SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Episode 3)

Kapoor Mansion –
There was a hustle bustle as the titme of engagement is coming near. Swara was making the kids ready.
Kuhu :- Mamma why is Big B marrying Ria Di?
Swara :- what happened Princess? Don’t u like Ria Di?
Kuhu :- no I like her but then why is Big B not happy?
Swara :- what do u mean?
Emi :- Mamma when we both went to Big B to show our dresses he was crying & when he saw us he wiped his tears. We wanted to ask but we didn’t. Is he upset with anything?
Swara :- u both r kids u won’t understand, its elders matter. (To Vitki) Vitki u take both of them with u I’ll come OK.

Vitki took the kids along with her whereas Swara went to Prithvi to talk to him one last time. When Swara entered his room he was struggling with his sherwani.

Prithvi :- thnk god Mini B u came I was abt to call u. See na this button, (a little irritated) who the hell discovered this.
Swara (helping him) :- why r u taking out ur frustration on this little button huh? What’s his mistake. Prithvi there’s still time left, u can back out of this engagement b’coz once its done u’ll be trapped so pls think. I know u love Ria but u r not in love with her, to love someone & being in love with someone r 2 different things.
Prithvi :- I know Mini B what r u trying to saying but I assure u that I’ll keep Ria happy.
Swara :- I know u will leave no stone unturned to keep her happy but tell me truly that will u be able to give her the love which she deserves being ur wife? The answer is NO. So plz beta think once more its a matter of 3 lives. I’ve said what I wanted to say now its ur decision, there’s still time left. Choose wisely. Now get ready & come down, Ria will be coming anytime.
Prithvi (stopped Swara) :- Mini B, I love u.
Swara :- I love u too beta.

Swara came down & the guests also started to arrive. Ria too came fully dressed for the engagement, she was looking very pretty. She is a orphan but a self made woman, works as the Marketing Head for the Maheshwari Group of Industries (the Kapoors don’t abt it expect Prithvi).

Ria (hugs Swara) :- hi Mini B u r looking gorgeous.
Swara :- not as gorgeous as the bride to be. BTW where r ur special guests? (The special guests r Maheshwaris & Gadodias, Ria is just like their family member)
Ria :- they r just abt to come.

Ria then greeted the other family members. Prithvi too came down & the people gathered in the party showers their wishes on them. Just then Ria comes to Swara to make her meet her special guests. The Maheshwaris & Gadodias enter the mansion both Swara & Sanskar felt sth but ignored it.

Precap :- SwaSan meet. A breakup & a start of a new relation.

So how’s it. Plz drop ur comments.

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