Swasan true love (Epi 2)


So guys Labdhi is back with the next part of Swasan true love but before that I will introduce the characters
Shreya:krystle dsouza
Vicky:Karan takker
Nikhil:Gaurav khanna
Recap:Nik Vicky Shreya entry during kavsan engagement
Swanik left

Shreya nd Vicky r waiting r waiting for laksh
Urvashi:Maaji doesn’t this girl has shame her husband is getting engaged to someone else nd she is going out these bangalis can never change
Shreya nd Vicky hear this
Shreya:Aunty mind your own bussiness first look at Ragini she is ur sisters daughter nd destroyed her sisters life so before commenting at anyone else look at u marvadis u guys know only how to destroy someone’s life
Ragini:Shreya how can u talk with my masi like dis nd she did not say something wrong
Shreya:Ragini just shut up I won’t tolerate anything against my sammie
Vicky:shreyu calm down and Ragini before pointing to others mistake u should look at your ownself due to ur mistakes only sammie is suffering
Laksh saw all this

Laksh:Ragini just stop ur nonsense u r the first girl whom I saw after destroying her sisters life she doesn’t have any shame instead she is defending the one who is commenting on ur sister
Ragini gets teary eyed after listening to laksh but composes herself
Shreya:let it go guys forget these idiots we should go
Lak:ya swanik might be waiting
They leave
At gm
Gadodias have started to stay at a mansion that was recently taken by Swara but Ragini nd dadi don’t stay there because they don’t like Swara they live at baadi
Nikhil is waiting for Swara
Nik:sammie come fast

Swa:coming Nik
She came out wearing a shorts and t shirt. Nik was mesmerised seeing Swara in this outfit.
Swa:Nik lets go
He comes to his senses
Nik:wow sammie u r luking cool in this outfit
Swa:thnx Nik now can we leave
They both go
Shrevicklak have reached
Swanik reach. Laksh was shocked seeing Swara as he never thought she would wear such clothes
Shreya:u r luking cute Swara
They all r enjoying
Sanky is feeling restless so he decides to go out. He drives his car but unfortunately he saw Swara nd her friends enjoying but he was shocked seeing Swara
San:I never thought Swara can change so soon. I have to talk to her but not know as Swara is wid her friends
Nik:sammie I know u love Sanskar but I think u should move on
Lak:yes he is right
Shreya:stop it guys we have come out for fun we can talk about it later
Swara gets a call
Swa:yes ma but who is he
Sumi:u come home nd ya bring ur friends too he wanna meet him too
Swa:ok phone hangs
Nik:what happened sammie

Swa:actually ma said a man wants to meet us so she asked us to come home
Swa:ya actually the man wants to meet u all too
Vicky:ok so let’s go
Sanky is confused but he keeps on following dem
They reach gm
A man comes and from behind nd rotates Swara and she understand who is it
Swa:omg I m so happy to see
He keeps her down
Lak:wow u r back
They hug and finally they have a group hug
Swa:u know I was missing u
Man:I was also missing my cutie
Sanky was fuming as Swara was very close to the man
San:who is this new villain in my life. I have to talk to Swara at any cost but for that I can ask laksh for help as he is close to Swara
He leaves

Precap:mysterious man is revealed

Please guys comment and support and happy Holi can please suggest someone for the role of mysterious man and I will reveal about him in next part and please give me ur reviews and suggestions about this ff

Credit to: Labdhi

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