Swasan Touch Me Not Love Me Not {Prologue}


Swara Gadodia : A talented MBA student. Later on she opts for helping her father in his business. She is the CEO of Gadodia Industries. She is a confident women. Best example of beauty with Brians. A self confident – bold women.

Sanskar Maheshwari : A business tycoon. A self-confident person. Egoistic but at the same time jolly. (We will see his jolly character at the beginning of the story and later the other part. )

Laksh Shergil : Swara’s best friend and her partner in crime ??

Ragini Gadodia: Half sister of Swara. A beautiful girl. Swara and her character is contradictory. Her enmity with her sister leads to destruction of her life. Hates Swara.

Sharmishtha Gadodia : loves both of her daughters. Specially Swara because she is devoid of a mother.

Shekhar Gadodia : Father of Swara & Ragini (not this point). A carefree man. Loves both of his daughters.

Swara & Sanskar meet eventually in a meeting and fall in love! But never express their feelings! Laksh, Swara’s best friend always support her in every way possible! But his presence leads to disturbance between the duo!

They get engaged & finally marry but it leads to problems rather than love!

After 1½years of unsuccessful marriage, Swara leaves Sanskar!

What Happened that the two love birds departed? Will they meet again? If no, then will the story remain incomplete? If yes then how? How will they meet!?

What leads them apart?

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SwaSan: Touch Me Not Love Me Not! ?

Credit to: Jaz

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  1. Nice idea

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  2. Gonna be interesting! Post asap!

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  3. Hey… Nice concept.. .

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    1. Yeah! But it’s not the same!
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      Same title with different concept!
      It was funny!
      This is tragic!

  4. plz continue dear..it’s awesome

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  5. Jaz..?
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      1. Oops..! Sorry dea.. Mistook you to be jaf.. Actually I felt that I have read the same story title somewhere.. But then I remember that it was in FB and not on wattpad.. Sorry again.. BTW nice one.. Its a bit different that the one posted in FB..

  6. What problem you have with ragini I understand you love swara but why you want to make ragini negative yaar just throw her out from your ff and add any other person why you want to make her negative disgusting

    1. I don’t want any other person bcoz after a while you will see the real swaragini….
      So for that I have to put Ragini!
      I can’t tolerate Kavita..
      I too love Ragini don’t misunderstand Pls!

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  8. Guys! Ragini will play a crucial role here!
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