Swasan together (Episode 5)

Hello guys Labdhi here I know u r upset with me for not posting bigger parts so a big part for u all so let’s start
In conference hall
Swara gets a call
Swara:ok maa I m coming
Sam:what happened Sammie where u going
Swara:vihaan has fallen down nd he is crying so I need to go
Rag:ok sammie u go
Aarav:sammie wait I m also coming with u
They both hurriedly go to their car. Dp and rp had gone but sanlak were about to sit in car when they see Swara Aarav coming near the car and saw swara’s tensed face and Aarav consoling her
Swara:i don’t know Aarav how much he got hurt. I hope his wound is not that big
Aarav:sammie chill he would be fine.

They don’t see sanlak staring them but sanlak were confused as they don’t know whom he is talking about. They ignore the matter.
At baadi
Swara:maa where is vihaan? I hope he is fine
Vihaan rihaan together:here mom
Swara:vihaan where did u get hurt u r completely fine
Vihaan:actually it was our plan u went to office without meeting us so we wanted to meet u so we made this plan
Rihaan:we decided that he would act that he is hurt and due to that nani will call u
Swara holds their ears:naughty I was so worried and u played this prank
Vihrih:sorry mom

Aarav:hey sammie leave my champs ears
Swara leaves their ears and says:so u also knew about it right
Vihrih:he did not only know about it was his plan
And saying this they run
Swara:Aarav u I won’t leave u how dare u
Saying this she runs behind him and they both run in the whole house
Sumi:stop behaving like kids and go and get fresh up and no need to go to office I will tell them to come home only
In office
Sam:let’s keep a party today as the deal has been finalised
Ragini is shocked but does not say anything

Samar calls the whole Maheshwari family for party and they accept it because they can get a chance to talk to Swara in the party
The whole mf knows that Swara has come back as sanlak told them everything
Samar informs Aarav nd Swara about the party but Swara doesn’t want to attend as mf will be there but on Aaravs insistence she agrees
In evening
Swara has got ready she is wearing a baby pink dress above her knees while vihaan and rihaan are wearing coats they r looking cute. Ragini is wearing a green dress while Samar is wearing a suit. Aarav and Kabir r wearing coats. All of them r looking amazing. They reach the party hall. Swara is trying to handle vihaan rihaan but they r running and Swara is trying to catch them. Mf enters the party hall. Swara slips while running and sanskar holds her. Swara is shocked to see him and she remembers all the past but stands up and composes herself.
Swara:thank u mr.maheshwari.
she is shocked seeing whole family but she ignores them and leaves. But Kavya goes to her
Kavya:Swara I know I did wrong but please forgive me. All family has also forgiven me. Please u come back sanskar has also understood his mistake and he needs u
Swara:I have forgiven u Kavya but please go I don’t want to talk to u right now
Saying this she leaves

She talks with the guest and goes to the counter to ask for juice when vihaan rihaan come and talk to her but sanskar also listens their talk
Vihaan:mom we want to dance on stage
Rihaan:ya mom please
Swara:ok I will make an announcement
Sanskar was hell shocked listening to the word mom but he remembers that on their marriage day they went ahead in their relationship and understand they r his kids but before telling anything he will clear his misunderstand with Swara and try to be friendly with vihaan rihaan. He leaves
On stage
Swara:my lovely kids vihaan and rihaan are going to perform a dance so cheers
She leaves and vihaan rihaan dance on manma emotion jaage. They dance very cutely. The song ends and Rihaan takes the mike
Rihaan:mom can u please come and dance with us

All cheer for Swara. But mf r shocked listening that Swara has two kids
Swara goes and they dance.sanskar tries to talk with Swara but no use she ignores him. The party ends but mf r having many questions.

Precap:sanskar shocked to see Swara Aarav vihaan rihaan bond

I hope u liked this part. I tried to make it bit longer but I need your support and please give your reviews and suggestions. And I will try to update a small part today only

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