SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Episode 2)

Note :-The Maheshwaris & Gadodias r same. Ragini is a mother of 2.5 yr girl named Kritika. Uttara is married to Sanskar’s best frnd Rajiv & settled in USA. Sharmishtha has given birth to a baby boy named Karan. Karan is the eldest of all the kids in my story. Parineeta is back to being a soft-speaking, caring, think abt others first then herself kind of a person & after many tryouts she too gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Samar. Samar is just 6 months old. No one in the family believes that Swara is dead especially Sanskar & Ragini.

Maheshwari Mansion –
Scene starts with the sun rays falling in a room disturbing a man’s sleep. The man gets up & it is none other than Sanskar. He gets up & goes to the washroom to freshen up. After 10 mins he comes out all ready then suddenly his eyes fall on a photo frame kept on the bed’s side table. He picks it up, caresses it & say ‘gud morning Swara.’ Then his whole room is shown which is full of Swara & his pictures or u can say their memories. He comes down to the hall where Ragini is running behind Kritika to feed her milk, Pari is handling Samar, AP & Sujata r doing breakfast preparations, DP RP & Lakshya r discussing abt business. He comes down & gets hold of Kritika.

Sanskar :- so Kriti why r u troubling ur Mamma.
Kritika (in her childish tone):- bade papa I don’t wanna drink milk. I don’t like it.
Sanskar :- oh OK. But if u don’t have ur milk then how will u become like ur Powerpuff Girls? U know why they r strong? (Kriti nods in negative) b’coz they drin milk. U wanna become like them right? (Kriti nods yes) then u’ve to drink this milk.
Kritika :- but by ur hands.
Sanskar :- OK. (In a kiddish way) Ragini Mamma today Kriti’s bade papa will make her drink milk.

Ragini gives him the glass & he starts feeding Kriti milk. Kriti is the only one who makes Sanskar smile otherwise he is always in a sad mode remembering Swara.

Ragini (watching Sanskar & Kriti thinks) :- where r u Swara. Do u forgot us, see what have u done to Sanskar he never smiles & always thinks abt u. Pls Swara wherever u r pls come back we all really miss u, love u especially Sanskar.

On the other hand in the Kapoor Mansion the engagement preparations r in full swing. But the kids were highly bored.

Emi :- mamma we wanna go out. We r getting bored here.
Kuhu :- yes mamma.
Swara :- but beta I’m very busy after 2days its Big B’s engagement na & I’ve lots of work to do.
Kuhu :- but what abt us.
Swara :- OK let me think what to do. (then she calls out for Haldiram & he comes running)
Haldiram :- yes didi.
Swara :- Haldiram, kids wanna go out so take them to some park OK.
Haldiram :- OK.
Swara :- but do remember never let them go away from ur sight OK. (to kids) u both stay with Bhaiya OK & no mischief OK. Promise.
Emi & Kuhu (in unison) :- yes Mom.

The kids went to park where Sanskar too came with Kriti. Kuhu while playing collides with Kriti, both gets hurt & Kriti being a delicate darling started crying. Sanskar came running to Kriti whereas Emi & Haldiram too come to Kuhu.

Emi (to Haldiram):- Bhaiya go & bring first aid from the car.
Kuhu (to Sanskar) :- I’m so sorry uncle I didn’t saw her. Is she hurt badly.
Sanskar :- Its OK beta nothing to worry abt.
Emi :- Kuhu give me ur hand I’ll put some antiseptic on it. (While applying antiseptic it was burning & Kuhu wince in pain) sorry sorry sorry. Is it burning.
Kuhu :- a little.

Sanskar was watching them both & is impressed with the bond they both especially Emi as he being just a 4.5 yr boy is handling his sister so maturely.

Kuhu :- Bhaiyu that girl is also hurt. Pls do her first aid too.
Emi :- OK princess. He went to Kriti & start talking to her & when she got distracted he bandaged her.
Sanskar :- thnk u beta. I never saw u both in this park r u both new here?
Kuhu :- yes uncle we came India recently.
Sanskar (to Kuhu) :- what’s ur name?
Kuhu :- Kuhu.
Sanskar (to Emi) :- and u?
Emi :- Ehsaas but u can call me Emi.
Sanskar :- nice to meet u both.

After a while Emi & Kuhu along with Haldiram went to their home whereas Sanskar still in the park thinks “I don’t know why but I feel a very strong connection with both of them.” Then he too took Kriti home & when he reached home he told everyone abt the day’s incident & there was a continuous smile on his face which the family members saw after 5 long yrs. While listening to Sanskar Ragini, Sharmishtha & AP don’t know but they too felt a connection with both Emi & Kuhu.

So how’s it? Pls do comment…. I’m waiting to see ur comments.

Credit to: Aanya


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