SwaSan – True Love never FADES away (Character Sketch)


In my story there will be a 5 yrs leap. So the characters r :-
1. Jaydeep Kapoor – the man who saved Swara. One of the biggest business tycoon of the world in London. Father of 3 kids – 2 sons & a daughter. Dead for past 3 yrs reason being a car accident.

2. Madhvi Jaydeep Kapoor – Jaydeep’s wife, saved Swara & took care of her like a mother. Mother of Jaydeep’s kids, love her kids & Swara immensely. Dead for past 3 yrs reason being the same (car accident).

3. Swara Kapoor – changed her surname as she didn’t want anyone to know that she is alive. Mother of twins. Mini B (Bua) of Jaydeep’s kids, loves them a lot & now her world only revolves around only the kids.

4. Prithvi Kapoor – Jaydeep’s elder son, now 21 yrs old, took care of his father’s business & extended it to gr8 heights. Youngest business tycoon, loves his siblings. His Mini B is his God, loves her & her kids a lot & can do anything for them. In love with Sanyukta but getting married to Ria (minor character).

5. Avinash (Avi) Kapoor – Jaydeep’s second son, now 20 yrs old. Wanted to be just like his Big B (Prithvi), loves Swara & her kids immensely. A little mischievous but when time comes to handle a responsibility he is really good at it. Status is SINGLE but in search of true love.

6. Anvita (Vitki) Kapoor – Jaydeep’s only daughter, Avi’s twin younger to him by just 10 minutes. Apple of everyone’s eye. Mischievous, only a little. She & Avi fight for small small things but reconcile quickly. Swara is a mother figure to her & loves her a lot. All her demands r fulfilled by her brothers & Swara as she has the only daughter advantage but she also knows her limit. Extremely protective abt Swara’s kids.

7. Ehsaas Maheshwari – Swara’s son. Cute, adorable, smart, really intelligent. He is mature enough being just a 4.5 year old kid. Really close to Vitki.

8. Kuhu Maheshwari – Swara’s daughter. Younger to Ehsaas just by 5 minutes. Cute, adorable. Loves her elder siblings & is really close to Prithvi & Avi.

9. Sanyukta Sharma – Prithvi’s high school sweetheart. They both have a rocky relationship as they were together for sometimes & apart sometimes but they never stopped loving each other. As of now they r not together but she wants to be with Prithvi for forever but she can’t as he is committed to Ria but somewhere in her heart she knows he still loves her & come back to her.

So the Kapoors r known to Swara’s past. Her kids know that they have a father but who they don’t know. For them Swara is both their mother & father. They also never questioned her about who is their father. The Kapoors r returning to Kolkata, so let’s see how will SwaSan meet & what will be the effect of their encounter.

Credit to: Aanya

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  1. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Character sketch is really nice.. but reading about the leap I felt like yhm.. I hate it after
    the leap.. But I hope this one will be good..

  2. Why swara don’t want anyone to know about her being alive.

  3. Nicedear..

  4. interesting. waiting 4r nxt part

  5. Nice dear

  6. Awesome

  7. Interesting ……..post soon

  8. awesome…..

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