swasan timeless love (Epi-1)


Hey Guys , It’s my birthday and so I want to gift this New FF to you , for loving and appreciating my pervious works
Please leave comments and feedback , as it is something very different that I have tried
And yeah pretty excited for Swasan’s Confession

Scene – 1
A deserted highway , with fields running beside it in miles of length , mountains setting a beautiful backdrop. Any avid traveller would love to die to see such a magnificent sunset , giving crimson red lining to the setting sun. Wind was blowing in softest mood.
Two car came from, opposite direction . One being a black mercedes and other one a creamish BMW. A young 28 years old man came out from the Black merc, and walked towards the other car standing at a distance. He was perfectly carved by the God himself, his hair , his attitude, his figure and the cute cut of his face could kill many girls in town. In black tux , he was radiating a dark magic aura around him.
A girl appeared from the BMW , 26 years in age but maturity and attitude that fails many. She was wearing a black jeans and a flowy white floral printed open front cut kurta. The wind was playing with her long soft curls. She also started to approach towards the guy.
They both stood few meters apart and the scene witnessed an utter silence, silence before a big turnmoil. They stood there for an intense eylock for seconds and then suddenly both reached their arm for something and moments later they were standing with a gun locked to aim at each other’s head.
Her angelic face was raging fire , but his face was calm and there was a smiling curve on his face
Meet Swara Gadodia (Swara Sanskar Maheshwari) and Sanskar Maheswari
Sanskar “ Even after all this , what do you want? “
Swara “ I want you .. Dead !!! “ and after a pause “Any last wish ?”
Sanskar thought for a second and pulled his arm down.
Sanskar “Shoot”
“GUNHOTS , 4 to be precise “
Gun dropped from Sanskar’s hand and instatntly the white shirt beneath his tux turned red . He fell on his knee, with tears in his eyes.
“YOU “

Scene – 2
Scene is centered in 1800’s. It’s a village in Mathura, people are rich and happy and have a very close knit society. A family was extremely happy because they were blessed with child. But it soon turned unfortunate for, as the mother lost her breath soon after she gave birth to the child “girl” to be specific. All the happiness was instantly converted into mourning and all the blame was put on the child, the child named “Radha”
Daai Ma (one who helps to give birth) “Bacchi apshaguni hai , Sudarshan hum kehte hai , ise abhi Yamuna mai samarpit kardo”
Other ladies “ janamte hi Ma ko kha gayi”
A lady , wearirng a bright red saree , a huge kumkum tika on her head , came forward. She was holding a boy of 2 years old named Murali said “ Isme is masoom bacchi ka kya dosh hai “ Sudarshan the father , who was in shock of death of her lovely wife sita , took the child in his arms “ Ye hamari sita ki akhiri nishani hai , sabhal ke rakheneg hum” ise and he kisses the child
Kaveri , Sita’s childhood friend and Sudarshan’s neighbor , came to him and took child form his hands “Ab ye dono bacche meri ziemmedar hai “
Kaveri and her husband Sudama , were very reputed and rich members of the Family . They were gwal. Sudarshan was a poor laboureer who used to work in other’s field , but still sudaman and sudarshan shared and amazing relation and friendship
Both the child were growing fast, 8 years had passed. Murali was now 10 and Radha 8. UnLike their parents they were not very good friends. Muali always used to tease Radha and her friends and Radha always used to do pranks on Murali. Rdha respected Kveri a lot and loved her more than her father.
Murali used to take cows for grazing with his friends near the banks of Yamuna and Radha also used to visit same place to bring flowers and fruits for pooja and home decoration.And when Radha used to look for fruits Murali and his friends used to steal, the already collected fruits. Radha would caught them and scold them and they used to run after each other unless they both get tired and sat beneath a mango tree. Murali then sued to take out his flute and play melodious tunes that could mesmerize even the nature.
They might fight and hate each other , but there was an undying bond between them. Some kids in village used to tease radha and blamer her for death of her mother and this would hurt her and make her cry. But Murali was always der to support her , he used to fight for her and comfort her in alone. That time they used to forget their enmity and love used to flow between them.
It was more of a daily affair. Radha used to often stay in Kaveri’s house only and help her do the chores. Both kaveri and sudama loved her like daughter and sometimes Murali would be jealous because his parents loved her more than himself.

Scene -3
A young 18 year old boy was playing his flute beneath the mango tree and nature was enjoying his melody , the sun was about to set .
A girl came there searching for him and took his name “Murali” boy without stopping to ply flute turned around , his face had and amazing smile that could melt even the hardest man. His eyes had the gaze so strong people might dread to see it
He indicated the girl to sit beside him and both enjoyed the tune of flute. Murali ended the tune , then the girl took a grass piece and touched it to his ears , he felt a tickling and ran behind the girl
“RAadha ki bacchi “ the girl was laughing hard and she turned around , he smile was like the precious pearls, her long dark hair could make clouds ashamed, the sweet sound of her payal was echoing in the surrounding
Finally Murali was successful in catching radha , he hold her from her waist and both fell down rolling on grass . Radha was under Murali and they were having an intense eyelock. Unknowingly his fingers followed the path of her kamarband , Radha closed her eyes. A lock of hair was covering her beautiful face, Murali put it behind her ears that made radha chew her lower lips.
Suddenly their frinds came searching for them and then they both got up . They din’t knew what just happened . They looked at each other again and left
Radha reached home blushing hard. Sudarhsan was sitting there in a serious mode ,seeing her coming , he changed his expressions . Kaveri and Sudama joined them too.
Sudama “Kyu bulane ke liye batay hai hume”
Sudarshan asks Radha to go inside , and then happily informs Kaveri and Sudarshan that he has fixed marriage of Radha from a guy from nearby village. Everybody gets very happy , they call shy Radha who was listening to all this , they bless her and she goes to her room blushing. All the elders laugh and discuss about wedding preparations

Scene – 4
Murali was as usual going out , when he sees radha’s friends coming to home.
Murali “itne , sabere sabere, tum sab yaha kya akr rahi ho
Friends “ tujhe nahi pata kya , Radha ka byah hone wala hai na , to ab wo to bahar nahi aa sakti to hum milne aa gaye, akhir itni tayyariya karni hai and they leave giggling
Murali was upset because nobody told him about radha’s wedding. Whole day he was lost in his thoughts , whther her husband would keep her happy or not. How will she manage there and all. Even his flute today could not do the magic. Upset he left and decided not to think about her anymore.
Days were passing and all the rituals were done , Murali helped her father and sudarshan to carry out all the work . But somewhere in her heart , he was not happy . Whever Radha was not in front of him , he can’t help but think about her all the moment spent with her.

Scene – 5
Finally the wedding day arrived. Murali was sitting on the bank of river and thinking , suddenly somebody put a hand on his shoulder , he got happy and turned around saying “Radha”. But the brightness of his eyes were soon gone seeing one of his friend “Han radha ki barat ane wali hai , aur sab tujhe dhundh rahe hai” Murali thought somhting and ran towards her room.
He crashed in her house, and asked where radha was Sudarshan told him that she was in her room. Murali barged into her room. Kaveri was sitting there with few more ladies and girls. All the girls giggled seeing him there. Ladies started to talk how can a guy meet a bride before wedding , but Kaveri knew how close they were since childhood and she decided to give them time together and asked everybody to leave them alone.
Murali waited for everybody to go out and then he closed the door. As soon as he closed the door , Radha who was sitting on bed in one corner , took out her big ghunghat and took a deep breathe
Radha” Saas ghut rahi thi hamari , accha hua tum aa gey , kaha they subah se” and saying this she climbed down the bed. She was looking beautiful , Murali could not resister himself from staring her. But he soon came back to his senses
Murali “ Radha , mai tumse prem karne laga hu. Har waqt tumse ladta raha bachpan se , par tumhari kami ne ye mahsoos karwaya ki tumhare bina to hamari zindagi adhuri hai “
Radha was taken aback by this confrontation , she had tears in her eyes
Murali came forward to comfort her , but “Wahi ruk jao Murali , aur wapas chale jao . Agar baba ne sun liya to kya bitegi unpar. She folded her arms , “Aaj shadi hai hamari”
But Murali did not listen to her , “Radha , he touched her cheek and wiped her tears “ Hum tumhe kabhi samajh hi nahi paye . Khush rehna“ and then he smiled
Suddenly there was knock on door and few girls entered and took radha with her , her baarat has arrived

Scene – 6
Radha was sittiing in her mandap , and half of the rituals were completed.
SUdarshan and Sudama were folding hands in front of groom’s father , Murali went there to find out the matter , they were asking for dowry at the last moment , sudarshanw as crying but sudama was trying to convince to let this marriage happen and he will give them whatever he demand in few dya. But the father was adamant he wanted it now.
He pulled off the wedding and left Radha crying . Kaveri and Sudama were consoling sudarshan. People staretd to taunt radha “pehle Ma ko kha gayi , ab shadi bhi nahi hui , baap pe bojh hai ye””ise to usi din Yamuna mai ohek dena chahiye tha” listening to all this Radha ran inside her room and locked it. Few moments later , her friends came running and crying and informed that radha was not in the house. Kaveri scolded all the women for saying bad words to her.
Murali got tensed but he knew where to find her , he ran to the mango tree, where they used to sit and listen to his flute form childhood.
He was relieved to see a girl figure standing on the bank of Yamuna ,he called radha , she turned around . her face was pale and shining white in the moonlight. Murali gave her a smile but in next moment , he was ghasted , Radha jumped in the river.
Murali ran as fast as he could and searched for her , she floating in the waves of Yamuna , she was drowning. Without even thinking for a second , he jumped and fought with the raging water. He found her in few minutes. Both were flwing.
Murali “ Tum pagal ho , baba ka kya hoga socha hai , mera kya hoga socha hai?”
Radha was frightened now , he hold him tight and said “ Hume kuch samajh nahi aya , hum bhi tumse kuch kehna chahte hai , hum bhi tumse prem karte hai . Hamara sath kabhi mat chodna”
But their love was not supposed to complete , not in this birth.By that time it was rainig heavily and Suddenly the level of river started to rise and it became difficult for murali to swim along with saving radha. They both started to drown
It was a full moon night

Scene – 7
4 days later,
The whole village was still flooded with water , Sudama and Sudarshan have been trying to search for Radha and Murali for days and finally today their search ended.
They saw their loving kids lying underneath a pile of log. Lifeless but happy , holding each other’s hadn with a promise to complete their love , in next birth

Scene – 8
Sanskar was on stretcher and was rushed to OT , his blood stained lifeless hands were holding someone’s hand

Veer aur Maahi ke adhura pyar ki kahani

Credit to: angel

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