lets sleep i know you are very tierd

Swara smiled him and he hugged her thigtly and both slept hugging eachother…..

Next day on gm mansion…

Everyone were doing breakfast but laksh was lost seeing ragini….

Laksh pov…

Oh god how beutiful she is why didnt I notice her before…..but dont worry I will make you mine ms ragini gododia….

Pov end…

Ragini looked at laksh and smile evily  (monlog) what do you think mr laksh maheshwari that I will Fall for you na na you ruined my sis life now its my turn…(her thought were intrupedt by hearing dp shekhar conversation )

Sg: dp g what will do now

Dp: even I was thinking the Same

Lak: dont worry dad I will do something…

Sg: what will you do laksh …han because of you we lost the big Projekt….and you very well knew we have lot of karz…..

Dp: relax Shekhar

Sg: what relax han I think we should try to convice sanskar

Lak: what sanskar no

Dp: shut up laksh SG g i think you are we have to convice sanskar……

Lak: no dad I will do something

Sg: no need of doing something bec..we are here bec of you

Hearing this ragini smirked evily…..and laksh left angrily to his room He start throwing his things here n there…he Broke everything which came in his hand…and start shouting angrily…

Lak: sanskar sanskar I hate you first you snatched swara from me and now this Projekt you ruined everything they all are thinking I am useless and bec..of me we lost the Projekt but I very well know you did this because you wanted revenge na…but I promise you that this laksh maheshwari will also ruined your life just wait and watch… (saying he smiled evily)

Epi ends…

Sorry guys for short update dontwory next epi will be long…

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