Swasan trust me epi 12

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Arvi n rags left swasan alone wishing best of luck to swara…for Handling sanskar because They know how much sanskar will be angry on her….
Swara smiled seeing sanskar…she went towards him slowly slowly…first she opened the cloth from sanskar mounth….sanskar start again shouting while swara smiled seeing his love for her..how much he loved her and can do anything for her…then she untie his hands…Sanskar immediately stood up n Took the cloth from His eyes…

When sanskar opened his eyes he was mesmorized too see decoration..he was know confuse why is He here…he turned around n was speechless seeing swara that He forgot everything why he is here…he looked swara from bottom to top she was looking absolut stunning…Swara was wearing Blue saree (guys deepika also wear Blue saree in jeh jewani hai deewani just imagine swara in the same look Same okey..plzzz because I dont know how to describe even I cant describe the decoration clearly…???)

Swara start walking towards sanskar seductively…place her hands on his cheek went near his ear and whispered..


Hearing this sanskar came back to sens know he understood that it was her plan to bring him here…he jerked her hands n looked at her in anger n start shouting at her…

San: what the hell swara how can you do this han… (he held her from shoulder) do you know much wooried I was for you and you were playing all the time with me han…

Sw: no sanskar I know but (intrupedt by sanskar )

San: but what you cant even imagine how sceard I was…

Sw: I am sorry sanskar

San:Β  go to hell with your sorry….

Sanskar turned to go he was dam angry on her for making him sceard n she very well know how much he love her n He cant even imagine his life without herΒ  if something happend to her he can destroye everyone…but swara also had enough of his angerness know she planed everything for his birthday n now he cant ruined like this…

Swara held his hand made him turn around…Sanskar looked at her in anger even swara was looking at him in anger…Sanskar was about remove her hand…but swara held his collar and pulled him to her In no time she placed her lips on his…Swara was kissing him first softly but then she start kissing him wildly…she Bited his lower lips softly..but sanskar didnt respond to her kiss…he made fist to control on himself…Swara bited this time hard on his lower lips its start bleeding n sanskar gapsed in pain..she was sucking his lower lip when he gapsed in pain taking that Opportunity she enterned in his mouth n start exploring every coner…she was kissing him????for long time but still he was controling himself she had enough of his torture…she Broke the kiss n was breathing heavily…n looked sanskar with anger????

Swara pinned sanskar on Wall n looked at him….. both were looking eachother…but sanskar Broke the eyelock n looked other side…Swara looked at him lovingly n kissed on his forehaed…n then on his both eyes lovingly one by one…then she Kissed on his cheek sensually one by one…she looked at him again but he looked away…Swara start removing his coat looking at him lovingly….but he didnt looked at her..He was enjoying swara love on him…thats why He looked away whenever she looked at him…

Swara went Near his neck and blew her hot breath on him…Sanskar thight his fist more to control himself….he was smiling but When swara looked at him He always made angry face…Swara start feeling sad her eyes filled with tears?????she hide her face in his neck…n kissed him there n whispered…

Sw: I am sorry sanskar….

Saying this swara hugged him thigtly…
Sanskar felt his neck going wet…n felt bad for her..he Broke the hug n cupped her face…n looked at her lovingly….

San: shhhh shona I am sorry I was just teasing you…

Saying this sanskar kissed her Tears…n looked at her lovingly were swara was smiling..he kissed her forehaed then her eyes one by one…n then kissed on her cheeks…he looked at her n then his eyes felt on her lips…without wasting time he captured her lips…n start kissing but this time Swara didnt respond him….he knew she was taking revenge from him for not kissing her…he place his hand on her bare back…n pulled her more close to him…he start suking n biting her lips…Swara couldnt control more so she also start kissing….After long time they Broke the kiss..and were looking eachother lovingly…n were breathing heavily. ..

Swara held sanskar hand n went towards the cake…Sanskar cut the cake n swara made him eat the cake sanskar also did the same…

Both were looking eachother lovingly…
Sanskar picked her in bridel style….went towards pool..(guys just imagine swasan romance in pool) …They went Inside the Pool swara was still in his arm..he made her stand in pool….both were looking eachother lovingly were swara smile noughtily…n start throwing water on him…even sanskar start playing with her….after sometime Sanskar looked at her she was really looking realy HOT…..she was full drenched seeing her like this he was loosing his control him…Swara felt his gaze on her n looked at him….she was mesmorized to see sanskar like this the way He was looking dam HOT….sanskar blinkt at swara for checking him out????she felt shy n turn to go but sanskar held her palu… he went near her n start kissing her on her back..swara start mouning his name in plasure…n then He made her turn…both looked at eachother..

San: I love you

Sw: I love you too

sanskar again captured her lips…Swara also start responsing to him…while kissing him Swara start opening his shirt…n remove his shirt…..After kissing her lips..

Sanskar picked her again in bridel style n went towards cabin…
When he entered in cabin he could see the cabin was beutiful decorate……
He placed swara on bed n no time he captured her lips…Swara was also start pulling him more on her…They were exploring eachothers mouth..they were out breath but didnt stop kissing eachother….but soon they Broke the kiss…and sanskar start kissing her neck…Swara Turned her face other side to give him more Access…she was mouning his name making him go more wild on her hearing his name..he bited on her neck very hard that she mouned his name loudly…

Sw: ahhhh sanskar

He was loving her moun….after kissing her neck sanskar looked at swara for permission to take their reletionship foward….

Swara looked at him she was soo overhelmd with his care n without saying a Word she Rolled on him n start kissing his bare chest…she went near his ear…n said…

Sw: I love you sanskar n make me yours completly…..

Hearing this sanskar got very happy he Rolled over her n looked at her lovingly…Swara captured his lips both were Kissing eachother madly…sanskar while kissing start undressing her even swara start undressing him they both kissed eachother…n then they made love to eachother…today swara n sanskar became SWASAN…without swara sanskar is nothing n without sanskar swara is nothing….After making love they slept hugging eachother….

Episode ends….


I hope you guys liked…???
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I have a another story on swasan should I also Post that story if yes then plzzz say mee

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