Hi Guys sriya here with a two shot on swasan. This is my first two shot hope u guys like it.
First part
It is a beautiful morning the birds are chirping the sun is shining brightly we see two people sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. They are our lovely couple swasan. Due to sun rays there sleep gets disturbed. Sanskar gets up and sees his love sleeping peacefully he cares her hair and pecks her forehead and remembers that he is in swara room he wakes up swara and tells to her that he is leaving swara says bye to him and sanskar leaves from swara house by climbing down the pipe. (It has been 1 year swasan are dating with each other.)
It was all fine until one day swara gets up from the sleep she calls mom dad but no one responses she calls so many times but don’t get any response from them. She goes downstairs and stands shock seeing the incident her life turns upside down her parents were lying there was blood all around them she turns and sees that goons were there she goes to them and shouts why have u killed my parents what sin they have done to u all how dare u all I will call and inform to the police right now tears were rolling down her cheeks seeing her parents like this. She remembers all the moments she spend with them. Now she was seeing them dead in front of her eyes. She first thinks to call sanskar but the goons take the phone from her and throws it one goon from behind ties her mouth with a white cloth and ties her hands with rope. They make her sit in the place one goon gets to know that sanskar is her bf so he plans something and smirks. They all take swara to an underground place where the all the goons live.
@ sanskar house
Here sanskar was waiting for swara’s call. His house bell ring he goes to see who has come. A Postman comes and gives a letter to sanskar. He opens the letter and reads it.
Mr sanskar maheshwari I am leaving u I didn’t love u ever it was all my drama u have believed me and fall in my trap I hate u sanskar maheshwari now I am leaving from this country don’t try to find me.
From swara
Tears were rolling down his cheeks he falls down with a thud and cries remembering all the moments he spend with swara after reading this letter he becomes a lifeless body. For few hours he was crying badly after sometime he slept thinking about swara.
The next day
Sanskar thinks that swara must have not written this letter I know it was not swara she had not done the drama of loving me she loves me to the infinity she must have not done this someone else has written this letter I have to go to her house and ask her whether if she has written this letter or not. He leaves to her house.

@ Underground place
Swara was tied in a chair a goon comes there and tells to swara that he has given letter to sanskar that u are leaving him and u never loved him till now he must be hating u and would be cursing himself here swara cries listening this she tries to free herself. The goons unties the white cloth and gives some food to swara and says her to have this she throws the plate and says I will not have this food and what did u say sanskar will be cursing himself and hating me no this cannot be happen sanskar trusts me more than himself and he loves me to the infinity he must be going to my house to ask whether I wrote the letter or not but he doesn’t know that I am kidnapped by u b***** goons who have killed my parents mercilessly. Surely sanskar will get to know about this and will make u arrest. Goon laughs loudly and says this will happen if we will stay in this country. We are shifting to another country. Our leader will treat u as his daughter and u can lead a happy life with him in America. If sanskar gets to know about u and reaches in America and meets u then u should act as u hate him like him and try to make him also hate u understand don’t try to act smart. Swara says no I will not come with u guys and I will never make hate me understand u b***** goon. Goon says if u don’t then I will kill your sanskar also like your parents. Swara says no please don’t do this with sanskar I already lost my parents I can’t afford to lose sanskar he is my life I will do whatever u say. Goon says good then pack your bag and get ready to leave to America. Swara helplessly packs her bag and gets ready to leave to America.
Here sanskar was driving fast to swara house. Soon he reaches there and ring the bell two three times but no one was opening the door he finds something fishy about it and tries to break the door finally he succeed in doing so there sanskar sees no one was present there he checks everywhere but doesn’t get anyone so he thinks that what swara said in letter was true but later he thinks no it can’t be and he leaves from there.

At airport
Swara with the leader of goon boards the flight. After so many hours the flight reaches to America. Both get down from the plane and leaves to the mansion.
After five years
Here we see award function going on. The best business woman award goes to swara singhania. There we see swara entering the stage in a white pink knee length frock with matching heels and earings looking stunning and breathtaking all eyes were on her sanskar was in cloud9 seeing her after so many years. Swara eyes fell on him she was very happy she wanted to run and hug him but brushed her thoughts after remembering what the goon said. She turns her face and ignores him as she don’t know him. Sanskar felt sad seeing her ignoring him. After she takes the award she says few lines and leaves from the stage. Sanskar tries to talk her but each time anyone comes in between finally sanskar gets chance to talk with swara he goes to her and asks her why are u ignoring me as u don’t me swara she says excuse me who are u this is the first time I met u and why I will ignore u who are u to me she felt immense pain inside her while saying this. Sanskar was shocked he stands there like a statue his love his life was saying this words to him.

Precap: – sanskar to get to know the truth.

So guys how was this first part it was too long I guess so I divided it into two parts and my finger is too paining so I can’t write anymore hope u understand me first I was planning to end it in one shot but it was too long so I am making it two shots. Love u all guys bye take and don’t forget to drop your comments.

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