Swasan together (Intro)


Hello guys it’s Labdhi plzz support me as it is my first ff. Intro
It begins from Kavlak(Kavya laksh) marriage has happened. Shekhar Ragini with him and not Swara next day kavyas drama starts and sanky takes lakshs side so Swara leaves the house.
Return of twin of Swara whose name is Samar.he gets to know all past and takes his sisters to London where he has established his bussiness. Ragini and Swara have changed to complete modern and moving from their past life

Leap of 5 years
In London
A beautiful mansion is shown a room where two kids r sleeping a lady in blue shorts and pink T-shirt is trying to wake up two boys
Lady :vihaan rihaan get up you have to go to school
A voice :sammie let them sleep
Yes it was Swara who is a rockstar and found herself pregnant when she left the house and she gave birth to twins
Swara:but rags they have school and from tomorrow their vacations are starting
Yes it was Ragini who is wearing a track pant and a top
A man :sammie rags we have a meeting don’t forget
Swarag:ok Sam
It was Samar. Ragini and Swara are helping Samar in bussiness and their company ssr industries have come at the top
Swara:now Sam you only wake up your champs

In india
A man is holding a pic and crying:sorry Shona but why did you leave me
Yes it is our sanky
Will Swasan meet. Another twist will come in next episode. Please support me and give ur suggestion and reviews. And if you don’t like it i will stop it

Credit to: Labdhi

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  1. Yaar y would sanky support laksh

    1. The reason of sanky supporting laksh would be told in next part

  2. Nice….. Pls update fast

  3. awesome……keep going….

  4. but why did u keep child for swara yaar…. so nyc swara.. as a business woman

  5. awesome..yr very unique idea…plz post today itself na..

  6. Awesome dear i love it i also want this type of story for swasan after kavlak marriage the mainly ff r on rags or raglak but i m glad that finally i got swasan story thanku so mch plz continue nd plz its a request dont leave in between plz give it a proper ending nd dear one more i m a silent reader nd i m having exams also so may ne i m not able to comment but definitely will read the story

  7. Nice continue but little bit longer parts

  8. its very intersting story but why swara leave sansky ?

  9. why sanky takes lakshs side??plz reveal it……….

  10. interesting dear,…………

  11. Very nice story…….

  12. nice waiting for next part..

  13. I agree with Anu but will sanskar take laksh’s side even knowing that he was wrong………but when swasan consummated their marriage……..plssssssss also make a child for raglak because even they consummated their marriage

    1. Thanks for ur suggestion i will surely show it

    2. Tooba plz uplaod your ff

  14. plz update next part……..

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