Swasan true love (Epi 5)


Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan true love thanx for the comments nd supports
At night
At mm
At dining table
Lak:papa I m going to New York this Saturday
Dp:but why
Lak:I m playing at a concert
Ap:but it is just after two days
Lak:ya ma the concert is on next Wednesday
Dp:so what is the need for going so soon
Lak:actually we all were thinking that we would roam nd see some places
Rp:with whom u r going
Lak:Nikhil,Shreya,Vicky,Swara nd Siddharth
Sanskar is shocked hearing swara name nd thinks
San:why is swara going wid that Sid nd by the way who is he
His thoughts r disturbed by dp talks
Dp:so Swara is also coming wid u
Lak:yes papa so can I go
Kavita:sanskar why don’t we also go with them I also wanna see their show
San:Kavita but my office
Kavita:ok Sanskar
Sanskar thinks:if I go with them I can keep an eye on swasid
Sans:ok but bade papa can we also go
Dp:ya ok
Lak thinks:why aren’t they leaving sammie alone we thought after going to New York sammie will get a change but no they r coming wid us

After dinner
San:lucky have u booked your tickets
Lak:sammie will book nd don’t call me lucky
San:ok so can u tell her to book our tickets too so we can go together
Lak:sanskar please don’t come with us r don’t try to meet us because no one of us wants sammie to see u in New York
San:laksh I luv Swara
Lak:please go
San leaves
Laksh leaves
Sanky’s room
San:u know what Swara I luv u nd I know also luv me but then why r u giving pain to me by ignoring me
After morning drama in mm laksid have left Swara was about to leave in her bike when somebody stopped her
Swa:sanskar leave my hand
San:why r u behaving so odd
Swa:who r u to ask me anything
San:Swara listen to me just for a minute
As he was about to say Kavita called:sanskar
Swa:go Sanskar your first luv is calling
And she frees her hands
Sanskar is much hurt by the way Swara is talking
Flashback ends

San:u know Swara I have to come to New York to keep an eye on Sid nd I can’t see u both so close
He sleeps

At gm
Swa:baba I want to go to New York on Saturday
Shekhar:ok u can go but ur company Swara industries
Swa:I will look that no deals r Remaining
Shekhar:ok u go but Sid is coming wid u
Shekhar treats Sid as his son
Swa:ya baba
Shekhar:so go nd enjoy
2 days later
At airport
Kavsan,swasid,Shreya,Vicky nd Nik r leaving for New York
Swa:ma bye take care
Sumi:bye Shona bye Sid take care
Sid:don’t worry ma I will take care of myself nd sammie
Sumi:I know Sid that’s why I m sending her
Sanky is jealous after seeing Sid so close to Swara
Shekhar:I will miss u all
Swa:I will also miss u baba
Sid:me too baba
They hug

Lak:nd Aunty I nd Sid will take care of her
Swa:first u need someone to take care of u
Ragini who has come due to Shekhar was fuming seeing laksh and Swara so close
Sumi:beta u all also take care
Shreya:Aunty we all will take care of each other
Nik:yes aunty
They have a group hug
Shekhar:now leave otherwise u will miss ur flight
All leave including kavsan

Preacap:masti in flight nd reaching New York

Sorry guys for being late but still 4 papers r left nd I don’t get time so I was thinking that i should end my ff Swasan together in my 10th part please tell your reviews nd please comment nd support

Credit to: Labdhi

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