Swasan together (Episode 6)


So guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together I was so happy to read ur comments thanks Kritika for ur suggestion I would surely show it
The next day
Gadodias have shifted to a mansion that Samar had bought recently but unfortunately if was near to mm. Swaragini sumishekhar have not seen it as it was a surprise for them so Samar had tied their eyes. They went inside it was a beautiful mansion with 6 master bedrooms and 4 rooms and a garden and a pool outside for vihrih. All were happy seeing their new house. Vihrih insisted Swara and Aarav to play with them nd not go to office as ragbirsam had left already for the office. Vihrih decided to play in the pool. They went outside vihrih were wearing swimming costumes while swarav were wearing their casuals that is shorts and top and shirt and pant respectively. Aarav decided to decided to do a prank with Swara nd told his plan to vihrih. Swara came out and was shocked to see mm near their mansion. She decided to inform sambirarav about their relations with mf.
Rih:mom can u cum here

She comes out of her thoughts
Sw:coming rihaan.
She goes near the pool. Vihrih were outside the pool as they both also had a plan for Aarav. Aarav pushes Swara inside the pool. As soon as Aarav pushes Swara vihrih push him inside the pool and vihrih also enter the pool.
Swara:Aarav I will not leave u
Saying this she splashes water on him. They all play inside the pool. Sanskar who was passing from there burned with jealousy seeing their bond but he was happy somewhere as Swara was staying near mm
Vihaan:dad shall we play a game
Note:vihrih call Aarav dad lovingly but they know he is not his father and Aarav also loves them a lot knowing they r not his sons

Sanskar was hell shocked listening to the word dad. He was fuming in anger. Swara came out of the pool and ran where Aarav ran behind her.
Aarav:Sammie u wait I will also show u what can Aarav Mehra do
Swara:just try to catch me first Aarav Mehra
Sumi came outside and was shocked to see the whole garden wet as swarav were running
Sumi shouted :stop behaving like kids see vihrih r not so mischievous as u both r
Swara:maa he pushed me in water
Aarav: Aunty she splashed water on me
They were fighting like kids whereas vihrih were giggling
Sumi:stop your nonsense and go wipe yourselves
Vih:what about us nani
Sumi:u both cum with me
Swara: maa today I have my concert so I hope u nd baba will attend
Sumi:u should have told me earlier but it’s ok I will inform him and we will surely come
Swara:thanks maa nd she was about to hug her
Sumi:stay away don’t hug me
Swara shocked
Sumi:I don’t want to become wet

Swara:maa u have to become saying this she hugs her
Sumi:shona stop all this and let us go and change otherwise all will get cold
Saying this they leave. Sanskar decided to meet Swara after the concert and left for ssr
In ssr office
Sanskar has gone there for the deal. Sanskar work gets over and was about to go when
Samar:mr.maheshwari actually today sammie and aarav have a concert so these r the tickets for u nd your family please come
Aarav also performs in concerts along with Swara and he also plays guitar
Sanskar thought it as a good chance for talking to Swara
Sanskar:sure mr.gadodia thank u for the tickets we will surely come
He leaves
Ragbir were out so they did not know that Samar gave tickets to Sanskar
At night in concert
Mf has arrived and they r sitting in vip as Samar gave them vip tickets
Ragbirsam vihrih sumishekhar have also taken their seats
Host:so presenting our Aarav and sammie
Aarav comes on the stage wearing a ripped jeans a t shirt and a jacket
He sings a song when we hear a girl singing yes it was our sammie she was wearing a yellow strapless dress. They sing songs like manma emotion jaage , tum hi ho Bandhu etc
The concert was a hit
Sanskar was about to call Swara
Swara:Aarav our concert was a hit so let’s party and rags please take vihrih with u
Sanskar decides to follow her and asks all the family to go home
Sanskar follows swarav and is shocked to see the place where they go

Precap:the place where swarav went is shown
I know guys this episode is not up to the mark but mom was not giving me the iPad I got it today so I wrote and post it

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Credit to: Labdhi

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