Swasan together (Episode 11)


Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together
Sorry coz I was late due to some problem nd i think my ff is boring so please give ur support nd suggestions
So let’s start

At gm
Samar’s room
All r in sams room
Rags:now Sam show what u bought
Swara nd vihrih smile mischievously
He opens the folds of the sherwani
Swara nd vihrih throws colours on the sherwani nd on Sam
Sam:sammie what the hell
Swa:I had got double work due to u so punishment
Sam:I won’t leave u guys
He starts to run behind them
Elders r shocked to see Sam like this
Sumi:stop it what is it Samar see yourself first wash your face nd come
Sam:yes mom
He comes after washing his face
Sumi:Samar now tell what is the matter
Sam:mom sammie nd vihrih threw colours on me nd the sherwani I purchased for ragbir engagement
Sumi:Swara what is this I can understand about vihrih but r u child
Swa:mom he told me that he can manage vihrih shopping but he just shopped for himself nd did not even care for their shopping
Sumi:Samar this is wrong
Sam:sorry but what about my sherwani
Swa:I m sorry Sam but take this
She gives her a bag
Sam:what’s this
Swa:open yourself
He opens the box inside
It was a sherwani of purple colour
Sam:thanx sammie
Sam:but when did u buy it
Swa:when we were doing vihrih shopping

Swa:but if we play this prank then his sherwani for engagement will get spoiled
Vih:ya that will be his punishment to cum again nd bring a new one
Swa:no yaar we will take a new one for him right now so he doesn’t have to cum here again
Fb ends
Sam:thanx sammie
Swa:I m sorry Sam
Sam:it’s ok
They hug
Ragbir nd Aarav were standing there nd watching all this
They clap
Kab:wow sammie
Aarav:wait guys I m also coming
Rag:me too
Kab:even for me
They have a group hug
Kab:where is Radhika
Swa:she has gone out with her best friend
Sam:guys I want to talk to u
Rag:ya tell
Sam:not here outside
Swa:ok in the garden
Swa:vihrih go room nd play
They go in the garden
Kab:ya tell Sam
Aarav:actually guys radz has called her best friend nd her family today
Rag:so what
Sam:her best friend is uttara Maheshwari
Swa:but how did u know this
Aarav:she showed me uttara’s pics nd said that she is her best friend nd today she is cuming wid her family
Rag:now what to do
Swa:see guys who r they we don’t know them just behave as strangers nd please don’t tell radz about this
Sam:perfect sammie
But Samar nd Aarav could see the pain in her eyes
Swaragbir leave
Sam:Aarav r u sure about your plan
Aarav:ya don’t worry Sam I will handle everything
Sam:thanx man
They discuss something
Engagement ceremony
mf has already arrived but only youngsters that is sanlak nd uttara nd Kavya have come
All r ignoring them except radz

On stage
Sam:so ladies nd gentlemen today my sister Ragini nd my friend Kabir r getting engaged so first I want the bride nd groom on stage
Ragbir arrive on stage.
Sam:so let’s start the ring ceremony rags where r the rings
Rag:patience Sam please bring the rings
A person brings the rings it is revealed to Radhika
Kab:she had the rings
Rag:actually she bought it not me
Sam:then why did u say that u have purchased the rings
Radz:I asked her to tell u guys
Radz:cause I wanted to surprise u guys just see these rings
It had initial rk on both rings
Sam:wow it’s awesome
Ragbir:thank u so much Radhika
Radz:your welcome
Sam:so now we should start the engagement
Ragbir make each other wear the rings
Sam:so time for some performances today is their masi’s engagement so a dance is must so I call on stage vihaan nd rihaan
Vihrih come on stage nd dance on Buddhu sa man (Kapoor nd sons) very cutely
All clap

Sam:so the next perfomance is by bride’s sister nd grooms brother so please come on stage Aarav nd Swara
Swarav come on stage
They dance on dilliwali girlfriend
At the end of the dance
Aarav kneels down nd says
Aarav:I don’t know when sammie but I have fallen for u I luv u from the core of my heart will u marry me
Vihrih ragbir Sam r very happy
Swara is shocked

Precap:so will Swara accept or not

Sorry once again guys I need your support nd reviews nd suggestions both negative nd positive comments accepted nd sorry for my mistakes

Credit to: Labdhi

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  2. Please give swaras +ve reaction and make sanlak feel jealous and make kabiya out of their life . And please reveal that vihrih is sanskar sons .Make a long update

    1. Sure shumi thanx for your suggestion

  3. Labdhi ji please time to time update karte rahiye yeh fan fiction..

    1. Sure dear

  4. yaar i loved ur both ff’s but plz try to update regularly

    1. I will update both ff tomorrow nd thanx dear

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  7. Don’t feel it as boring as many have liked your ff and they have suggested the nan of your f2f in fanfic analysis. I am happy at least age these many days I could find a update of your ff in this page. But please don’t mind I want to say one thing as many writers are there in this page if you won’t update regularlym people can’t connect with the story and that’s why they might not be commenting. But am sure that there are many silent readers of your ff. Waiting for your next episode. Hope you won’t delay it much.

    1. Thanx dear I will surely try my best to be regular in updating my ffs

  8. Awesome…dear…plz post asap

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  9. Awesome yaar….
    Swara should accept yaar proposal….
    Dont unite swasan so fastly yaar…

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