Swasan together (Episode 12)

Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together
I was happy seeing the response nd silent readers please comment
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So let’s start
Swara is shocked
Swa:Aarav r u serious
Aarav:I really luv u sammie
Sam:sammie say yes
Rag:ya sammie
Swara sees everyone happy especially vihrih
Swa:yes Aarav
Sanskar is hell shocked listening to her reply
San:how can she say yes
Lak:calm down bhai
San:how can I lucky I know she still luvs me
Lak:we will think something later
He keeps quiet
Kavlak nd uttara r also shocked
All cheer for swarav
Guests clap for the new couple
They get down
Sam:I m very happy for my sister Swara so the next perfomance is by
Swa:wait let me tell
Sam:ok u announce
Swara goes on stage
Swa:next perfomance is by bride’s brother Samar nd groom’s sister Radhika
Sam:have u gone mad sammie I m not performing
Rag:come on Sam can’t u do this for ur sis

Kab:Sam please
Swa:thanx Sam
Sam:come on Radhika
They go on stage
They perform
In the end they have an eyelock
Swarav notice it
All clap nd samika cum into their sense
Swa(in mind):oh so one more luv story
Aarav(mind):my sis is in luv I have to talk wid others
Engagement ceremony gets over guests leave
In garden
Samika r not there

Rag:sammie congrats so finally u moved on
Kab:ya sammie it’s superb
Swa:ya but I need sum time to adjust
Aarav:I understand sammie
Swa:did anyone notice samika after the dance(to change the topic)
Aarav:they were staring each other with luv in eyes
Rag:so one more luv story has started
Kab:I m so happy for them
Swa:but they still can’t understand their feelings
Aarav:we have to make them understand their luv
Rag:nd then make them confess

Kab:but how
Rag:we will think later
They enjoy each other’s company

Precap:vihrih kidnapped by someone nd will Swara be able to save them

Sorry guys for a small part nd Swasan true luv will also be submitted today please support nd comment so I know your reviews

Credit to: Labdhi


    • Labdhi

      I will post next part soon but in my ff the couple is Swasan not swarav so sorry for disappointing u

    • Labdhi

      Dear I m sorry but it is a Swasan ff so swarav is not possible but i will show scenes of swarav bonding sorry once again

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  2. Angel Goldie

    Awsum..loved it..bt unite swasan yaar plzz.asap n Hope VihRih r safe..m sure Sanskaar will.save them like a Brave Dad..Continue soon

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