SwaSan – together forever (chapter 1)

hello friends! i want to thank Shan+Zzzzz(charming)+Mou+Shagun+Meenu+Anu…..Once again thank you sooo much for liking my ff and giving me support also thanks to silent readers…..

So here we go

One woman is shown doing aarti and singing bhajan with a sweet voice…..after that she goes upstairs and open the door of one bedroom…..there are two girls shown.sleeping peacefully.then the woman starts to shout: Shona,Ragu come on now getup!it’s already 7o’clock .

Girl1: ma please! don’t disturb now…..let me sleep.

Girl2: yes ma please don’t you dare to disturb mt sleep.

(the woman is sharmistha)

Sharmistha: Don’t you girls want to go to academy? guru ji is waiting downstairs !!!

Girl1 (shocked):WHAT????? ragini come lets go …..guru ji is downsatirs!!!
(Yes this is our swara)

Girl2:Yaar this oldman again came to our house πŸ™ :p ..
(and the other girl is ragini)

(it’s sunday.and on sunday both SwaRagini go to academy to play instrments.and on saturday they both go to orphan)

after getting ready they both went downstairs///

Swara: ma where is guru ji?????you said that he came….(interrupted by another woman)

Women: I told sharmistha to lie!! because you sleeping beauties won’t wake up so easily.

Ragini : thank god dadima that oldman..opps i mean guruji didn’t came otherwise he would have scold me!!!!!
(this other women is parvati SwaRagini’s dadi)
Swara: Huh? ragini what about their lies?

Ragin: It”s okay shona it’s just a small lie.anyways! tomorrow is papa’s birthday!!!

Swara: Oh yeah! we have to do so many arrangements …..i think today we should not go to academy?

Ragini: yesss!!!!! so ma dadima today we aren’t going to academy…..

Sharmistha&dadima: okay,beta.

to be continued…….

Precap: Sanskar’s entry & SwaSan first meet…..

Now frnds tell me do you want SwaSan OR RagLak in LEAD ROLES?????tell me fast in comment..and also tell me how’s my ff going on…it’s good or not?????

Credit to: Jenny


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