Swasan true love always wins episode 5


Part 5
Hey guys labdhi is back with next part….it seems many were excited regarding swasan meeting….so here we go
This function is live in India and Europe everywhere so even gadodia’s and maheshwari’s r watching it from gadodia house when it starts(guys it has not yet started)
At award function

Raizadas have arrived arrived…..swara is wearing a Purple gown while sumi is wearing a yellow colour gown (modern)….mens are also looking handsome and kids are looking cute…..they all go and take a table at the front….after sometime even sanskar arrives with sujata and rp but they get a table which is far away from raizadas table
Award function starts….. unfortunately sanskar did not get the award…..so slowly all the awards r given to various businessman
Host: so finally I call on stage Mr. Sanskar Singhania to announce the best businessman of asia and Europe
Sanskar comes on stage….he reads the name and is shocked but yet composes himself…..even raizadas were shocked seeing him and also listening the surname Singhania
Sanskar: so the best businessman of asia and Europe goes to SSR that is miss Swara Singh Raizada
Swara is shocked yet happy
Sumi: r u sure shona
Swara: yes mom

She leaves and goes on the stage….media takes her pics as she has come in front of world for the 1st time….swasan have and eyelock but swara breaks it
Swara: thank u so much for this award but I have request that I would love if I would get this award by my lucky charm and my role model
Host: sure call them on stage
Swara: thanx…..my lucky charm is my son aarav Singh Raizada and my role model is my dad kashyap Singh Raizada…please come on stage
Aarav and kashyap go on stage….sanskar is shocked listening that swara has a son
Sanskar gives the award to aarav and kashyap and they present it to swara…..swara hugs aarav and kashyap
Sanskar comes back to his table
At Kolkata, baadi
Shekhar is shocked seeing kashyap called dad by swara
Shekhar: mishti remarried….this is not true how could she
Ragini: papa please calm down….. please
At Belgium
Sujata: means swara remarried coz she has a son
Sanskar: no mom coz the aarav is around 4-5 years old so it is not possible m that she remarried
Sujata: u r right
Sanskar (in mind): I will find u at any cost swara

Precap: sanskar gets Swara’s address
Guys m ending this here….. please post ur comments and reviews…..no proof read

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    its too short plz update long part.. aand also update soon

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      Thanks……next part will be long…pakka….will try to post the next part soon

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    Awsm …but was really short …

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