SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Episode 4)


Kapoor Mansion –
Swara’s family was shocked & surprised to see her alive, in flesh fit & fine. Ragini immediately hugged her but Swara was numb, everyone else also hugged her & caressed her except Sanskar, he was just admiring his love. Just then Emi & Kuhu came to Swara shouting Mamma Mamma which gave another big shock to the family. This all was noticed by Prithvi, Avi & Vitki. The trio quickly came & stood by their Mini B’s sideside. Kuhu noticed Sanskar standing there.

Kuhu :- Uncle u here, how come?
Sanskar :- Kuhu beta is this ur house & she (pointing to Swara) is ur Mamma?
Emi :- yes Uncle this is our house & she is our Mamma.
Sanskar (kneeling down to them) :- beta what’s ur full name?
Emi :- Ehsaas Maheshwari.
Kuhu :- Kuhu Maheshwari. What Uncle u forgot, we met yesterday only still u forgot our name.
Sanskar (happily crying) :- sorry beta but its the last time.
Emi (noticing Kriti) :- Uncle how’s Kriti?
Sanskar :- she’s better as u aided her.

Swara was still standing there numb. Prithvi noticed the kids with Sanskar talking so casually.

Prithvi :- kids do u know him?
Kuhu :- yes Big B. We met Uncle & Kriti in the park.
Swara (calling the maid) :- Rajji…… Rajji (maid comes) Rajji take the kids in. (To kids) kids u both go with Rajji Di & have ur food.

Swara signed Prithvi, Avi & Vitki to come as the time of engagement is near. Everyone gathered for the engagement. Prithvi & Riya took their places. Diya noticed Prithvi, he was trying hard to smile but was not able to, she also noticed his family they were also not seemed to be happy with this relation. She understood the matter as she was aware if Prithvi & Sanyu’s relationship.

Swara :- Riya, take the ring & make Prithvi wear it.
Riya :- I’m sorry Mini B I can’t do this engagement. Really sorry.

Everyone is shocked to listen to her. Wanna know what will happen nxt so c’mon chop chop drop ur comments fast.

Credit to: Aanya

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