swasan- till my last breath episode 2


A 10 year girl was seen sleeping peacefullysuddenly a voice was heard
shomi -shona shona wake up .
girl- mumma let me sleep.i am having sweet dreams.
shomi- ( mischevisouly) see shona see your prince charming.?
girl – (with a sudden jurk) where ?
(girl is none other than swara)
swara- where is my prince charming.(innocently)
shomi – shona i was joking sweeti.
swara- i will not talk to you . Today is my birthday and you are making fun of me (sad)
shomi- shona sorry . Ok promise.
swara- (exitedly) what promise.

shomi- you will get your prince charming today.
swara- really but how would i come to know that he is my prince.
shomi- you will my princess because he is your prince.
swara- ( happily) mom shall i go and play with my doll house in park.
shomi- ok go but be carefull.
swara bye mom
shomi-bye shona?

precap- entry of swara’s prince charming.

hi guyz hope you like it .thoght i was a small one i tried to update as fast s possible
waiting for your response

Credit to: shanaya

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  1. I am laughing, pathu vayasu ponnuku enna prince charming? (why should a ten year girl have a prince charming,she must be still a child ,and the word Prince charming in general relates to dream boy,like that isn’t it ?Shanaya?)

  2. hope prince charming sanky hi ho

  3. Janani i made it humourous so that it can be fun reading . Who knows what happen next

  4. Ananya its a swasan ff

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