SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Episode 6)


Recap :- Prithvi-Ria broke up & becomes frnds.

The Maheshwaris & Gadodias, especially Sanskar & RagLak were trying to talk to Swara but she was running here & there to avoid them with a excuse of engagement preps but at last Sanskar got hold of her & drag her to a room where RagLak were also present.

Sanskar (hugs Swara) :- Swara u r alive. I knew that u will never leave me, I’m so happy u can’t even imagine my happiness.

Swara was numb all the while & then Sanskar released her from his embrace & suddenly Ragini came & hugged her sister.

Ragini (sobbing) :- Swara where were u all this while? U don’t know how much we missed u in this 5 yrs, didn’t u ever thought about me, u know na we both complete each other, we r each other’s shadow. Anyways leave all that I’ll scold u afterwards first let me see u properly (release her from the hug) Shona u haven’t changed at all still the same (notices her numbness) Swara u OK?
Swara (comes back to reality) :- Ragini can we pls talk later I’ve lot of preps left to be done for the engagement. I should go the bride would arrive here anytime. U all enjoy & pls don’t go without having dinner.

Swara left from there leaving the 3 with her strange behavior. She came to the hal where Prithvi, Avi & Vitki r looking for her she collided with Prithvi; she was scared, emotional – in all having mixed emotions on her face.

Prithvi :- Mini B u OK? Why r u sweating? Did anybody said sth (just then he saw Sanskar & RagLak coming from behind) Mini B did they?
Swara :- Prithvi relax nothing happened.
Prithvi :- Mini B if there’s any problem this engagement can be postponed?
Swara :- NO. Why postpone huh? Its already late & I don’t wanna delay it anymore as I can’t trust ur mood swings. God knows when will u change ur decision. I just want to bring Sanyukta in our family as my daughter-in-law & ur wife & then I’ll get rid of ur responsibility. Understand.
Prithvi :- yes ma’am & the question left of getting rid of me then forget it as I’m not gonna leave NIR any other of us as we all love u very much. But u r fine na?
Swara :- I’m fine beta in fact right now I’m feeling on top of the world as after few minutes I’ll become a SAAS hahaha sounds cool na?
Vitki :- very cool.
Avi :- waise Mini B don’t u think ur would be daughter-in-law is taking so much time to come? U’ve to be strict with her I mean that she is a late latif.
SwaraSwara (holds his ears) :- oye mind u if u say anything abt my daughter-in-law.
Avi (wincing with little pain) :- ah.. Mini B its hurting. OK I’ll not say anything to ur daughter-in-law (Swara leaves his ears).

Just then Emi & Kuhu came running to Swara.

Kuhu :- Mumma Mumma Sanyu Di has come.
Prithvi :- OK kids u know na what you have to do?
Emi :- yes Big B (calling Rajji) Rajji Di come let’s go.

Avi switched off the lights of the hall while Emi with Rajji came to the parking lot to receive Sanyu.

Emi (act as he is very sad) :- Sanyu Di u came we all were waiting for u.
Sanyu :- Emi what happened beta? Why r u sad? Is everything OK, is Prithvi OK? (to Rajji) Rajji what happened? Why u both r upset?
Rajji :- Didi first u come in.
Sanyu :- Rajji u scaring me now. Tell na what happened? & by the way today is Prithvi-Riya’s engagement no then? Wait is there any problem b/w them b’coz of me?
Rajji :- didi first u come in no u’ll get all of ur answers.

Emi & Rajji took Sanyu in where she was startled to see a dark room.

Sanyu :- Emi why is dark around here? Mini B, Avi, Vitki, Kuhu r u all here?

Suddenly a spot light falls on Sanyu & a projector starts showing a slide show of pictures of SanVi (Sanyukta & & Prithvi) & Prithvi starts talking.

Prithvi :- the first time when we met since then I loved u. When we used to share our little little things with each other since then I loved u. When we used to sing & dance in rains since then I loved u. In nights, without coming in anyone’s notice, when we used to talk & count the stars on the roof since then I loved u. & today when I was getting engaged to someone else I realized that I still loved u even after having so much misunderstandings b/w us in the past.

While talking Prithvi too came under the spotlight along with Sanyu who was mesmerized by such a sweet & cute confession of Prithvi, she was having tears & was literally crying – happy crying. There was hardly any distance b/w the 2 of them.

Sanyu :- when did u started loving me so much?
Prithvi :- even I don’t know, maybe since forever.
Sanyu :- then why didn’t u confessed it before. I only loved u for forever & u knew it.
Prithvi :- I know but at that time things were not at their right places but now everything’s on right track & I promise that I’m not gonna leave u ever even if u want to leave me.
Sanyu :- I too promise that I will be standing right nxt to u in every phase of ur life.
Prithvi (getting on his knees & forwarding his hand to Sanyu) :- so Miss Sanyukta Sharma will u like to spend ur entire life with me?
Sanyu (holding his hand) :- yes I’ll love to.

Prithvi stands up & hug Sanyu while the lights gets on & everyone starts clapping.

Swara (coming to SanVi) :- finally u both r together.
Sanyu :- but Mini B Riya?

Then swara tells Sanyu how Riya made Prithvi realized his love for her. Then Swara took Sanyu to her room to make her ready for the engagement as she was in her casuals.

In Swara’s room –
Swara (giving Sanyu her dress & jewelry) :- Sanyu this is for u.
Sanyu :- Mini B this?
Swara :- I have made them for u with lots of hope & love when Prithvi told me that he was ready for marriage but back then he told me that he wanted to get married to Riya. Since then I have kept them safely with a hope that one day they will fulfill their usage. & see the day has come.
Sanyu :- thnk u Mini B, I love u.
Swara :- acha now no more senti talks get ready fast already this engagement is having so much late & moreover downstairs Prithvi must be dying to get engaged to u.

Swara then makes Sanyukta ready & took her downstairs where Prithvi was really mesmerized to see his lady love in such a beautiful avatar. Then the priest conducted the engagement rituals & SanVi exchanged their rings promising each other to stay together for forever come what may be the problems. Then the music starts & Avi & Vitki started to dance on the song Galla Goodiyaan (from movie Dil Dhadakne Do). Everyone joined them even Swara too. At last the ceremony ends & the guests left. Only the Maheshwaris & Gadodias were left as they wanted to talk to Swara.

Credit to: Aanya

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