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Swasan together (Episode 10)


Hello guys labdhi here with the next part of swasan together so lets start

Scene starts from gadodia mansion
Preparations r going on for engagement
Sumi: do this fast
Dadi: where r others gone
Sumi: they have gone for shopping
Dada: and vihrih
Sumi: with them
Dada: ok

Scene shifts to mall
Swa: ragbir u both go and do ur shopping as luv birds need sum privacy nd I will do vihrih shopping nd then mine
Rag: alright
Sam: but we will take rings together
Kab: ok so we will meet at 12 on 3rd floor I have heard that the they sell awesome rings
Swa: ok done
Ragbir leave
Swa: lets go kids
Sam: but Sammie I can do the shopping of vihrih what say
Swa: r u sure that u can do
Sam: yup
Swa: vihrih will u do with your mamu
Vih: ok mom
Rih: mom I also don’t have any problem
Sam: alright so swarav bye

All go
Swa: Aarav lets go to that shop
Aarav: alright madam
They go

In shop
Swara is showing some dresses to aarav does not like any
Swa: enough aarav now only u choose
Aarav: alright
He shows a sky blue colour lehenga
Swa: awesome aarav
Aarav: my pleasure madam
Swa: now we have take your clothes too
Aarav: yup lets go
They do aarav’s shopping nd they go to café

At café
Rag: so how was your shopping
Aarav: awesome
Swa: yup but sam did u do the shopping of vihrih
Sam: actually I could not find any good clothes for them
Vih: no mom he was just shopping for himself
Rih: yes mom he did not even look for our clothes
Swa: sam I will kill u if u could not do their shopping what was the need for telling me
Sam: I m sorry Sammie
Swa: vihrih lets go we need to do your shopping
Rag: but rings
Swa: u guys continue I will come home in my car after I finish shopping
Kab: r u sure
Swa: ya

Swara nd vihrih leave
Kids shop
Swara is busy in shopping when an idea comes in her mind
Swa: vihrih mamu did not do your shopping so we have to teach him a lesson. I have a plan. (plan muted)
Vih: superb mom
Rih: we r with u
Swa: all the best sam now get ready

In shop
Ragbir r finding rings for their luv but they don’t like any
Suddenly someone calls ragini
Phone convo
Person: hello I have already purchased rings so go home
Rag: r u sure
Person: yup but don’t tell anyone it’s a surprise for everyone that I have purchased the rings (guys try to guess who is the person)
Rag: ok bye
Call ends
Rag: kabir I have brought the rings already I fogot to say to u
Kab: ok so we should leave

Precap: swara’s plan nd revealing the person buying the rings nd one more shock

Sorry guys I don’t know how it got deleted so I had to write again I m really sorry for late nd I will post swasan true luv tomorrow as tomorrow is my last paper so I m free from tomorrow

Credit to: Labdhi

  1. Super..ragbir make gud pair thn raglak n swarav is better thn swasan bcz here aarav trust swara bt sanskar nt..anyways waiting fr nxt

  2. labdi plzz its a humble request try to write big n give the update soon….u know naa its swasan ff n I m dying for swasan scenes so plzzz try to give it soon….n I guess the person is swara….

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