swasan timeless love (Epi-2)


Hey guys, here’s part two. Do let me know if it’s boring or dull. Will try to improve .

People say Love never dies , be it anywhere be it ages later
The incomplete love of Radha and Murali was once again born in the small town of jaladhar, in year 1965
Maahi , a shy and sweet girl was born in the family of Alhuwalia’s .They were rich, influential and Maahi was loved by his 3 brothers. She was apple of their eyes.
Veer, a talented young boy, whose died while giving birth to him and father turned an alcoholic. He had literally no one except his best friend Raghvendra aka Raghu. He was very studious and his only aim was to achieve something in life and become rich.
Vaar and Maahi both completed their high school and took admission in Patiala college. Maahi’s brother were little reluctant to let her go to a co-ed school , but then Maahi’s cute little eyes made them agree for it.
Her whole life Maahi had spent with her family. She had little knowledge about the outside world. Her education as done in home itself ,so going to college was a big deal and meeting boys other than her brother’s was definitely going to bring some trouble
Day 1 at college, Maahi wore her pink salwar and duppata with yellow Patiala. She adorned her ears with her favorite earrings , her long hair locks were flowing in air.
BIji “dekhna ye ladki nak katwayegi ek din”
Maybe Maahi was loved a lot in her family ,and her fa mily was modern but she had to live a restricted life, she was just supposed to follow orders and demand in her limits. Maahi joined her would be bhabhi kamaljeet , for college. She was very excited.
Veer wore his yellow kurta gifted to him by his teacher on coming frst in 12th standard. He took his cycle and reached college.
Both Maahi and veer were in same class. When Maahi saw veer for the first time , she felt something but she ignored. It was her frst day out of her home ,she had so much to see and experience. On the other hand Veer did not even notice anything except his books.
Months passed. Exams were near. Maahi went to library , she was standing on a stool and searching for a book, she lost her balance and she was about to fall when suddenly someone hold her. She was in arms of Veer, btu to her surprise he was not looking at her. HE made her stand and left did not even gave her time to say thank you. Maahi was impressed.
Over next few weeks before the exams ,Maahi started to observe Veer, how coyish he was , how gentle , sober , kind and caring. And once when he smiled, Maahi’s heart skipped a beat. How can someone be so charming and serious in one go.

Exams got over and it was time for summer break. Maahi was missing veer badly. She used to think about him all the time and feel shy about it. She did not know what this feeling was. Ahluwalia family was grandly preparing for kamaljeet and maahi’s brother’s wedding.
Next morning when Maahi woke up , she heard a melodious voice calling for her papaji , she went out in balcony and the sighgt she saw , gave her goosebumps. His dream boy , Veer was standing there in black kurta. Veer looked at her and shyly looked away. Maahi rushes to her room and cosed it, she aw herself in mirrio if she was looking ok or not. But more over she wanted to know what he was doing there. Raghu got the contract for tent and hence Veer joined him as well.
When Maahi got to know that Veer would stay here for a week for wedding preparations , she was at 7th heaven. She got ready in her red salwar and kurti , which had a little revealing back., with her hair on oner side. Before she could talk to veer she wanted to know how he felt about her. Maahi tried to stay in front of his eyes all day
Well Veer had tried to avoid any girl or any distraction in his life for now , but truth was this girl was special , her smile , her innocence was doing magic on him , and when he saw her in red dress , he just could not kept his eyes away form her.
One day before wedding, Veer was asked by biji to kept sweet basket in her room but unknowingly Veer entered Maahi’s room. He was stunned by her beauty , she came out fresh after bathing, her hair were sill dripping wet and she was wearing a white transparent kurta with no chunni. He felt shy and was about to leave when he herad her melodious chiming voice “Ab aa gaye hai to help kar dijiye” he did not understand but she pulled her hair to one side and indicated him to close her zip.
Veer so wanted to leave , but he went to her. He tried not to touch her wet bare back , but it was so irristble and unknowingly his fingers brushed her shoulders, Maahi closed her eyes. His touch gave her goosebumps and his heart was racing like anything. He left then immediately. Both blushed after Veer left.
In the entire wedding , both were looking at each other. Veer was looking handsome in his blue kurta whereas Maahi was looking like a princes in her orange lehenga.
College started and Veer and Maahi had started to meet each other ,spend lot of times together and after few months Love blossomed between them.
Suddenly one day ,Maahi did not come college , Veer was little worried but then it was one whole week. He decided to find out. Through one of her friends he got to know that she was getting married and her husband had asked her to leave college. Veer got restless . He needed to meet her.
It was night, he took the pipe and jumped in her room. She got sacred and before she could shout, Ver closed her mouth. Seeing her he hugged her
Veer “ I love you Maahi., tumse dur rehkar , ye sochkar ki tum kisis aur ki ho jaogi, humne relies kiya hai “
Maahi reciprocated the hug” Hum bhi tumse pyar karte hai , par tum jao yaha se , agar hamare pati ko pata chala to musibat ho jayegi.” Veer closed her mouth again “Tumhe kisi aur ki nahi hone denge hum, bharosa hai haamre pyar par?” Maahi nodded in yes and then said “bhag jate hai abhi” Ver smiled and said “Nahi sabki marzi se karenge, Mai 2 din ke liye bha jar aha hu , sare intezam karne , wapas ate hi tumhara hath mang lunga” he kissed her forehed and left
2 days back Veer came back to his home and found Raghu there. He was panicking “Bhabhi ki shadi hai aaj “
Veer could not believe it , it was supposed to be 2 days later. Actually biji heard their conversation and decided to prepone their marriage.
Veer somehow called aahi at the back door of the house and hugged her. She was xcrying “hume laga tumhe pata bhi nahi chalega” suddenly biji and her brothers come and tear them apart. Her brother and few more men started to beat Raghu with hands and sticks.
Maahi was crying and pleading them to stop bu thtey were beating him like mad .
Veer got a final hit on his head and he fell on ground, he breathed his last.
Maahi sat on floor with a thud. Her life was gone , there was no point of living.Her brtohers , took Veer to dump him somewhere. Biji took her to room and asked the girls there to decorate her.
Baarat had aarived , girls came to take Maahi for wedding , but they shouted in fear and shock.Maahi was sitting on stool and pool of blood was around her. Maahi was dead, blood was oozing out of her wrist where Veer was engraved
Sanskar was still in ICU , it was over 6 hours , swara was sitting there. Suddenly someone put a hand on her shoulder
Swara “What are you doing here? Go away ”

Credit to: angel

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