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Its been 2 weeks since that incident happened between swalak…ragini also arrived in india….she also Got to know about swalak…she was very angry on laksh but happy for swara that she Got husband like sanskar…
Ragini always had feeling for laksh but When she Got to know about swalak relationship she back off and went abraod for study…When she Came back she Got to know what happened with swara…and with help of rahul she Expose vicky..Everyone got to know the truth they were guilty for not trusting swara..they try to search swara..but they didnt know were swara is…ragini left the house in search of swara…

Ragini and arvi were friends they met eachother  in abraod..she also know about  sanskar but never saw him…

Ragini were standing near window n looking outside and was thinking about past how she found swara..


After leaving from house ragini called arvi…

Rag: hey guys

Pur: Hi rags when will you come han ?

Rag: purvi I am in India

Pur: what you are here why didnt you told me han

Rag: pur..n start crying

Pur: hey what happened han why are you crying tell me na

Rag: my shonaa???

Pur: what happend to her

Rag: wo???

Pur: hey Rag stop crying n come here okey will Talk then…

Rag: hmmm

The whole conversation between pur n Rag were heard by arjun n sanskar…

San: what happened to Rag

Pur: dont know bhei but I am sure something big has happend…

Arj: purvi were is swara ?

Pur: she is in her room

San:is she fine..

Pur: yeah bhei I think she is tierd you know na office Work

San: hmmm

In mean while ragini came to arvi mansion…

Arj: hey rags what happened

Rag:guys I need your help

San: what Kind of help 

Rag: in searching my sis shona

Pur: what happend to her…

Ragini start telling them what happened to her how her parents didnt trusted her n how they throwed her out…even her fiance didnt belived her and she is missing since 6 months…

Arj: what…. she is missing since 6 months and your parents didnt even bother to know where she is….

Hearing this sanskar remembered how his family didnt trust him…Arvi looked towards sanskar they knew what was He thinking…but soon the silients were Broke by swara while coming down she saw ragini talking with arvi n sanskar…

Sw: ragini

Hearing swara..ragsan n arvi looked at swara…Swara Run to ragini hugged her thigtly..ragini didnt know how to react…

Rag: swara…

Sw: ragini??????

Soon they Broke hug and ragini told to arvi n sanskar about swara that she is her sister….and They told her how they found swara n now she is living with and also Working with them..

Flashback ends…..

While ragini was thinking about past sanskar came to her..

San: ragini what are you thinking han ?

Rag: ahh nothing jiju

San: so ragini can you do this

Rag: ofcourse jiju I can do anything I know I have some feeling for him but for my swara I can do anything trust me

San:I trust you so from  next week will start with our plan

Rag: yeah..

In the evening arvi n swaragini were discussing about sanskar birthday plan…while sanskar was doing some Work in his study room…
After discussing they left to their room…

Swasan room…

Swara was laying on bed n was waiting for sanskar…

Swara pov:

Sanskar Day After tomorrow is your birthday n this birthday I will make for you very special…on your birthday we will start our ralentionship in New way…I know how much you are controling your self but know I want you I am ready sanskar….her thought were disturb by door opening…
Pov ends..

Sanskar came in And layed beside swara..Swara hugged him thigtly n sanskar start crassing her back…

Sw:I love you

San: I love you too

Saying this both slept hugging eachother….

Next day…

Sanskar was Working in office when he Got a Call from unknown nr…

Caller: am I speaking to mr sk

San: yeah..who is this..

Cal: how much do you love your wife…

San: WHAT…who the hell are you

Cal: relax mr sk dont get hyper..do u want your wife infront of u safe n Sound…so thrn listen me..

San: what do you mean come to the point directly…

Cal: okey den listen your wife is with me..if you want her Alive then do what I am saying…

San: n why should I belive you ?

Cal: then find out from ur sources…I m giving you 5 min..n yeah dont try to Call Police byee…

Sanskar was now tensed n worried for swara…he called her but her phone was off…he called arvi n ask them about swara they also dont know where she is…

Now sanskar got more tensed he dont know what do while thinking this the Caller called him again…

Cal: I hope now you are beliving me

San: what do you want

Cal: ahh nothing just do what I am saying without any question do you get that

San: I will do anything but dont you dare to harm her

Cal:dont worry just do what I am saying…

San:I am ready..

Cal: okey then Come to xyz hotel…n yeah dont try to be smart I am keeping my eye on you…

San: hmmm

San left the office…and start drving to xyz hotel…

Cal: good boy now take from counter Keys for room Nr 255

San: hmm

After taking the Keys sanskar left for room Nr 255…he went inside n start searching for swara…

Cal: relax mr sk your wife is Not here..there on Bed Is lying parcel just take that n opened that..

San: I wont leave just remember that..

Sanskar open the parcel he found Black Suite there…

Cal: now wear this..

San: what..

Cal: mr sk I already told you dont ask me any question its not good for your wife…

San: dont you dare( but intrupedt by caller)

Cal: I know I know do what I am saying..

Sanskar went changing..When He came out he was looking HOT, HANDSOME????

How cute hahah..

Cal: looking Hot n handsome mr sk….

San: now what you want ?

Cal: ah nothing come to parking area..

Sanskar went towards parking area…

Cal: can you see Black marcedes abcd..

San: yeah

Cal: go and sit there…but on passenger seat..

San: hmm

Sanskar sat in the car on passenger seat when some blind fold him..and tied his hand toghter…

San: hey leave me you Bustard I wont leave you…while sanskar was shouting they also tied his mouth..

The driver reveald to be arjun..and with arjun purvi n ragini were also in car they were smiling seeing sanskar like this…They remember how swara made this plan for sanskar birthday…

They start driving and sanskar was still trying to free himself…It was long journy for 4 hours…They were still driving..It was by 11:30 pm they reached to venue…

They took sanskar out of the car and start walking with him..

A jakht was waiting for them it was beautiful decorate…..and in big heart was written SWASAN…Arvi n rag..smiling seeing this they made sanskar sit on the chair forcefully …then they saw swara coming towards them they smiled seeing eachother n looking at sanskar…

Arvi n rags left swasan alone wishing best of luck to swara…for Handling  sanskar because They know how much sanskar will be angry on her….
Swara smiled seeing sanskar…

Epi ends…

Precap: sanskar angry on swara…

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