SwaSan — together forever (chapter2)


hiiiii frnds i’m back!!!!! so according to the comments i think it should be SwaSan in lead roles but it doesn’t mean that there will be no RagLak scenes…..

so here we go…

The next day:

(swaragini are going to college)

Swara: Ragu come fast!wer’e getting late :O ..

Ragini:Shona just 1min…..let me get my bag.

Swara: Done??

Ragini:Haan meri maa…

(then they both came to college in swara’s car.and it’s SWARA’s first day in fork’s mount college)

Ragini:swara i’m going byee.take care..

Swara: yeah tc…

(while walking swara bumps into someone)

The boy:hey wait your’e the new girl Swara,right?


The boy: I’m Manish! nice to meet you 🙂

Swara: oh,Manish,yeah nice to meet you too…

(after that they both went to play basket ball,everyone was there playing)

(by mistakely swara hit one boy)

Swara:i’m sorry i didn’t mean to hit you it’s just……(interrupted by mike)

The boy: No.no it’s okay by the way i’m Mohit!(he extends his hand )

Swara:Swara..(and they both shake their hands)


Sir Bannet:so new girl,Swara take your seat.

Swara:yeah.but where should i sit??

SR.Bannet:looks like the the seats are full,then you should sit with Mr Sanskar Maheshwari!!


(as swara sits with him he gave her a deadly glare his eyes were pure black)
(he behaves so strangely that he is thirsty for her blood and will kill her right now!,after the lecture the bell rings and he rushes out of the classroom…..)

to be continued…..

Precap: Sanskar came to college so after few day.both SwaSan introduces themselves…..

sorry guyxxx for today no RagLak scenes but will be surely in the next chapter..and to know the strange behaviour of sanskar towards swara and why he will not come to college for few day…..to know then stay tuned to SwaSan together forever .bye…

Credit to: Jenny

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