SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Episode 1)


Kolkata Airport –
6 people r seen standing outside the terminal, out of them 1 lady was seen having big tears in her eyes which will start flowing anytime but was controlling herself – she was none other than Swara. Her whole was flashing in her mind when one hand came around her shoulder, it is of Prithvi.

Prithvi :- Mini B u OK?
Swara :- yeah.
Prithvi :- really?
Swara yes baba. Now let’s proceed to home. Shall we?
They all proceed towards their car. A black Mercedes (for Swara & Prithvi) & 2 brand new sports car of black and red color each for Avi & Vitki were parked. Prithvi, Avi & Vitki took the driver seat whereas Swara with her kids sat along Prithvi drove off to their home – KAPOOR MANSION.

They reached their destination, a really big house not less than a palace is shown. They all entered in & each one of them went to their rooms. The rooms on the top floor were of Vitki, Swara, Kuhu & Emi’s (Ehsaas’s nickname is Emi) & the rooms downstairs were of Prithvi & Avi’s. A really very big study was also there, a big kitchen cum dining hall too was there. Every room of the palace was really big just like a 7 star hotel suite. In the front of the mansion there was big fountain & a garden. At the back side a really really big garden, besides it there was big swimming pool & a gym for workout.
Swara was in the kitchen with the cook (cum caretaker of the house in their absence) Haldiram (who is just like a family member) preparing the dinner. The dinner is prepared & Swara calls everyone in a really different style – by banging a steel plate with a spoon. Hraring the dinner call everyone came running to the dining table & took their positions. Swara was sitting on the ‘Head of the Family’ seat. Dinner was done & it was the dessert time.

Prithvi :- Mini B r u happy coming back here after so many yrs ?
Swara :- yes.

Prithvi :- r u sure ? U don’t look happy.
Swara:- prithvi I said na I’m happy. Its just that I have so many memories attached with this city from my birth till that incident…..I never thought that I will come back here but I want my kids to grow up in their mother’s hometown, their country. That’s it.
Avi :- really Mini B. What if tomorrow he’ll come to know abt Emi & Kuhu…..
Emi & Kuhu (interrupting Avi) :- who ?
Swara :- kids go & brush ur teeth. Its bed time. C’mon chop chop.(the kids left)
Swara (to Avi) :- Avi r u mad. What was the reason to talk abt him in front of the kids?
Avi :- I’m sorry Mini B but I can’t afford to loose them.
Vitki :- me too.
Swara :- guys what do u think that I’m ready to loose them? No, I’m their mother & I can’t loose them too.

Prithvi :- don’t worry Mini B until I’m with u no one can even touch Emi & Kuhu, taking them away is nothing. If someone even try to do something like this they have to face their Big B first its a promise.
Swara (wiping her tears) :- I know. OK let’s just avoid my problems u tell me r u happy with this engagement of urs (with Ria) ?
Prithvi :- yes. She stood by me when I needed someone in my life.
Swara :- r u sure? I mean I can clearly see ur love for Sanyukta in ur eyes.
Prithvi :- I don’t wanna talk abt this. (Saying so he left for his room)
Vitki :- Mini B u still think that Big B & Sanyu Dii can have a future together.
Swara :- Vitki u won’t understand it now b’coz u never fell in love. I can clearly see his love for Sanyu in his eyes.
Avi :- but Big B is happy with Ria.

Swara :- yeah he is but his heart is with Sanyu. Right now my Prithvi is battling with both his mind & heart and I really hope that in this battle his heart wins otherwise 3 different lives will be destroyed.

Its late night everyone went to sleep except Swara. She first went to Prithvi’s room; he was sleeping with a file in his hand, Swara removed it; covered him with the blanket, wiped his tears & kissed his forehead saying ‘Goodnight Bachche’.
Nxt she went to Avi’s room. He was sleeping covering the whole bed & there was a smile on his face. Swara covered him too with a blanket, kissed his forehead & said ‘Goodnight Avi, God forbid this smile of urs never fades away’.
Then she went to Vitki’s room. She was sleeping with earphones still in her ears, music open. Swara shut down her i-phone, covered her with blanket & kissed her forehead saying ‘Goodnight Baby’.
Nxt she went to Emi’s room. Cleared the mess he created by his cars while playing, kissed him & wished him ‘Goodnight my Champ’.

Then she went to Kuhu’s room. She was sleeping with her teddy bear which she calls as ‘Miss Cuddles’. Swara kissed her & wished her ‘Goodnight Princess’.
It I’d Swara’s daily routine to check whether her loved ones have slept & give them a goodnight kiss. At last she went to her room; closed the door; tears were brimming in her eyes but she didn’t allow them to ooze out. She sat on the right side of the bed; opened the side table drawer and took a bottle of sleeping pills. She took 2 pills & gulped them down with water & went to sleep. After the incident Swara was unable to sleep fully so she took the help of the sleeping pills (prescribed by a doctor).

So guys what do u all say. C’mon chop chop drop ur comments.

Precap :- Prithvi’s Engagement Preparation & Sanskar’s entry in my story.

Credit to: Aanya

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