SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Episode 5)

Recap – Riya calls off the engagement.

Swara :- Riya what happened? Why u r calling off the engagement? Did Prithvi said sth?
Riya :- that’s the main problem Mini B, Prithvi never said anything.
Prithvi :- Riya what happened, why r u behaving like this?
Riya :- Prithvi why r u playing with 3 lives.
Swara :- Riya what do u wanna say plz say it straight.
Riya :- Mini B I know that u too have talked to Prithvi abt us before the engagement but still he is adamant on his decision but I don’t wanna stuck in a relationship where my husband doesn’t love me.
Prithvi :- Riya r u listening to urself, do u even know what r u saying? I love you that’s why I’m marrying u.

Riya :- I know Prithvi u love me but u r not in love with me, u r in love with Sanyukta.
Prithvi :- what rubbish. I love you, Sanyukta was my past but u r my present.
Riya :- stop fooling urself Prithvi u were & u r in love with Sanyukta. OK tell me one thing will u be able to love me like u loved Sanyukta, will u be able to give me her place in ur heart? Think & answer (Prithvi was in dilemma & his face was saying whatever is in his heart which waswas clearly noticed by Riya). Prithvi plz listen to ur heart, OK do one thing just close ur eyes & see whose face comes in front of u, if its me then I’m standing here to spend my life with u till eternity & if its Sanyukta then….
Prithvi (closes his eyes & focus, its Sanyu’s face :- Sanyukta (& he opens his eyes startled as he still loves her)
Riya :- see I told u. Now just go & make Sanyukta urs for forever.
Riya (to Sanskar) :- Sanskar Sir u gave me an offer of a Marketing Head in our Singapore company, I’ll be glad to take it.

Sanskar :- Riya r u sure u wanna go?
Riya :- yes Sir (to Prithvi) Goodbye Prithvi it was nice knowing u but don’t think that u r escaped fro me, if not life partners we will always remain frnds (forwards her hand for frndship) so frnds?
Prithvi (giving her his hands) :- frnds for life.
Swara (hugs Riya) :- thnk u Riya u proved that u r a true frnd of my Prithvi. If u hadn’t talked to him then I don’t know what would’ve happened.
Riya :- Mini B don’t thnk me. I didn’t do anything gr8, I only helped him to speak out his heart plus I don’t wanted to be in a relationship where my partner though living with me but never loved me. So its good that everything sorted out befor .
Swara :- I hope someday u’ll find ur true love.
Riya :- I hope so too & when I will u’ll be the first one to know.
Swara :- & I’ll wait for that day, hope that day comes fast.

Riya bid goodbye to everyone making a promise to meet one day. There at the function Avi & Vitki already called Sanyu. All the guests were leaving when Avi stopped them.

Avi :- guys wait, where r u all going the function isn’t over yet.
Vitki :- u guys came here to witness the engagement of our Big B so why so hurry. The would be bride is on her way.
Swara :- Avi Vitki what’s all this?
Vitki :- Mini B chill. Big B & Sanyukta Bhabhi will get engaged today only. We called her & she is on her way. So bow u go make preps for the engagement we’ll handle here everything.

Precap :- still deciding

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