Swasan together (Episode 15)


Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together so let’s start

Aarav presses the trigger
A year later
A house is shown a lady of around 9 months pregnant is walking here nd there nd suddenly she screams
Lady:ouch ouch
Hearing her scream all family members start nd take her to hospital
In hospital
When she is taken to ot
Lady:see if anything happens to me then take care of urself
Man:just shut up Swara nothing will happen to u nd our child
The lady is Swara
Doc:it’s a bit risky to save both mother nd child
Man:see doc do anything but swara should be fine
Doc:calm down mr.maheshwari your wife will be fine
The man is Sanskar

Ragbir have also come to the hospital nd they have their 2 months daughter in their hand nd samika have also married
Aarav has also come for her best friend
San is remembering his past
Fb starts
Swa:Aarav no
Aarav presses the trigger
The bullet goes in Sanskar chest
Swara goes near Sanskar
San:I luv u Swara m sorry
Sanskar closes his eyes
Swa:I luv u please wake up how can u leave me our sons I accept ur luv wake up
She cries
Sanskar wipes the tears of Swara
San:I m fine Shona
Swa:sanskar nothing will happen to u I will take u to hospital
San:ok actually bullet did not touch me

San:ya Swara it was a trick by Aarav
Swa:Aarav I won’t leave u
Aar:sorry sammie actually Sanskar luvs u so much that I found out on the engagement day when I proposed u I could see the pain in his eyes
San:so he asked if I would help him in his plan of uniting us
Swa:nd u said yes
Aar:ya sammie u also forgive him yaar
Swa:so that proposing me was just a plan
Swa:nd where did the bullet go
Aar:u did not see clearly this is a fake gun nd the sound came from my mobile
Swa:I won’t leave u but vihrih
San:they r wid Sam
Swa:he knew everything
San:I m sorry Swara please forgive me
He kneels down
San:I luv u Swara will u marry me
Aarav was hurt seeing this but he was happy for his best friend so he had a fake smile
Swa:yes I luv u too Sanskar
They go home nd tell everyone r happy cause Swasan r happy
Vihrih r excited to see their parents wedding
Ragbir r also gonna married on the same day
It’s been five months since Swasan r married nd one day Swara tells the whole family that she is pregnant
Sanskar is very happy as he was not present during vihrih but now he could see everything
Swara tortured Sanskar by her mood swings
Flashback ends

After some time
There is a sound of baby crying from ot nd everyone is happy
Doc comes out
Doc:congrats it’s a girl
San:nd Swara
Doc:she is perfectly fine
Vih:wow dad we got a sis
San:yup dear
Rih:I want to see my sis nd mom
San:can we meet her
Doc:sure but only u right now
Rih:doc uncle please we wanna meet our mom
Vih:ya uncle please
Doc:ok u both can also go with him
Vihrih:thank u doc uncle
They three go inside
Swara is holding a baby in her hand
Swa:sanskar our daughter
Rih:mom what will be the name of our sis
Vih:ya mom tell
Swasan:Kriti Sanskar Maheshwari
Vih:wow mom
Rih:ya mom it’s too good

They have a family hug
After few days Swara is discharged
It’s the naming ceremony of the baby
Rag:so sammie what have u thought for the name
Everyone suggest a name except Swasan nd vihrih
Vih:stop mom nd dad have already decided
All:what then tell
Swasan:Kriti Sanskar Maheshwari
Rag:wow sammie awesome choice nd Jiju u too
Swa:so it’s time for a family pic
All sit except Aarav
Swa:come Aarav
Aar:no sammie it’s ur family picture so continue
San:u r also like my bro so come please
They have a family picture nd they stay happy forever

Guys sorry for late post but I had loads of homework so could not write but I hope u like this part specially Kritika I hope u liked this part as u had suggested so i added as u want so guys this was the last part of Swasan together nd will be back with Swasan true love soon
Bye guys love u all

Credit to: Labdhi

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    1. Thanx dear

  1. labdhi dear!! what shud i tell u!!??? it was more than awesome…the idea of ur ff was ust amazing!! with simple words, it touched my heart….thanks soooo much fr completing my all wishes!! n the name…it was also connected to me!! thank u sooo much fr such a wonderful ff…love u n ur ff

    1. thanx dear Kritika!!! I m happy that u loved my ff nd I was pleased to show ur suggestions….when I was thinking regarding the name ur name clicked my mind as u suggested me regarding the baby i thought to write a name connected to ur name so I wrote Kriti nd m eagerly waiting for ur ffs……love u dear!!!

  2. It was my favourite ff
    Awesome ending

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