Swasan: my tragic Fairy tale love story. part2

I sat in the lounge of the airport alone thinking about my life without her.

The lounge was silent and the only sound heard was my heartbeat that thumped. The flight was delayed by 2 hrs and this added to my time here. I was here, early, by around 10hrs.

I know…. You may think I’m mad, but I wasn’t able to keep myself around her. She doesn’t even know that I’m off, here. I hope things go as planned.


I always just hope with her because she never stops astonishing me. It is utter stupidity to think she would sit simply after knowing my disappeance.

Closing my eyes, I sat thinking about her. Her beautiful face always stuck an image as I close my eyes. Her beautiful hazel eyes always have been expressing something which I fail to understand utterly.
Her promising voice with her parents and sister, Her angry voice when she was utterly exhausted, Her ridiculous attitude towards her friends at times and her nonchalant attitude with me. Everything was so true yet imaginary, for rest of my life.

The door of the lounge opened suddenly to get me an image of sobbing swara. She ran to me and stood in front of me as soon as she saw me.

I saw her in disbelief. I knew I was dreaming. Why would she come here anyway? She doesn’t know I’m here. That’s what accounts for good now.
I got up from the recliner I was sitting on and walked a two steps towards her…. She opened her mouth to say something.
She’s saying something but nothing is audible.
But I can hear a voice calling me.
“Sir…. Your order’s here…. ” the server wakes me up.
“thank you…. ” I said after grunting at him.
Well, it was nowhere his fault that I was lost in my dream.

Time passed by and I spent almost two hours doing nothing.

I missed her already. It’s not yet been a few hrs since I saw her, now already I’m missing her. I feel restless without her and without her tantrums.

“I love you….” I whisper to myself.

“but I hate you…. ” I listen her voice.
Again a dream. Will my life ever be good to me?

I sat relaxing myself. I hallucinate too much.

Closing my eyes, I again see her face only to get restless again.

“why are you troubling me? ” I ask in my mind.

But I get an answer for that.
“because that is what I’m born for.” much to my astonishment, the voice sounds like a girl. And more, it sounds like hers.

I shook my head in disbelief. How is that I’m hallucinating like a teenager?

Okay!! Not only teenagers have the copyright to hallucinate.

I slowly opened my eyes and adjusted myself comfortably on the couch.

Oh my!! I rub my eyes with my fingers. Do I really see her?
No. Says my brain.
Yes! Says my heart.

Without seeing a way to get through, I head to pinch myself.

‘tshh…. ‘
My cheek burn in pain. My eyes widened with shock, seeing her standing in front of me crossing her arms and throwing daggers at me.

Her pink coat matched perfectly with her cheek which turned pink in anger.

Before I open my mouth, ‘tsh…. ‘ again. She slapped me on either sides of my cheek and I sat there in awe.
My cheek sting in pain while I saw her in fear. Gulping now and then I sat there as she bore her eyes into mine.

“what do you think of yourself? ” she asked with clenched teeth.
“Huh? ”

“I…. I…. ” I fumbled at her angry demeanor.

“you think you’re a great person that you’d leave me to live my life while you’ll suffer?”
Why was she hyper? Did I do something wrong? Or she read or listened something wrong?

As if heard my questions,
“don’t look at me as if you’ve done nothing. You have the nerves to leave me alone and go wherever you want? ”

Okay! Now it makes sense.
But why is she worried about me? She was the one who told that she’d be happy if I’m away. Then why? Why is she so complicated? Or I’m as fool.

I blinked at her and she huffed and grunted at me.
My lips were sealed not to make any sound that would raise her temper.
She strode along the lounge nodding her head in disagreement now and then, huffing at me and even cursing me under her breath.

“get up and come out with me. ”

“where? ”

“home… ”

“nope… ” I said popping the ‘p’. I’d come out with much difficulty and now I’m not letting it go in rain.

Her angry gaze burnt me while I sat quietly. Few seconds later my legs involuntarily walked out, listening to my heart which pounded and yelled at me to get back to her.

Listening to my heart I moved out of the lounge to the parking while she followed me.

I turned the knob of the stove off and put the coffee into two mugs.
We were back home a while ago and she’d not spoke to me regarding this.
She was in her room doing something what god knows. No one knows regarding my nonsense stunt and I have no clue regarding how she got to know.

I walked to her room where she’d cocooned herself from two hours.
She stood there near the window, hands folded, eyes welled, and an expressionless face.
Her coat was on the floor, a few items thrown here and there. And few paper bits on the floor.
I walked inside, to the paper bits, to examine.
It was our divorce papers. I’d given it to my lawyer. How was it here? Where did she get it from? Well, anyways…. She was Swara and Swara cab do anything!

I placed the coffee mugs in either hands on the table next to her bed. She was alerted by the sound and she turned away from me, glancing me once. Her eyes were red. They emitted angry daggers which I accepted heartily.

I slowly made my way to her and stood at her back.
I slowly brought my arms to her front and wrapped them around her. She stiffened at the contact of our skin but soon composed herself.

“I’m sorry…. ” I whisper into her hair, kissing them.
She stiffened again and writhed in my arms struggling to get away.
I held her closer. A corner in my heart hoped that she’d feel the same like I do.

A part of me warned me to get away not to suffer any heart break.
I was in no mood to make a decision with my angel in my arms.

“swara… ” I called her and she broke up.
Her body heaved as she cried inconsolably.
I felt her tear drops on my hands and turned her around to face me, not able to see her cry.
She had her gaze at her fingers which fidgetted.

“did you tell someone about my stunt? ”
I asked hoping a no as an answer.
And of course, my angel grants me what I want.

“no… ”
I smiled. She was so perfect and I feel extremely proud to be her husband.

“why? ”

“I didn’t want to ”

I lifted her face up so that she faces me.

“leave me… ” she struggled, but all in vain.

I tied both of her hands behind and held it with my left. I cupped her tear stained cheek with my right.

“I’m sorry…. ” I whispered.

She stopped struggling but stayed put, staring at her feet now.
I took the opportunity to talk.

“I heard your conversation with Kavya and Co. I thought I was a burden all your life and I didn’t want to be so. ” she brought her head up but didn’t face me.
“I’ve loved you since when, god knows. ” I continued and she made an eye contact. I smiled at her.
“I never thought you would feel the same. ”

“I never felt anything!! ” she said grumpily.

“really?” I asked, smirking. My brows up.

“yes!! ” she said breaking the contact.

“so true…. ” I said as I kissed her forehead.
She shivered at my touch. I chuckled softly.
“this says it all. ”

She huffed, making me chuckle again.

“okay!! ”
“hmm…. Where were we?… Yeah…. I didn’t want to create any nuisance in your life. So I thought this may be the better way to deal with. I wasn’t staying away for a long time though. ” she again made an eye contact.
“I would’ve come back once you were settled. ”

“you thought that you would be able to see me with anyone else? ” she asked her temple creased.

“nope… I realised it recently though. I wouldn’t have been able to see you with any other guy. I would suck the blood out of him. ” I said the matter of fact.

Her hazel brown eyes softened. I kissed her temple again.
“I even hallucinated you in the lounge. And that was the reason I was shocked, extremely, to see you there…. ”

She giggled.

“what makes my angel giggle? ”
She giggled at her new name from me.

“you were looking like a mad person in the lounge. ”

“accepted… ”
Of course I did look like one.
But she was such innocent at times.

She giggled again.

I let go of her hands and wrapped her close to my heart, Her eyes still staring into mine.
“but I missed you immensely, every second. I felt breathless without you. I felt empty without you. Sanskar is nowhere a man without Swara. ”

She smiled her angelic smile. Her eyes twinkled, but held tears and some pain unknown to me in them.

“okay!! I gotta go…. Meet you in the evening… ” she said as she grabbed her coat and bag swiftly walking out before I said something.

I smiled to myself running my hands through my unruly hair. She was so cute with whatever emotions she expresses.

Huh…. Sigh…

If she knows, then, it is a guarantee that Krishna knows. I pulled an idiotic stunt for the second time. He’d bury me in the land in anger.
Better is that I will go to office and apologize for the nonsense.
Everything was done. I’d apologized to Krishna n number of times till he accepted. But this birdie didn’t even look at me for once. She laughed with everyone, she chatted. But didn’t even glance at me.

She was absolutely doing no good for my patience. I wanted to hear her day that she loves me. The more time passed, the more restless I became.

I dragged her to my car, leaving behind her two wheeler in the parking lot. Everyone had already left and my princess was waiting for me to pull a stunt again. Impossible, she is, at times.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I climbed into my seat and drove back home with her next to me.
She smiled all the way watching out from the window.
“does our parents know about this? ”

“I let them know if you want to…. ”

Hmm…. Good!!
“I’d never want that to happen. ”
I said and concentrated on driving.
I pulled out the car into the porch and as usual, she ran out of the car. I parked it soon and got I go the house fearing she’d have closed the door of her room.
She was in her room, but the door wasn’t closed.
Yet again I prepared coffee for both of us and with a plate of cookies, I went to her room.
Her room was now organized and she’d already changed.
“some coffee and cookies please… ” I said handing her the mug.
“thank you… I’ve been hungry from morning.”
“so I got you this. Even I haven’t had anything. ” I said taking a place next to her. I sat with my back resting on the back rest. I made her sit resting her on my chest. We finished our coffee and she had few cookies while I left it for her.
I wasn’t hungry anymore. I was filled with joy. Joy of being with my wife. I thought of proposing her but I don’t know if that would be a good idea.
Not wanting anymore nuisance in my life, I slid my hand into my pocket and brought a red velvet box out.

“babe… ” I called for her and she turned her head, still resting on my chest.
I made her sit properly.
“I know I’ve been a stupid all along since we got married. The reason of me denying the marriage is just I thought I wasn’t ready for a commitment already. I just played along your emotions too far testing your patience, I know I’m not eligible for your forgiveness. ” she tried interrupting me.
“shh…  Let me complete. But even then I ask for your forgiveness. I hope you forgive me. I don’t know how, when and why I fell in love with you, but what I know is that I love you to oblivion. I feel restless without you, I always want to be with you, talk to you and spend all my life with you.
Will you allow me to spend the rest of my life with you? Will you love me all your life like I do? Will you let me be there for you at whatever the situation is and will you be there for me always? Will you make my life more special by accepting me? ”
Her eyes welled. And so did mine.
I brought out the velvet box in the front.
“will you, swara, get engaged to me for life and never leave me alone and stop me from doing stunts like I did today? Will you spend all your life being my life partner? ”
She smiled. Her voice gave away and I know the feeling. I felt it just before I started the conversation but it was needed and I’d to help myself.
“yes!! ” she whispered looking straight into my eyes.
“I will accept you for my life…. ” she said and smiled. My eyes mirrored hers.
“I love you…. ”
“I love you too…. ”
She said as I grabbed her body and collided with mine tightly not to let go of her.
We sat there for a while hugging each other, with her on my lap.
I caressed her hair while she held me tight to herself.
I kissed her nape feeling immensely happy. Words stuck and feeling were enough to express ourselves.
“babe… ” I called her and she faced me still her arms around my neck.
I took her left hand in mine and gently slid the ring onto her slender long finger.
“love you…. ”
“love you too…. ”
I hesitantly leaned forward and pecked her lips and when she didn’t hesitate, I kissed her, sucking bottom lip into mine. The kiss was slow and passionate. She pulled out feeling breathless and hid her face in my chest blushing.
Bringing her face to face mine, I smiled at her red cheeks.
“you’re so cute…. ”

“like you are…. ”
I chuckled.

“when did you get to know you loved me? ”

“I knew it before we were married. ”
My heart stung at her revelation. My words might have been too harsh.

“I’m sorry…” I said feeling ashamed.

“it’s okay…. Now you know…. You love me. I was so angry when Krish told me about you, leaving me, that I wanted to kill you.” she pouted.
I laughed and held my ears before kissing her pout.
She smiled.
“promise me Sanskar, you’ll never leave me.? ” she asked forwarding her hands and I promised her.

” I would never dare to…. ” and sealed it with a kiss.

She is so adorable, she is so good and she is so mine.
Hey guys never do something that hurts your wife. She may not tell you, but it would hurt you bad when time strikes. You’re never COMPLETE without her.

A/N: here you go….  I finished the two shots. Hope you like it. Drop a comment below… . It means a lot to me really….. Thank you for reading…. Hope you enjoyed… Bye….

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