Swasan together (Episode 7)


Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together thanks for your suggestions and comments please support me.
Swarav reach the place and they go inside while Sanskar is shocked to see the place it is a farm house and by seeing the name plate he understood it was of Aarav. He could not go inside as the door was closed so he decided to keep a watch on them through the window
He was shocked seeing the scene Swara was drinking alcohol

Sanskar:how can Swara change so soon
Aarav:I know sammie u drink only when u r unhappy but right now stop it
She had drank just a small glass
Swara:ok Aarav but u know what after he came back into my life it has again became hell
Aarav:about whom r u talking Sammie
Swara:nothing I think we should go home vihrih might be waiting for me
Suddenly rags calls her
Swa:yup rags did vihrih sleep
Rag:sammie they have slept but where r u both
Swa:Aaravs farmhouse
Rag:I want to meet u right now
Swa:I m coming at home then we can talk
Rag:no i wanna meet u and Aarav out right now
Swa:r u coming alone
Rag:no Sam nd Kabir r there wid me
Swa:k so we r meeting at xyz place in half an hour
Rag:k bye
Aarav:what happened sammie
Swa:we have to go to xyz place right now
Aarav:but why
Swa: I will tell u in car
They leave

Sanskar doesn’t know what’s happening he keeps on following them
Ragbirsam have already reached the place
Sam:here r our latecomers
Swa:Sam shut up
Sanskar reaches nd is shocked to see ragbirsam also there.
Swa:now rags tell us why u called here at night
Rag:Swara I think we should tell them about them
Swa:first of all call me sammie nd ya i was thinking to tell them but now
Rag:yes this is the correct time
Swa:ok sambirarav Sanskar Maheshwari is my ex husband
Rag:and laksh Maheshwari is my ex husband
Kabir:the ones whom we r dealing wid right now
Aarav:these r the ones who betrayed u
Sam:now I won’t leave them
Kab:u could have told us earlier
Rag:ok we r sorry
Swa:I don’t want that Sanskar to ruin my and vihrih life so I m going back to London with vihrih
Sam:but u did not even told us about it
Rag:and I even I m accompanying her
Kab:u should have told me rags
Swa:I know u three r angry but this was the only option left
Aarav:kk when r u going back
Rag:after two days
Sam:k now we should go home
They go

Sanskar is thinking something
Sanskar:so miss Swara gadodia be ready for my plan

Precap:sanskars plan
What is sanskars plan
How will Swara manage it
Sorry for being late nd a small part but I m in eighth so it’s difficult to write as mom doesn’t allow still I write somehow nd ya I will submit Swasan true love tomorrow please comment nd support and after 7 April I will be regular sorry once again

Credit to: Labdhi

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