Swasan together (Episode 8)

Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together thanx for the comments nd supports
Next day
In mm
San:laksh yesterday night u know what happened
He tells him what happened yesterday night
Lak:what Swara nd Ragini r going no before that I want to apologise to them
San:nd I want to clear my misunderstanding wid Swara
San:ya he tells him how he saw Kavya thinking to harm Swara
Lak:what for this u hurted Swara

San:ya I thought she would harm her so I send her but after Kavya got to know Swara went to London she told me that it was her plan as she saw me saw me standing outside so she said all that and she even apologised to me
Lak:nd from these years u r bearing all the taunts of family u should have everything to them
San:no one would believe me nd even if they believe me everyone would taunt Kavya so I did not say anything
Lak:u r great but r u gonna tell everything to Swara
San:no even she shouldn’t know anything I will win her trust back as I have a plan
Lak:ok so tell me
Sanky tells a plan to laksh(muted)
Lak:bhai do u think this will work
San:let’s try
In gm
Shekhar:ok u both can go with vihrih but before that I want ragbir

Rag:what papa
Sumi:ya he is right now u both should get married
Kab:but ma we want to concentrate on our business
Rag:he is right
Sumi:u can even do it after marriage
Rag:but ma
Shekhar:no ifs buts we r keeping ur engagement tomorrow only as Panditji said it is very Shubh muhurat
Sam:wow so my sister is gonna marry her love
Hearing the word love Swara becomes a little bit sad and Aaravsam notice it
Aarav:ya Sam after marriage Kabir is gone as only u can handle these devil sisters

Sam:ya u right Kabir can handle rags but no body in the world can handle sammie
Aarav:poor us nd vihrih
Swa:what nobody can handle me I will show u wait
She runs behind Aarav nd he runs for his life
Sam is happy seeing the love of Aarav for Swara
A girl enters gm
Girl:sammie don’t leave him
Swarav stop seeing the girl
Aarav:Radhika how r u when did u come
Girl:stop it bhai I came now nd I m fine
The girl is Radhika Aarav Kabir younger sis
Kab:I m so happy to see my Radhu back

Rad:call me radz bhai
Aarav:ok radz but what happen have u finished ur studies u were in Hong Kong then suddenly here
Rad:actually uncle called me yesterday night to tell me about ragbir engagement which is kept tomorrow so i decided to surprise u nd cum here
Kab:I m so happy that u came
Rad:bhai can I call my best friend nd her family for engagement she was also studying with me but she returned to india few years back
Kab:ya sure
Rad:thanx bhai
She hugged him
Aarav:what about me

Saying this the trio had a hug
Aarav:common guys
They had a group hug
Sumishekhar were happy seeing their bond.

Precap:engagement nd sanky plan

Sorry guys for late update but due to studies nd wifi problem I could not write nd plzz vote whom u do u want as a pair
1.utsam(uttara samar)
2.samika(Samar Radhika)
Nd please comment about ur reviews nd do u want to unite Swasan soon without twist or unite Swasan but after some twists please tell me regarding these two things.

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