Swasan together (Episode 13)

Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together
Sorry I m late cause my tuitions for standard nine have started nd it will be till 10 May so I won’t be having so much time I hope u guys understand
So let’s start

Next day
Vih:mom we r going outside to play in garden
Swa:ok but don’t go outside the gate
Vihrih:ok mom
They go
Sumi:r u not going to office today
Swa:no mom
It’s been an hour since they r playing
Swa:mom have vihrih come back
Sumi:no Swara
Swa:it’s been an hour they have gone I will call them
Sumi:let them play for sometime then u call
Sumi:no ifs or buts they r children they can play

After sometime Swara goes to call vihrih
Swa:vihrih where r u
She searched everywhere but could not find them
Swa:mom mom
Sumi comes running
Sumi:what Swara
Swa:mom vihrih r not here
Sumi:what search properly
Swa:I saw everywhere but they r not here
Sumi:wait I will call Samar if he has taken them
Sumi calls Sam
Phone convo
Sumi:hello Samar
Sam:yes mom
Sumi:have u taken vihrih with u
Sam:no but why r u asking
Sumi:she tells her everything
Sam:what I m coming home
Sam tells this to ragbir nd Aarav nd they leave
Swara recieves a call

Phone convo
Person:hi did u find your kids
Swa:who r u
Person:it doesn’t matter but I hope ur kids matter to u
Swa:what do u mean
Person:your vihaan rihaan r with me
Swa:what leave my kids
Person:I will leave them if u meet me at xyz place in half an hour
Swa:I m coming but don’t do anything to my kids
Person:come soon
Phone ends
Swa:mom I m coming
Sumi:but where
Swa:I will tell u later
Swara leaves nd in sometime reaches xyz place
Swa:I m here where r my kids
Person:they will reach home soon
Swara sees the person
Person:ya me

Precap:who is the person will vihrih be safe

Sorry guys for being late nd I will update Swasan true love soon nd please guys I need your support comment nd reviews

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  1. It must b Sanskaar

    1. It will be revealed in next part

  2. nice… i think its sanskar…….

    1. and ah please update regularly….. waiting update soon..

      1. Sure will try my best to update regularly

  3. I think he is sanskar

    1. Will be revealed in next part

    1. Thanx dear

  4. Its Sanskaar..pata nhi m feeling ki da Person who toom da Kids is Sanskaar Only..hope Sanskaar Clears all da MU..continue soon

    1. I will update soon dear nd sanky will clear all mu

  5. Its sanskar…I knw…., nice one dear..

    1. Thanx dear

    2. Nd dear m waiting for ur ff

  6. Nice …

    1. Thanx dear

  7. Sanskar i think so
    Awesome but make it long

    1. Thanx dear nd I will make it long

  8. its sanskar I think….

    1. It will be revealed

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