Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {proglogue }


Hey guys its sanju back with a new ff … my exams are not over … but only two are left i.e maths and sanskrit … sanskrit is very easy and I got two days to study maths … so that’s why i amr posting new ff … thnx for ur suggestions … and this ff got the highest vote so I am writing this one ….

Prologue …

The scene opens with a girl arguing with a boy …
Girl – u are very bad …. I hate u … bcoz of u I start believing in love …. and u betrayed me … ??
Boy – plz listen to me …. ??
Girl – no not at all u r betrayer …… I shouldn’t join that office …. that day when I entered in office was worst day of my life … really u are a cheapster…. I THOUGHT IT WAS LOVE BUT IT WAS A MISTAKE … ??
Boy – plz listen to me once … I really love u …. I doesn’t … ??
The boy was interrupted by the girl .
Girl – I am going … I am going from life forever … ??
That girl left from there leaving boy disheartened .

That boy left from there to his house . He goes to his room and sits on bed and with his head down .


So guys this was the proglogue … don’t think it is like my previous ff … it is tottaly different ….

So guys
? so who are the boy and girl ????
? and why that girl is angry with boy ???

Guys again a suggestion …
? do u want t past to be revealed first ????
? or want past in between present ???

Plz choice between the two option according to me u should choice option one as then only u can understand present . I have not thought the whole story so I can make changes according to ur suggestion .

And one more thing as u know lakshya is also in this ff … so u want any girl opposite to him ???? If situation will suit then I will add her .

Precap – will be decided according to ur suggestion plus comments. ..


Next part will be posted in one or two days …..

Till then bye …???

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  1. nice..continue soon..

  2. Past first…

  3. MOU


  4. Nice plz continue and if laksh is present keep him positive and a cupid i between swasan

  5. Vyshu10

    swasan hi honge….past first

  6. Superb… 1st little bit of past wid their pov

  7. nice..continue soon..

  8. Continue dear….

  9. Kakali

    New new FF… i want past with present,,, n Laksh with Ragini…
    continue soon dear… thnk u..

  10. Tamanna

    Nice….I want past to reveal in between present… N please make laksh with ragini…

  11. Mica

    past with present Sanjuu… continue soon.. Laksh ? let he be single…. 😀

  12. Rain_Lightwood

    Nice. I think it’s swasan. Update asap

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